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Year Six

Year Six at insecticons.com. We're just as surprised as you are.

071002: Insecticomic #324 is up. And new art: The colour version of Thrust and our new Updates Goblin Movie Scorponok, both up in the Not G1 Gallery.

Thus begins Year Six of In Space, No One Can Hear Starscream. We've been around a bit longer than that, but it's been six years since we left Angelfire. We're often pushing over a thousand unique visitors a day - not much compared to the big sites, but when we first started out at insecticons.com, we were getting about eighty visitors a day.

The most popular search is far and away 'insecticomics', followed by 'in space starscream', 'insecticons', 'starscream', 'in space no one can hear starscream', and, for some reason, 'energon.megatron.' Other searches include:

- Fourteen of you were looking for 'locust porn', but it's our own fault for putting that phrase in the tagline up at the top of the browser.
- Eight of you wanted 'ov megatron'. You will be happy little readers in a week or so.
- Five of you still think that 'starscream' is a verb and tried 'in space no one can hear you starscream'.
- Three of you wanted 'dnsas'. I don't even know what that is.
- Three of you wanted '105'. I hope you found it.
- Two of you think that 'thunderblast is a slut'. Well, Minicons do seem to get around ...
- One of you wanted 'Armada/Alexis'. Nice to see her paired with someone other than Starscream, even if she had to go all the way to G1 to hook up with poor Armada.
- One of you gave the order: 'this is your world now tear it apart starscream'. Megatron, is that you?
- One of you wanted 'mr rogers porn fanfic'. Shame on you.
- One of you wanted 'porn starscream megatron'. Well, at least you're getting closer, but we still haven't got any.
- One of you wanted 'space shuttle fabulo'. He's a fish, not a shuttle.
- One of you wanted 'groovinator vector prime'. Someone actually read the archives! Vector Prime loves you.
- Someone wanted 'no one can hear the scream of starscream', which sounds like a 1960's Marvel story title.

071004: Insecticomic #325 is up. We're not late, we're just getting you ready for a slight change in the update schedule - updates will still happen on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but they'll happen in the evenings, not in the morning. We'll get back to midnight in January.

071005: Vector Prime updates for the ninty-eighth time. Also, new contest up: the Non-True-Love Relationships writing challenge. Heck, yes, we'll be posting the winner on Valentine's Day.

071006: So, yeah, it's the return of Other Vengeance.

The new Insecticomic will be up tomorrow night.

071007: Insecticomic #326 is up.

071009: Insecticomic #327 is up.

071011: Insecticomic #328 is up.

071013: Sorry about the late update - housework's been piling up and we decided to do it instead. Anyway, the penultimate issue of Vector Prime Answers Your Questions.

071014: Insecticomic #329 is up.

071018: Double Insecticomics update because we've had connection troubles for the last few days. Anyway, episodes #330 and #331.

071020: Vector Prime answers your questions for the last time ( late because there were a lot of questions and Veccy insisted on getting to them all. If your question isn't here, it's because it came in after our arbitrary deadline of noon Saturday. Or we just never got it due to e-mail glitches. )

071021: Insecticomic #332 is up. Also, a new picture of Other Vengeance Tigatron. This isn't the outfit she appeared in, but one she designed after a bit of trial and error.

071023: Insecticomic #333 is up.

071025: Insecticomic #334 is up.

071026: Vector Prime is no longer answering your questions, but we'll find some other way to fill our Fridays. Thi week, we invite you to Meet the Decepticons.

071028: Insecticomic #335 is up. And a picture of Other Vengeance Dinobot. He looked more or less like this at time of change, except he's since changed his boots and tied his hair back.

071028: Hallowe'en comes early with Insecticomic #336.

071101: Insecticomic #337 is up.

071103: This is Friday's update, but we had connection problems. Anyway, bonus Insecticomic posted.

071104: Insecticomic #338 is up.

071107: Yeah, yeah, connection problems. Insecticomic #339 is up.

071108: Back on schedule. Insecticomic #340 is up.

071109: Friday update: a new Mosaic comic, this time about Terrorsaur.

071111: Insecticomic #341 is up.

071113: Insecticomic #342 is up.

071117: Connection problems Thursday and Friday - Insecticomic #343 is up now. Today's Friday Update is two more character bios in the Canon section - Thrust of Armada and the Fallen.

071119: Connection problems. Sunday's Insecticomic #344 is up.

071120: Insecticomic #345 is up.

071122: Insecticomic #346 is up.

071123: Friday Update - a bonus Insecticomic. Next week: Big Insecticomics news.

071125: Insecticomic #347 is up.

071127: Insecticomic #348 is up.

071129: Insecticomic #349 is up.

071130: The second Insecticomics compilation is available for order.

Search counts, while we're here. The number one search word by far was 'insecticomics', followed by 'starscream', 'in space starscream', 'insecticons', and 'in space no one can hear starscream'. The odder results:
- Some of you are still looking for 'ask vector prime'. The archives will remain up until the end of the site.
- There were more searches than usual for both 'thunderblast' and 'dreadmoon'. I think they should be slashed.
- It would have been strange enough if only one of you wanted 'what does starscream as he s going into space', but two of you did, and now I'm confused.
- One of you wanted to know 'what was vector primes of transformers death speech'? It was, "My only regret is not stabbing Hot Shot."
- At least one Minicon reads this page, given that someone was looking for 'biddle bip'.
- One of you wanted 'animkee the cat'. You may have him.
- One of you wanted 'blinky hugging animkee'. That will never happen. You would die of cute.
- One of you wanted 'vector prime slash'. If you find any, send it to Wayward.
- And, in conclusion, 'in space no one can hear starscream crotch'. No, I suppose we can't.

071202: Insecticomic #350 is up.

071204: Insecticomic #351 is up.

071206: Insecticomic #352 is up.

071207: Because we haven't in a while, it's the return of the Armada/Energon 'Best Of' Scanfest. AKA, Here Is Megatron Thrusting His Pelvis, Because It Amuses Us. The new stuff is issues #5 to #7.

071209: Insecticomic #353 is up.

071211: Insecticomic #354 is up.

071213: Insecticomic #355 is up.

071214: If we actually had something planned for this week, we can't find it, so here's a sketch of Animkee batting at Blinky. Only one more week of Real Life work, and Wayward can get back to doing bigger updates for you out there in Readerland.

071216: Insecticomic #356 is up.

071218: Insecticomic #357 is up.

071222: Combined Thursday/Friday update due to ... well, you've read the first paragraph on this page by now. Insecticomic #358 is up. Your Friday update is this year's Christmas card up on the front page.

071229: Between connection problems and that little Earthling holiday, our schedule got completely thrown this week. Anyway, we've posted Insecticomics #359-361.

071230: Back on schedule, such as we can. Insecticomic #362 is up.

080101: Insecticomic #363 is up, plus a bonus episode.

080103: Insecticomic #364 is up.

080104: Friday update - three new sound files, all from the 2007 Transformers movie.

080106: Insecticomic #365 is up.

080108: Insecticomic #366 is up.

[ETA:] Wayward's getting back into drawing, again, starting with a picture of White Chromia that we really have no excuse for.

080110: Sometimes housework takes precedence. Insecticomic #367 is finally up. Also, we're planning #368 to be up Monday, because we're going to be doing Monday-Friday for the next two weeks.

080113: Today's Insecticomic is more a Friday update than a Sunday update. Mostly just a placeholding thing before we kick into two weeks of Monday to Friday.

080114: Insecticomic #368 is up.

080115: Insecticomic #369 is up.

080116: Insecticomic #370 is up.

080117: Insecticomic #371 is up.

080118: Insecticomic #372 is up.

080121: Insecticomic #373 is up.

080122: Insecticomic #374 is up.

080123: Insecticomic #375 is up.

080124: Insecticomic #376 is up.

080125: Insecticomic #377 is up.

080128: Insecticomic #378 is up.

Also, big-aft art update. For Moonknight, two commissions of some of her OCs: Picture One, Picture Two. Also, two more Other Vengeance 2.0 redesigns: Airazor and Cheetor.

080130: This was supposed to be Tuesday's update. Insecticomic #379 is up. We also updated and upgraded the Insecticomics cast page.

And another Other Vengeance 2.0 redesign: Tarantulas.

Our usual schedule is Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, except when we're having connection problems. We have connection problems often. But you'll still get at least three Insecticomics and a random topic update per week, it just might not be on the expected days.

080131: Insecticomic #380 is up, plus two bonus episodes accessable through the archive.

And because our connection is working at the right time, searches of the month! As per pretty much usual, the top search by a long way was insecticomics, followed by insecticons, in space starscream, starscream, and in space no one can hear starscream. Strangely, Wayward's old fic stormworld made it into the top ten. Why not go read one of her good fics instead? And now for the weirdies!
- Like stormworld, there was a sudden upsurgance in interest in dreadmoon, clocking in at fourteen searches ( usually he gets one or two. ) Plus four more for transformers dreadmoon and a few combined with other words one-shots. We're not sure he likes the attention.
- Several of you were looking for elita-1 under different spelling variations. Popular girl.
- Six of you are still looking for locust porn. Stay outta my stash!
- Four of you wanted harpsichord. There's only one on this page, and he's not even a harpsichord, but a player piano.
- Three of you think that starscream loves fanfiction. You will be very disappointed little humans.
- Two of you little pests say that insecticons.com forgot the end of month search results. If they're not posted, it means we were having connection problems that night and couldn't access the stats counter. No, it doesn't keep a record from month to month. That's why we do these countdowns.
- Two of you think that insecticons pimp vector prime. He won't let us.
- Two of you said water do you get vector prime and I don't know why.
- One of you claims that trannis rapped. Sure, and Straxus did hip-hop.
- One of you wants vector disco. Don't encourage him.
- One of you wants porn locust. Locust porn: Ur doin it rong.

080214: The results for the the Non-True-Love Relationships writing challenge are up, and if you missed it on the front page, we declared it Lunatron.

We're seeing about switching webhosts. Go to Wayward's DeviantArt page for updates for the next little while.

080203: Insecticomic #381 is up.

080205: Insecticomic #382 is up.

080207: Insecticomic #383 is up.

080208: The entries for the the Non-True-Love Relationships writing challenge are up. Go read them.

080210: Insecticomic #384 is up.

080212: Insecticomic #385 is up.

080301: There was a break due to webhost switching problems and, mostly, domain transfer problems.

We've been shifting files for the last eight hours ( well, ten total, but we take breaks to eat and stuff. ) What is currently available:
- Most of the Insecticomics archives are back up. 'Most of' because the image files for Volume I aren't up yet. They're not numbered and don't all go in the same folder, so it's going to take a few hours to get them up. But everything else Insecticomics-related is up. If you find a broken link or image ( not including Volume I, ) give us a yell. We might not have caught everything.
- All of the fanfics are up, because they were easier than dealing with more image files.

Not much more is going to happen until Monday, since Wayward tends to be away from keyboard on weekends.

080302: Insecticomic #393 is up. Also the update archives, whoo.

080303: Insecticomics #001-020 are up, as are the Armada/Energon toy comics, and the Armada background characters screencaps archive.

080304: Had connection problems, so we didn't get up all we wanted to get up. Insecticomic #394 is posted, as are Volume I #021-030, the Armada screencap archives, the Ask Vector Prime a Question archives, and the collection of all the official Cybertron bios. No, things aren't happening in any particular order.

080305: More connection problems, oy. Typical that it conks out just when we need it most. Anyway, ten more Volume I Insecticomics and the G1 screencap galleries.

080306: Insecticomic #395 is up. More Volume I Insecticomics. Also, now the 'Characters', 'Screencaps', and 'Comics' parts of the Canon section are fully up.

080307: Yeah, yeah, connection problems all yesterday and most of today. But we've got all the Books in the Canon section up but the Find Your Fate. It's next on the list.

080308: The entire Canon information section is restored. Insecticomics #051-060 are back up. Next we'll be working on getting the fanart galleries back up.

080309: Insecticomic #396 is up.

080311: Insecticomic #397 is up. We're in the middle of trying to fix our connection problems. Hopefully, this time it'll take and we can get back to bigger updates.

080312: All right, we've had some equipment replaced, so maybe the days of connection problems are behind us. Started work on getting the fan art galleries up - currently have Autobots, Not-G1, and the Other Vengeance ones tidied up and uploaded. OV got in because we have two new pictures there - a group shot of the Predacons and Dinobot bothering Rattrap.

That's ninety-one pictures, or one hundred and eighty-two if you count thumbnails. We go on break now. More tomorrow.

080313: Insecticomic #398 is up, as are comics #061-075. Also, the Decepticon fan art gallery is back up.

080314: Got the Links page back up and, by request, our "This page looked like food" 404 error page. Also the Wayward's Fancharas Gallery and Insecticomics #076-085. Bonus, two old sketches that we found while digging: Chibi Macabre and a redesign of me ( Kickback ).

080315: Finished up the fanart galleries.

080316: Insecticomic #399 is up. The Insecticomics archives are fully up now.

080318: Insecticomic #400 is up. Meant to do more on the site, but the last couple days were busy.

080320: Insecticomic #401 is up. So are the winter 2006 sketches.

080321: The Contest and Miscellaneous sections are back up.

080323: Insecticomic #402 is up.

080325: Insecticomic #403 is up.

080327: Insecticomic #404 is up.

080330: Insecticomic #405 is up. Also, two new pictures: Airazor and Slog.

080331: Did a picture of Barricade. Also Frenzy, but he's not so big.

080401: Insecticomic #406 is up.

And the end-of-month round-up, because we didn't yesterday. Traffic is not yet back up to pre-crash levels, which we expected. And, as usual, the weird site searches. The number one search by far, as usual, is 'insecticomics'. 'Starscream' and 'in space starscream' trail behind, trailed even farther by 'insecticons' and 'in space no one can hear starscream'.

- Five of you are still calling the place 'in space no one can hear you starscream'.
- Five of you wanted 'starscream skyfire', yet four of you wanted 'skyfire starscream'.
- I could understand if just one of you typed 'in spance no one can hear starscream', but two is just silly.
- One of you was looking for 'sassy devine'. We're rather surprised.
- 'Armada starscream hotshot called' - he wants his lameness back.
- One of you wanted 'dinobutt falcon man' and we don't want to know why.
- One of you was apparently trying to get a message to our resident lolscorpion with a shout-out of 'boogly'.
- One of you is not as smart as Thrust and wants 'dating advice from starscream s boyfriend'.
- One of you seems to think that 'starscream big head insect'.
- And, of course, what month is complete without at least one person hoping for 'locust porn'?

080403: Insecticomic #407 is up.

080406: Insecticomic #408 is up.

080408: Insecticomic #409 is up.

080409: The next chapter ( in three parts ) of Other Vengeance 2.0 is up. Also, a vaguely topical piece involving Megatron wearing a towel because too much TFs-as-Humans pics are either bishies or chicks in costumes and completely ignores the beefcake.

080410: Insecticomic #410 is up.

080413: Insecticomic #411 is up.

080415: Insecticomic #412 is up, as well as a bonus episode you can find by looking in the archive or clicking the Previous arrow on #412. And two more Other Vengeance silly pictures, both on the theme of bad 70's romance novel covers - Terrorsaur and Quickstrike and Terrorsaur and Waspinator.

080417: Insecticomic #413 is up.

080418: Because we seem to attract old Autobots, an Emirate Xaaron pin-up. Yes, really.

080420: Insecticomic #414 is up.

080421: Insecticomic #415 is up.

080423: Updating a bit early because we're taking off for BotCon in seven hours. Insecticomic #416 is up. Also a new picture: Scorponok about to pounce Starscream's foot.

080430: It's Tuesday enough. Insecticomic #417 is up. Photocomics later.

080431: It's Wednesday enough. Insecticomic #418 is up.

080501: And with Insecticomic #419, we catch up on our post-BotCon lag.

And, because it's a new month, the end-of-month weird searches round-up. Site hits jumped after BotCon - I guess people really are checking the address on those strange, black business cards they picked up. Top search by far, as usual, is 'insecticomics'. Trailing is 'in space starscream', and behind that are 'insecticons', 'starscream', and 'in space no one can hear starscream' in nigh-equal amounts.

- There was an upsurge in interest for 'stormworld', with fifteen people searching for it.
- Either fourteen of you really are looking for 'locust porn' or fourteen of you are yanking my chain. One of you was looking for 'locust pron' instead.
- Six of you think that 'dreadmoon site insecticons.com'. He only wishes.
- Six of you are completely up a tree and looking for 'in space no one care hear starscream'. How do you do that six times?
- Three of you are still hoping for 'scorponok vs animkee', the battle of who is the best of all cats! Two of you just want 'animkee', two want 'animkee the cat', and two want 'animkee playing with scorponok'. Two of you are a bit different and want 'animkee playing with blinky'. Cats - they take over everything.
- Three of you think that 'in space no one can hear you squee!' All three of you are adorable.
- Three of you want 'arcee nude', not realising that she never wears clothes.
- Two of you think we have a 'fish costume'.
- Two of you are looking for Insecticomic #405, since you're looking for 'insecticons i can has pillbug?'
- Two of you claim that 'in space no one can hear starscream scream when scorponok attacks his foot'.
- Two of you think it's 'in spandex no one can hear starscream', which sounds like another Spider-Man crossover.
- Two of you are Arielbots looking for 'the no one listens to starscream place'.
- Two of you think we're 'the place where starscream cant talk'.
- One soul braves the wrath of Veccy by seeking 'vector prime/hot shot'.
- The 'dinobutt falcon man' seeker returns! He's still not as weird as that person who kept sending in weird little stories about a grasshopper happily pointing out that he can jump higher.
- One of you is a lolcat looking for 'in spaces nobodies can hears the starscream'.
- One of you thinks that 'in space no one can hear you ask for more scorpions'. Oh, Blackout makes himself heard.
- On that note, one of you thinks we have 'blackout and a thousand scorponoks'. Not yet, he doesn't.
- One of you thinks the epic showdown of the century will be 'blinky and scorponok vs. bonecrusher and dreadmoon'. We think you are wrong.
- 'in space no one can hear you boogly'. You're just messing with me now!

080504: It's still Sunday! Insecticomic #420 is up.

080506: Insecticomic #421 is up.

080508: Insecticomic #422 is up.

080511: Insecticomic #423 is up.

080513: Insecticomic #424 is up. Also, art update, all three being commissions for Ravynfyre. First up is a scene from an RPG: Evil Perceptior plotting horrors 'pon Emirate Xaaron. Second up is a fic illustration: Blitzwing snuggled up to Photon, an OC. And I don't know what the story behind the third is, but it has Hook looking at a blueprint while patting Eclipse, an OC and pretty lighting.

080515: Insecticomic #425 is up. Also, new font at the bottom of the Canon section - the Vok Disc Glyphs. ( Someone made one of these years ago, but there were inaccuracies, plus I wanted to arrange it differently. )

080518: Insecticomic #426 is up.

080520: Insecticomic #427 is up.

080522: Insecticomic #428 is up.

080525: Insecticomic #429 is up.

080527: Insecticomic #430 is up.

080529: Insecticomic #431 is up.

080601: Insecticomic #432 is up.

Stuff we think is awesome: The Insecticomics have their own page on TV Tropes. It's like we're pop culture or something. We don't know which one of you tropers added it, but be it known that we squeed like pillbugs. ( One correction: Dreadmoon is a repainted Energon Dreadwing, who is a repaint of Energon Mirage. )

And, as always, quick hit site stats. Don't know why we bother with the top fives any more, because it's the same pattern: #1 by a long shot - 'insecticomics'. #2 and #3 trailing - 'starscream' and 'insecticoms'. #4 and #5, dragging along behind - 'in space starscream' and 'in space no one can hear starscream'. So let's see what's weird this month.

- Four of you were looking for 'bonecrusher'. He's pleased you remember he exists.
- Four of you are looking for 'this is the way you left me', which sounds kind of emo. I don't think we wrote that.
- Three of you wanted 'dreadmoon/skyfire'. The spaceships are not appreciative.
- Because we can recognise a shout-out when we see one, someone said, 'hello wayward insecticon'. Wayward says hi.
- Someone wanted to know 'who would win if starscream fought blackout'. I'm not sure, but I think Starscream beat the everloving tar out of Blackout in the prequel novel.
- Someone out there really, really wants Megatron/Tarantulas slash, and sent a half-dozen different queries on such.
- Someone wanted 'other vengeance blinky'. I have no idea how that would look.

Alas, most of the funny searches looked like deliberate attempts to get mentioned here, so where's the fun in that?

080603: Insecticomic #433 is up.

080605: Insecticomic #434 is up.

080606: Bit of something different - Agent X of Warped over at the Axalon Underground ( is that enough links yet? ) gave us a bit of a crossover in his latest comic ( same link as the 'Warped' one. ) We're the third epilogue of a rather long story, just so you don't get halfway through and say, "Dude, this ain't no crossover!"

080608: Insecticomic #435 is up.

080610: Insecticomic #436 is up.

080612: Insecticomic #437 is up.

080615: Insecticomic #438 is up.

080617: Insecticomic #439 is up.

080619: Insecticomic #440 is up.

080620: Art update - because we figured we should do up a new Greg Berger pic for TFCon, it's Long Haul taking an unauthorised break.

080621: Insecticomic #441 is up. It should be the TFCon report, but Wayward did her usual thing of Forgetting To Take TFCon Pictures and she's strapped for time. Which is a shame, because Wayward found TFCon 2008 to be a huge amount of fun even though she spent seven-and-a-half of the eight hours of it behind a table.

080624: Look, Wayward's on the wrong continent and is iffy on dates, so we declare it Tuesday Enough. Insecticomic #442 is up.

080626: Insecticomic #443 is up.

080629: Insecticomic #444 is up.

080701: Insecticomic #445 is up.

080703: Insecticomic #446 is up.

080706: Oh, right, updates today. Insecticomic #447 is up.

080708: Insecticomic #448 is up.

080710: Insecticomic #449 is up.

080713: Last update from England. Insecticomic #450 is up.

080716: Insecticomic #451 is up. We're currently one comic behind.

And, better late than never, search engine quick hits: Top five are the usual breakdown of 'insecticomics', 'starscream', 'in space starscream', 'insecticons', and 'in space no one can hear starscream'. An unusual one for the top ten is 'terrorsaur'.

And now, the weird ones:
- Some of you misguided writers out there are still looking for a 'transformers mary sue litmus test'. We will say it again: Mary-Sue litmus tests are about cliches. Mary-Sues are about the writer bashing the reader over the head while screaming, "Love my character! LOVE HER GODDAMMIT!" I don't care what colour her eyes are, if the whole world stops and melts with her, she's a 'Sue.
- 'insecticons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'. Once, I would understand. Three times?
- Two of you are never going to get 'other vengeance insecticons' ( Shrapnel would be a guy, though. )
- One of you wants to know 'what did starscream say'. Whenever we see him, he's usually saying something like, "When I catch up with you, it's the rust-bug hoop!"
- One of you wants to know 'do ants ever have their nest in something besides an anthill in the ground and where are they?' Depends on the species of ant.
- You want 'dumb questions people ask'? Just read through the Ask Vector Prime A Question files.
- One fellow asks, 'what do the demons want?' They want to eat your spark.
- One of you wants 'cheetor tarantulas pregnant'. What, both of them?
- 'is starscream on armada energon cybertron second command of the decepticons?' - In Armada, he vaguely seems to be, until Thrust shows up. In Energon, that seems more Scorponok's role until the second half. In Cybertron, yes.
- 'when does vector prime turn bad? transformers'. Answer: He doesn't.
- I think 'the mighty unicron he is a mighty robot warrior' needs to be the lyric of a bad anime theme song.

080719: Insecticomic #452 is up.

080720: Insecticomic #453 is up.

080722: Insecticomic #454 is up.

080724: It is so still Thursday. Insecticomic #455 is up.

080725: The next chapter of Other Vengeance 2.0 is up. Only a short chapter this time. And a new graphic for it, this time Silverbolt in his original outfit.

080727: Insecticomic #456 is up.

What the heck, TV Tropes? Our entire blurb in Notable Sci Fi webcomics is Insecticomics: A Transformers Fan Webcomic created by a woman. Is it that it's female-created that makes it sci fi? Bah, at least we still have a nice write-up on the main Insecticomics TV Tropes page.

080729: Insecticomic #457 is up.

080731: Insecticomic #458 is up.

Thanks for the fixed entry, TV Tropes!

080803: Insecticomic #459 is up.

And the usual end-of-month wrap-up. I don't know why I bother with the Top Five because it's always some variant of 'insecticomics', 'insecticons', 'in space starscream', 'starscream', and 'in space no one can hear starscream'. The odd one in the Top Ten this month is 'vector prime', in at #7. And quick hits:
- Seven of you ( or one very tenacious person ) were looking for 'omega supreme wallpaper'. Just seems a bit different.
- Three of you want 'transformers constructicon steelcast'. She's not a Constructicon, she just hangs out with them.
- One of you thinks 'in space no one can hear starscream dipped in chocolate'. Oh, yes, you can. He's real screechy about it.
- One of you, confusingly, wants 'www.insecticons.com/fic/fic-ov2-02b.html blackarachnia dexterity'. Why the extra words if you know the URL?
- 'your beginning to annoy me starscream'. MY beginning to annoy me starscream!
- One of you claims that 'vector prime made me cry'. If you don't bug him, he tends to be nice.
- One of you was looking for 'dreadmoon starscream s girlfriend'. Dreadmoon prefers the term 'consort'.
- The 'planet of huggy pillbugs' is a place I never want to go.
- One of you wants 'purple alien and his hot girlfriend on the run in space' and now I kind of do as well.
- One of you is looking for someone to the description of 'her-six-legs her-wings'. I dunno who she is, but hook me up!
- One of you seeks 'jungle planet/snarl'. And I thought Fallen/Bludgeon slash was weird.
- One of you thinks 'this can only end in fire'. Wrong! It ends with singling you out for quick hits purposes.

080805: Insecticomic #460 is up.

080807: Insecticomic #461 is up.

080810: Insecticomic #462 is up.

080812: Insecticomic #463 is up.

080814: Insecticomic #464 is up.

080817: Insecticomic #465 is up.

080819: Insecticomic #466 is up.

080821: Insecticomic #467 is up.

080823: We've posted a bonus Insecticomic.

080824: Insecticomic #468 is up.

080826: Insecticomic #469 is up.

080828: Insecticomic #470 is up. Also, added a bit of information on Inferno and a couple of card scans to Thrust's bio and added a turtorial about word bubbles.

080831: Insecticomic #471 is up.

080902: Insecticomic #472 is up.

Website quick hits! As usual, no real change in the top five searches: 'insecticomics', 'in space starscream', 'insecticons', 'megatron', and 'in space no one can hear starscream'. The odd one out in the top ten is 'boff and googie' - get thee to a library and withdraw some Theodore Sturgeon!

- Seven of you find us so exciting that you call us 'insecticons!' with an exclamation mark. One of you think we're so exciting we can only be the 'insecticons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
- Four of you want 'insecticons silly string'. Hasbro! Market that!
- We could overlook it once, but 'inceticons.com' twice?
- Two of you want to know 'what does starscream say'. Usually, "Megatron's not looking! I'm the new leader!"
- Two of you claim that 'insecticons.com won t post the grasshopper story'. What grasshopper story? If it's the 'i can to make grin' one, I don't even know what that is.
- Two of you say 'in space no one can hear starscream naked'. Well, no, you can't usually hear naked. Also, the only time he wears clothes is at his cornation anyway.
- One of you wants to know 'is there a ground boring type of loucust insect'. Sir! No type of locust is boring!
- One of you wants to know some 'fearsome decepticon names'. I've always been partial to 'Spinister'. What? He's scary!
- One of you says 'question series of happiest question'. I like it because it sounds like a weird kiddie anime title.
- One of you asks 'what does star scream say when he escapes into space'. "Bye-bye"?
- One of you wants 'starscream the angle of death'. Tee hee hee.
- Somebody - and we are assuming it's the same person - keeps looking for things like 'starscream helpless' and 'starscream terrified'. Why not just search 'starscream ooc' and get it over with?

080904: Insecticomic #473 is up.

080907: Insecticomic #474 is up.

080909: Insecticomic #475 is up.

Also, updated a couple rare Cybertron bios sent in by Alert Reader FortMax - Costco Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus. If anyone has their stats, send 'em in so's we can finish this monster up.

080911: Insecticomic #476 is up.

080914: Insecticomic #477 is up.

080916: Insecticomic #478 is up.

080918: Insecticomic #479 is up.

080919: We've posted a bonus Insecticomic.

080921: Insecticomic #480 is up.

080923: Insecticomic #481 is up.

080925: Insecticomic #482 is up.

080928: Insecticomic #483 is up. Also updated the cast page a bit and added a picture of Other Vengeance Terrorsaur lounging on a rock.

080930: Insecticomic #484 is up.



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