Basically, Wayward finds the villains way more interesting than the heroes, so if you're looking for good Autobot fic, you won't find it here. The majority of it is Decepticon-biased and based on Cybertron. The rest is either Predacon-biased or total nonsense.

Larval Stage
Wayward's first year of Transformers fanfic. Call it practice.

Worlds Apart, Worlds Away
Started in Wayward's third year of fandom. It's a different continuity from the Larval Stage, though there's bits taken from the older stuff sometimes.

I Have Wings, And I Want To Fly
Beast Wars-based, Predacon-biased fanfic.

Other Vengeance
The Maximals and Predacons are forced to come to a truce because the Vok turned them human.

Other Vengeance 2.0
Years later, the rewrite of Other Vengeance.

Wayward Insecticon Theatre
Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else, like the ever-pointless Deux Ex Machina series and various alternates.

Fanchara Directory
Everyone with a name. Even Silversky. Enjoy.


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