Armada/Energon 'Best Of' Scanfest  

This was intended to be scans of pictures that Wayward likes. And it still is. Sort of. It also involves looking for pictures of Megatron thrusting his pelvis, just because he does it so often. Our attention span is really short, okay?

Armada #1
On Cybertron one million years ago, lead-up to Armada was happening.

Armada #2
It's still a million years ago. The Decepticons make their intentions known and the Minicons plot escape.

Armada #3
The War comes to Earth! Well, it gives Earth a bad look.

Armada #4
Okay now the War comes to Earth.

Armada #5
Some of the Minicons meet up and the Autobots realise Earth is now a battleground.

Armada #6
Megatron captures the Star Sabre.

Armada #7
The Land Military Team help out Sparkplug's crew. Meanwhile, Bulks fight.


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