Non-True-Love Relationships  

Starwave joins the Decepticons and finds herself at odds with Thundercracker. Will they kill each other? Or will it be love?

In our version, they end up killing each other.

It doesn't always work out. Just because he was your prom date or your friends said she was perfect for you doesn't mean it's going to last forever. It might not even last an hour. Here at In Space, we're celebrating the ones that just didn't work out.

We decided to award this one to Lunatron, who we are going to have to saddle with a handicap or something next time, since she claimed the last contest, too. Thanks to everyone who participated! This was our biggest turn-out for a writing contest yet.

Tarnish Politics
By Lunatron
G1 (Marvel): Impactor finds himself bodyguard to Emirate Xaaron, and a job that should be boring gets interesting in the worst possible way.

Moving On
By Almighty Hat
One o' them Movie/G1 mash-up universes: Just because you were high school sweethearts doesn't mean it'll last forever, and just because you broke up doesn't mean you can't be friends.

War Stories
By Elanya
G1: Arcee gets dating advice from Kup.

The Alone Place
By Kenya Starflight
G1: Arcee's got a new boyfriend. Springer's upset, but not as upset as the new beau's brothers.

The Selling Price of Serenity
By Lynx Traveller
G1: Tailwind remembers an ex-girlfriend.

We Meant Marital Aid, Not Martial Aid
By Rebecca Hb
G1, pre-Crystal City: The Constructicons work to complete a secret project.

Burning Heart
By Sindersaur
G1 (Marvel): Singe's backstory explored.

signals, distortions, and feedback
By Stormy
G1 (Marvel): Trannis is dead, and his intelligence chief Howlback has a few loose ends to tie up.

This Is The Way You Left Me
By tomorrow4eva
G1: Dead End meets a brooding medic who shares one of his hobbies.


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