Meet the Decepticons  

Several large images, so you might as well read the boilerplate while they load:

The Decepticons have arrived on Earth ready to fight! With Megatron as their leader, these evil alien robots battle for control of the universe. Learn cool facts and stats about all the Decepticons! An I Can Read book, published by HarperCollins Publishers, 2007. Adapted by Jennifer Frantz, illustrations by Guido Guidi, based on the screenplay by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, story by same with John Rogers thrown in for good measure. We're not scanning the whole thing, since at time of writing, it's still available in stores.

Are you ready to meet the Decepticons? Because the Decepticons are ready to meet you.

Yes, the whole book sounds like that. What do you expect from a Level 2 'I Can Read' book?

Take a minute to admire the art. Sure, it's kiddie'd up and cute'd up, and then you noctice just how detailed it is and how subtle and appealling the colours are. You skipped over the boilerplate and didn't realise you were holding a book illustrated by Guido Guidi, didn't you?

Bonecrusher looks a bit strange around the face. Working from an early model, Guido? I'm not sure what to make of Megatron - he makes me think of a shark in a hoodie. Of course, he couldn't be drawn properly scary in this book.

This is Blackout.

He is a Decepticon!

Blackout is upset because someone has set his feet on fire.

Blackout is a bit strange.

He seems to think Scorponok is a cat.

Scorponok doesn't mind. He likes the tummy rubs.

Frenzy is a Decepticon, too.

Frenzy is yelling at the computers.

Frenzy has a strange idea of tech support.

Barricade is another bad guy.

Frenzy calls 'shotgun'.

Barricade shoves Frenzy into the CD player anyway.

Megatron is the most powerful of all the Decepticons.

Even though he looks kind of like a shark in a hoodie.

No, wait! Taskmaster! He looks like Taskmaster!

The Decepticons unite! Frenzy would like to eat that stereo.

And so we come to the end of another kiddiebook scanfest. Megatron says, "Remember to brush your teeth, kids!"


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