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What? Selling stuff? Don't worry, we've never actually made a profit on this, and given the amount of money Wayward ends up putting right back into Hasbro's coffers via toys, she can't bring herself to feel too guilty about it.

Looking for Wayward's Buy/Sell/Trade List?

Insecticomics CDs
Everything you'll find online plus a bunch of stuff you won't.

Insecticomics: 001 - 150

Insecticomics Volume I - Insecticomics: 001 - 150
The first 150 episodes of the Insecticomics. This CD also includes bonus material in the form of comics that never aired, scripts that were never finished, and exclusive artwork. CD is $5.00, shipping rates vary.

Everyone On This CD Is Naked

Insecticomics Volume II - Everyone On This CD Is Naked
The first 300 episodes of the Insecticomics. Contains commentary on the episodes and exclusive-to-this-CD comics and artwork. CD is $5.00, shipping rates vary.

The Turnip Is My Secret Baby!

Insecticomics Volume III - The Turnip Is My Secret Baby!
Episodes #301-600 of the Insecticomics. Contains commentary on the episodes and exclusive photos, plus the walkthrough of how the episodes are made. CD is $5.00, shipping rates vary.

In which you pay Wayward to do art stuff. Currently closed.

The Running Commissions List

The current default art style is pencils with Photoshop colouring. Commissions are one size fits all due to the size of the scanner, 8"x10.5" for printing on an 8.5"x11" sheet. Because of this, we prefer not to try to fit more than three figures in a picture. Commissions come in five flavours:

Sketches - $10
Colour Flats - $15
Full Render - $30
Pencilled by Wayward, coloured by the Koi Lungfish - $30
Skip Wayward entirely because you prefer Koi's work <-- Click there

The cost gets you the full-size file so you can print it for yourself if you like. If you want a print and/or the original art, shipping charges apply.

Since this is a Transformer-based site, you probably want Transformers. Wayward does both canon and fan characters. Wayward can draw non-Transformers as well, if you're looking for that instead.

The only real content rule is 'no organic-type sexual characteristics under the armour' stuff. Wayward will draw snuggly, slashy, straight, sultry, but not sexual.

Basically, everything in the art galleries can be printed off and sold to you, with the exception of works that were done on commission for someone who is not you and who has not given permission to sell prints. This still leaves hundreds to choose from. Go ahead and browse. We'll wait.

The Decepticon Gallery
The Autobot Gallery
The Non-G1 Gallery

There are other galleries to browse through, the listed ones are just the most likely ones to find art you'd like to buy in.

Everything is printed at 8.5"x11" and costs $2.00 a print.

Shipping For Prints
Canada: $1.50
United States: $2
International: $4


We prefer PayPal. Half the time people send cheques, they get lost in the mail and we're fed up with it. Prices are in US dollars.

The e-mail address remains


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