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Year One

Our not-so-secret records from our first year at www.insecticons.com. Our records show that over the year we've gone from an average 89 visits per day to 233! Thank you to all of you. :D

020929: We're very slowly moving from our old Angelfire space to this www.insecticons.com one. Why slow? Because Wayward is in the middle of putting together nine pages of comic art ( she's seriallising The Insecticon Rebellion ) for the next issue of Legends ( Plug! ) Go buy the first issue while you're there ( it's unofficially known as The Wayward Issue. ;) ) Besides, the first nine pages of the comic are in it. ;)

021001: Still moving, still slow. We've got the assorted index-type pages up, and the second-layer indexes in The Hive and Prehistory... which means stuff like the Episode List is up, but you can't actually access the reviews.

On the other hand, page six of nine is done for Legends. After that, plus a couple pics we've promised to other people, and we'll be able to devote more time to the move ( mid-October at worst. ) Once it's all moved, then we'll start putting in the new stuff ( we've already got things lined up for new Insecticomics, Knock-Offs, and, hopefully, another Episode Review or two. )

021003: Ugh. Wayward has a cold, so Wayward is slow and incoherant... make worse by frying her brain with a six-hour Beast Wars marathon ( Thank you, Outtsyder, for the tapes. Our coherance is down but our spirits are high! :D )

For no easily explainable reason, we've updated the Insectistats section. And we're part of TFAN: TransFactions Affiliate Network, the TransFactions' webring thingy ( well, of course with that name. )

021004: Today Wayward was able to pass for human, though all she updated was the Contests section. There's still three months to submit your entry to The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge.

And now back to colouring this picture of Cyclonus and Dreadmoon arguing over who has the better hat. ( We told you Wayward was feeling weird. )

021008: Right. The indexes are up in the Evolution section. So while you can now see the list of fanfic and whatnot, you can't actually read the stuff yet. Hey, we warned you this wouldn't be a very fast move. :P ( We blame Terrorsaur, because he's an easy target, and because he's not looking. )

021010: Right. The Instars section is finished! It's darn near the only thing that is! :P

021013: Minor little picky things were changed, but nothing anyone normal would notice. The obvious differences are now that Wayward: Reluctant Mary-Sue has been added to The Bug List despite the fact that she's a Predacon, not an Insecticon ( yet. :P ) In bigger news, the infamous Insecticomics are back up ( though nothing new yet. ) Also, Foraging has suddenly sprouted a pile of new links.

Half a page of comic left for Legends, then two requests, then we'll be able to get the rest of the page up! :D

021014: We've been playing with the Fanfic sections. The story Dead Mechs Tell No Tales has been moved to this site ( and, yes, we chose it first for one simple reason - it's short, so formatting took about five minutes. ;) ) Also, Wayward's first two stories - Captive Minds and Medusa - have been bumped into the non-continuity of Wayward Insecticon Theatre. These stories aren't bad, but they are fannish. ( And, no, they haven't actually been posted yet. We are bad bugs. )

Goodness knows when we'll get to the rest of the fanfic, because Wayward wants to rewrite a bunch of it. O_o

And, as you can see, we've updated the Metamorphosis page.

021016: We're done our work for Legends! Which means we've kicked into a grand-funk medley of updating! Today:

- Lame-on-purpose fic Deux Ex Machina has been posted to the Wayward Insecticon Theatre.

- The smaller Picture Archives are up. That is, the Animated Gifs, the Autobots, Transformers ( But Not G1 ), and Other Stuff.

- We've also added the Submissions Guide so you too can add to the Insecticon-themed lunacy that is In Space ( and add to Wayward's workload. ;) )

What do you mean that isn't a lot? Picture archives take ages to upload, and we have to hand-code the fics now. A-h-h, you people are never happy. ;)

021017: All right, the old Story Covers are up again. Also, two new Insecticomics have been posted: Twisted Mi-Go Theatre and Entertainment Standards.

021019: We're reformatting and uploading the Decepticon Bios. No Stunticons yet, but we do have the Constructicons, the Deluxe Insecticons, and the Insecticons up.

But you don't care about that. What you want to hear is that there's a new Insecticomic up: Beep-Wheedle-Beep!

021020: More Bios are up. Today includes Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Ramjet, Shockwave, Skywarp, Thundercracker, and Skyfire. More when I do pictures of 'em... And, yes, the Stunticons are the ones first on my List-O-Priorities! ;)

021021: The Stunticons bio page is up. We think the Apocalypse is coming.

021022: Pictures! The great, big Decepticon section of the Picture Archives is up. Also added is a sketchy picture of Kickback to the Other Stuff section. And the Post-BotCon Print Sale section is up and running, for those who want that sort of thing.

And we've started the Name Translations page in Evolution. Operative word being 'started', so no complaining that your favourite character hasn't been picked at yet. :P

021024: Finally, some artwork that Wayward didn't do! We've got a few lovely little Repaints and a Picture by the ever-wonderful Lunatron!

On the quasi-interactive side, we've started Cyberentophilia! - the most unofficial Insecticon fan club on the 'net. It's more a webring than a club, really, mostly because we're too lazy to run anything good.

And, just for fun, because he won't get a chance in The Human Condition, Wayward put a sketch of Shrapnel in human form in the Other Stuff section.

021027: The infamous Knock-Offs are back, including Cluster, our latest roommate ( Thank you for snagging him for us, Kayevcee! :D )

Also, the Links list has been updated. Not with much, but still...

021029: Yes, updates are still slow. Wayward's working on her Hallowe'en costume now. Pics will be posted when it's complete.

More stuff from our friends! Going above and beyond the call of Cyberentophilia is Lunatron, who designed an Insecticon costume. We've got two pictures of the prolific moth-girl in Repaints ( because she's repainting herself. ;) ) Also, we have a lovely pic of the Insecticons by Koi Lung Fish up in the Pictures By Cyberentophiliacs section.

Also, we've finally got a guestbook up and running. Yeah, it's a GuestGear from Angelfire, but we'll live.

Pictures-wise, the Fan Characters section of the Picture Archives is back up. And there's sketch of a... um... well, a silverfish in the Other Stuff section. Yes, silverfish are disgusting. Wayward's brother caught it for her to identify and she liked how the sketch turned out.

021031: The question of the leadership of the DeceptiPredaWhateverCons continues in the Insecticomics with three new strips. Yes, they're 'Insecticomics' even when the Insecticons don't appear in them.

021106: Stuff! We've got Insecticon fancharas up in the Pictures By Cyberentophiliacs section: Noisemaker by Trackula, Kicky and Skystalker by Icy Factor, and Haze by Lunatron.

The Bios are very slowly getting added, with Dirge as our latest victim.

We've got three stories in the Wayward Insecticon Theatre coded: Captive Minds, Medusa, and Help! I'm a Bug!. To go with these, we also have a new picture of Stalker.

Not enough? Wayward's posted pics of her Hallowe'en costume up in the Repaints section, because she didn't know where else to put them.

021108: Duck! One of the signs of the Apocalypse is when Wayward writes a serious Beast Wars fic. Terrorsaur gets put through the wringer in Steel Rose. There's even a cover for this one ( that link goes to the small version. )

And continuing with the Bios, we have Reflector.

And we gave Shrapnel the Coleop treatment in this sketch. Enjoy.

And, hey, don't forget the The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge - you've still got almost two months to get your entries in. ( We should have done the reminder a week ago, but that would be organised. )

021111: We love our readers - they send us stuff that we miss. The Insecticons thank Rift for pointing out that the Insecticons get a shot in Dreamwave's The War Within and even sent in a scan of that picture.

And we have new knock-offs that Knave found for us. Unfortunately, these ones are absolutely hopeless.

Continuing with the Bios, we've finally moved Thrust to the new site.

And because we know you like them, we have a new Insecticomic - Fun With Transmetals.

021113: Three new sketches in the Other Stuff section: Coleop Bombshell, Transmetal Terrorsaur, and, for no real reason, Beast Machines Dreadmoon.

021115: For reasons of karma, we're running a mini Bad Limerick contest. Rules and such under that link.

Added a bio page for Armature, the mad sculptor from Steel Rose. Also took down the Decepticon Fanfic index, because we're in the middle of rewrites and none of the links attatched to anything anyway.

021118: A couple updates to Foraging, including LadyJet's new page Hound's Garage and Lunatron's Toxic Waste Dump.

Duck and cover! Not only are the existing Episode Reviews back up, we've also added a new one - War Dawn. We don't even want to know how long its been since the last review...

021123: A bunch of stuff, totally unrelated to itself! First, the world's lamest mini-contest - The Bad Limerick Contest - has been decided, and Kevona is our winner. Click the contest link to see the submissions. Thanks to everyone who participated! :D

Next up is that we welcome Lunatron to Cyberentophilia. The growing is slow, but who cares?

Next up, Wayward got bored and did - of all things - a mini-statue of Sway. More pictures can be found in the increasingly-inaccurately named Repaints section.

And, just to plug Legends again, there's a few illustrations for Steel Rose up in the Transformers ( But Not G1 ) picture archive. You want more, buy the magazine. ;) ( If that's not enough, Wayward's first picture of killer crab Rampage will appear in Legends as well. Hey, he's hard to draw. )

021127: A few little things. First up, we've added Scorponok's Transformers Comic.Com site to the Foraging list, because he was nice and linked us. Second, we have two new pictures: Tarantulas in the Tranformers ( But Not G1 ) picture section, and Hotspot the Protectobot in the Autobots picture section, done for Kevona who won the Bad Limerick Contest.

021129: Not much today. Added a link to The Axalon, a big, multi-generational site. Also, two new Beast Wars pictures: One of Inferno, and a little thing I like to call Killer Death Waspy.

And we shoved the older updates into a new section. Yeah, whoo-hoo.

021205: A couple of new pictures that look vaguely similar to each other. First is something like a scene out of the Beast Wars episode Possession. The second is the solid Starscream by himself, just so you can see the details lost in the first one.

And we've slowly started to add in the Third Season Decepticons to the Decepticon Bios section. The operative word being 'slowly'...

... Because Terrorsaur threatened to do all the parts of The HMS Pinifore, and we had to add some Beast Wars stuff ( you can find the index to assorted Predacon stuff in Prehistory. ) See, this is why we can never get anything done!

Don't forget - there's only one month left to submit your entries to The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge. Now if you'll excuse us, we need to go snap towels at Predacons...

021220: Yeah, yeah, slow month. Don't blame the holidays or the end-of-the-year crunch, blame the fact that Wayward's found herself caught up in Dogcatcher's Transformers As Humans contest. If you want a few hints as to what she's up to, you can peek at this page.

On the real updates notes, we've got two flavours of Knock-Offs - Battle Insects and Robo-Invaders.

Don't expect much between here and January, when we post the entries for the The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge. Between assorted holiday-themed things and a friend's wedding, Wayward is a bit distracted...

021224: Wayward finally left her house long enough to pick up issues #2 and #3 of Dreamwave's The War Within... yes, it's because they have Insecticons in them. Pre-Earth war machine Insecticons are just as cute as the way we are now! Boo-yah!

And, mostly for Wayward's own notes, she's got fic teasers and whatnot in the new Current Projects section.

021231: Beware - Wayward has posted the Insecticomics Christmas episode: It's A Waspinator Life. I think you can guess where that one's going...

Don't forget, the The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge entries will be posted sometime tomorrow.

030101: [Fukui-san] That's it, the writing's done, the The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge is over! [/Fukui-san] Now it's up for tasting and judgement, though we don't recommend reading these stories on an empty stomach. Or a full one. Judging will run until February 1st, when the votes will be tabulated. The stories will stay up permanently, though.

030105: There. Wayward cheated, so now you can vote for The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge. We'll be counting this up at the end of the month.

030110: We continue to remain stupid about fixing the votey-thing for the The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge. We're certainly going to extend the voting period...

In other news, the crew from the Puppet Master Fan Club have decided to declare themselves cyberentophiliacs. Don't know what Puppet Master is? Hunt it up on a search engine ( Hint: It's a movie, but not the Heinlein body-snatchers one. )

A new link has been added: TC's Pile Of Garbage. It's a site dedicated to writing bad Mary-Sue fanfic. Click the link at your own risk.

We've added scans and whatnot from the 1987 GI Joe vs the Transformers comic. Why? It had a fair amount of Bombshell.

As for pictures, we've added one of Terrorsaur's Cybertronian form ( note: has no actual basis from the show, ) one of Dreadmoon looking sulky, and a group-shot of the Other Vengeance Predacons for those of you who like that sort of thing.

030111: There. Votey-thing for The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge is fixed. Apologies to any and all who already voted, but you're going to have to do it again. Sorry. Also, voting has been extended to February 8th.

030112: We have a new recruit to the cause of Cyberentophilia - Baron.

Also, the Insecticons get philosphical in the latest Insecticomic: The Eternal Question.

030114: New Beast Wars fics. First there's Potential, a short little Quickstrike POV. Next is the first chapter of the anticipated Other Vengeance: Aftermath.

Also, Wayward has been playing with colouring techniques. Of course it's from an old sketch of Dreadmoon.

030120: A couple new pictures. First is a non-cartoon, non-Coleop, ticked-off Shrapnel. Second is from the G2 comics - Warworld Starscream.

030129: Lunatron strikes again with more repaints! First up is Hyacinth, former Tek Toys hornet. Second is the Zoid Saicurtis wearing the colours of Bombshell. More pictures on the Repaints page.

030130: The next chapter of Other Vengeance should be up soon. Until then, here's the cover for chapter two.

030203: Just to remind you, you've only got until Friday to vote in the The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge if you haven't already.

For those of you who've been waiting for it, Other Vengeance, chapter two: The Coming of Confusion. We also finally put up the covers for chapters one and two in the Picture Archives: Story Covers.

030209: Good thing that Lunatron is working, because Wayward's been kidnapped by Predacons. Anyway, Lunatron did a fun little filksong - 'Secties Eat to the tune of The Safety Dance.

030210: Yes, we know we let the The Mary-Sue Writing Challenge voting go for an extra day. Wayward had friends over late and forgot completely to tally the results. Anyway, our winner is Lunatron with her story For The Glory Of The Insecticon Empire! Thanks to everyone who voted, and an extra big thanks to those who were brave enough to write bad fanfic for the amusement of our patrons! :D

And, yes, of course we have a new contest. Wayward found a neat little knock-off she has no idea what to do with, so now you can Name That Insecticon.

030213: It's a new Insecticomic: Transform And Combine!

030215: Beware, we bring Other Vengeance, chapter three: Omniscient No More.

Also, at Lunatron's request, a picture of Needlenose.

Speaking vaguely of contests, the rules for the first In Space art contest - Draw The Bugs.

030221: Other Vengeance, chapter four: Only The Queen is now posted.

030224: Added Zartan's Finishing School to the page. Yeah, yeah, like everything else in insecticons.com, updates will be slow ( but at least we got Knave's fanfic up. )

030227: Added a new section to the Insectistats. Remember those old Find Your Fate books? Well, Knave bought a bunch of them, and a few contain Insecticons. We've posted the pictures here.

Also, remember that tomorrow is the last day to submit entries to the Name That Insecticon contest.

030310: Sorry we took so long to announce it, but Name That Insecticon has been won by Tremor3258! Check out the latest addition to the Insecticon forces here.

And, for those who were waiting, Other Vengeance, chapter five: Bad News is now posted.

030311: Added Dinner Conversation, a short fic about Bombshell by Names Are Unimportant to the Writing By Cyberentophiliacs section.

030313: Wayward sculpts again. This time, she's made a little figure of her Deux Ex Machina: Help! I'm A Bug! character Wayward the Predabee. A second picture can be found on the Repaints By Cyberentophiliacs page.

030320: Wayward finally got around to doing up Tremor3258's reward-art. He requested Decepticon Headmaster Weirdwolf.

030329: Other Vengeance, chapter six: Codes has been posted.

030403: Whee! In the Writing By Cyberentophiliacs section, we have a new short fanfic - Kicking Back by Pitten.

And we have a new section: Choose Your Own Insecticomic. It's Find Your Fate, but online and less coherant. In the first issue, you get to help Terrorsaur try to take over the Predacons ( you'd think the first one would star the Insecticons, but nooooo...

030412: We have three new Insecticomics today: Down-Home Macho Posturing, Insecticon Try-Outs, and Spread The Love.

030417: New contest: Find The Insecticons.

030418: New Insecticomic: A Bad Date.

030421: The Fanfic section has been revamped for ( hopefully ) better organisation.

Also, there's three new pictures: Chibi Insecticons, Terrorsaur, and a silly little sketch done for an equally silly story.

030423: The first chapter of Hunted is up in the Older Fanfic section. Hopefully, we'll be getting up one chapter or short story per day until it's all archived.

030424: The second chapter of Hunted is up in the Older Fanfic section, completing that story. Next will be the start of Worlds Away.

030425: We've posted the first chapter of Worlds Away to the Older Fanfic section.

In other news, Wayward, who has no life, did a kitbash of Other Vengeance Waspinator. There's a second pic in the Repaints by Cyberentophiliacs section.

Plus, a few new links.

030426: Continuing the reruns from last year, the second chapter of Worlds Away is up.

And we've finally added another Decepticon Bio. Because we have a picture of him, Weirdwolf.

030427: Worlds Away has been fully uploaded.

030428: The Insecticon Rebellion has been uploaded.

030429: The first chapter of Stormworld has been uploaded.

In other news, two more Insecticomics have been added: Almost Political Humour and Quickstrike Strikes Again.

030430: The second chapter of Stormworld, A Mind Not To Be Changed has been uploaded.

Also, we're finally getting the old Wayward's Fan Characters back up. Of course, the first one to get his bio back is the overglorified Decepticon secretary Dreadmoon.

A couple new scans have been added to the Insectistats: Dreamwave Comics section.

030501: The third chapter of Stormworld, If I Be Still The Same has been uploaded.

Continuing with the Wayward's Fan Characters bios, we've added Insecticon warrior Sway.

030502: The Draw The Bugs contest is over, and our winner is Princess Artemis! Thanks to everyone who participated ( because we love Insectiart. :D )

The fourth chapter of Stormworld, All But Less Than He has been uploaded.

030503: The fifth chapter of Stormworld, Will Not Drive Us Hence has been uploaded.

030504: Stormworld has been fully posted with the final chapter: To Reign Is Worth Ambition. Tomorrow we start reposting Wayward's best-known story - The Human Condition.

030505: We've begun re-posting The Human Condition.

We also added a few new Links.

030506: The second part of The Human Condition is up: On The Road Again.

Also posted the bio of one of the stranger denizens of Waywardfic: Mourningstar.

030507: The third part of The Human Condition is up: Working For A Living.

030508: The fourth part of The Human Condition is up: It's Only Love.

030509: We've finished off The Human Condition with Never Surrender and Off To See The Wizard. Next to be uploaded will be a couple of Insecticon stories.

030510: Insecticonundrum has been reposted.

030511: New fic! Added Reflections of Life in the City of Art ( our longest title yet ) to I Have Wings, And I Want To Fly, the Beast Wars fanfic section.

The first chapter of Venom has also been reposted.

030512: Finally finished Perceptor for Princess Artemis, who won the Draw The Bugs contest. Also added a couple of sketches of characters from Reflections of Life in the City of Art to the Other Stuff picture section.

Also, Venom is now fully uploaded.

030513: For your amusement, part of the cover for the Spring 2003 issue of Legends is up.

Also, Tempest has been uploaded.

030514: We love our readers! W. Phantom sent us a bunch of scans from the UK comics.

Waiting For Starscream has been uploaded.

030515: Devastated has been uploaded.

030516: Find The Insecticons is over, and our winner ( by random draw; seven people found all the Insecticons ) is Princess Draconia! ( Hrm, quite a bit of royalty lately... )

One Of My Kind has been uploaded.

030517: We've started uploading Anthill.

030518: The second chapter of Anthill is up - What The Mind Forgets.

030520: Sorry about the delay. The third and fourth chapters of Anthill are up - Haunting My Own Doppelganger and Let The Ants Try.

030521: The fifth chapter of Anthill is up - Bothriomyrmex Decapitans.

Also added a bunch of sketches and skibbles to the Other Stuff picture section.

030522: Completed! We finished up the Waywardfic reruns! Up are the sixth chapter of Anthill: Mr Venom, Hero, the Bonecrusher story Dead Mechs Tell No Tales, and the Dreadmoon story Crash Landing. Also, because we finally got around to coding it, the City of Steel variant The Return of the Revenge of the Son of the City of Steel. That should keep you occupied for an hour or two.

030525: Just to be a pest, Wayward has faked a TFU entry for Dreadmoon. We fear she'll move on to screencaps next.

030527: Remember Princess Draconia? She found the Insecticons, and we've finally finished her prize art. She requested BW Rampage.

030528: New Insecticomic: All Of My Insecticons.

030602: New Insecticomic: Critter Kibble.

030604: Added Coronapis to the list of Wayward's Fan Characters.

030610: It's been two months, but Other Vengeance: Running ( chapter seven ) has been posted. It's a fluff chapter, but people seem to like it. ( No cover yet, alas. )

Also, added two new sketches: Obscure UK comic Autobot Flame and an odd little doodle of Dreadmoon human, sort of because I had a weird dream wherein he was a cyborg ( his cyborg bits are under his hair, so you can't see them. )

030612: For your amusement, a Which Predacon Are You test.

030613: Finally did the cover for Running.

030618: Added a couple of pictures: Beast Wars Megatron and fanchara Love-Lies-Bleeding.

030623: Assorted TransformersCon-related stuff. First up is since there's been a convention, there are now new overstock prints available. Second is yet another extremely unofficial convention report, this time hosted by Shrapnel. Third are the assorted sketches done when not talking to people or wandering around in costume. ( They're the last four pics on that page. )

030626: Two new Insecticomics: Guy Talk and Equal Opportunity.

030702: Stuff! Anyway, Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye #3 is in, and it's full of bugs! Scroll down to the bottom of this page for an extremely unofficial review.

Also, Wayward did a picture of Mirage for Pitten's Mirage Art Contest. Banzai!

030705: Memory's bio has finally been added, as well as a picture of Dreadmoon, Nimbus, and Silverflame.

030709: Wayward has finished her annual Bug Poster for the Convention Formerly Known As BotCon ( last year's was the exceedingly complicated one. )

030710: We've now got a bio page for Blinky, of all critters. We put his picture up in the fan characters picture section, even though he's really just Powerhug with amnesia. Bet you never thought you'd see fan art of him.

030717: Just a useless little songfic for the Deux Ex Machina series. See you in August!

030804: Wayward has returned and is finally doing work on the site! Here's what's up now:

- It's time again for the Annual In Space Bad Fanfic Challenge! This year's theme ingrediant - Songfics.

- Minor changes to Wayward's older fanfic section. It's now called Larval Stage for no good reason.

- Not a true knock-off but one of the Playskool Transformers Go-Bots, just because we liked his tech-spec so much. Ouch!

- Not Insecticons-related, but too wonderful to not show off. It's an old Transformers colouring book we found at the convention, and we love it.

- Finally added Wayward's semi-poseable Dreadmoon toy to the Repaints By Cyberentophiliacs section.

- A sketch of Terrorsaur, Lazorbeak, and Hydra, because Wayward thinks the tiny pterodactyl toys are cute.

- Three new Insecticomics:
Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost... - Quickstrike and Tap have irreconcilable differences.
Stuff We Find Under Tables - Kickback gives the report for the first Official Transformers Collectors' Club convention.
Hail Hydra! - A lonely Destron finds himself in the Insecticomics.

030826: Between moving, her usual computer breaking down, the Blaster virus, and that big blackout, Wayward's been a bit slow. She still can't scan anything or put up new art of her own, but we've got a few updates for you, at least:

We've got two pictures of Kickback by a loyal reader named Moon Scream ( no, not Moonscream from the Padded Cell. ;) ) up in the Pictures By Cyberentophiliacs section.

Never denied but not public until now, it's the Open Hoax Project.

Also added a couple new links and fixed a couple spelling errors.

Big updates whenever our computer is back up to full functionality...

030829: A few sketches have been added ( Wayward's brother's scanner is working, mostly. Wayward'll have her own computer in a week or so... )

Also, we've started the Open Hoax Project contest.

030902: If it's a sign of the apocalypse when someone other than Wayward writes a story in the Deux Ex Machina series, then you'd better duck and cover. Koi Lung Fish has written a little songfic intermezzo to Help! I'm A Bug! called I'm With You.

In other news, Wayward's off taking an art course, but she should have her new computer up to full functionality by the weekend, so we'll see how updates do. Sorry August was so slow. :P

030913: It's... updates? Strange but true! First up, we're got some sketches: Beast Machines designs of Dreadmoon and Armature, and one of Beast Wars' Waspinator.

In other news, the long-promised Dreadmoon mini-project Blinded has finally been posted. What is it? Click the link to find out.

And for those who want spoilers, Wayward has updated her Current Projects page. Ironically, she hasn't in months.

030916: Nothing big; coloured the for Blinded. ( And without any of her special filters. Wayward misses her special filters... ) Also, a little sketch of Starscream ( hey, art teachers encourage doodling in class. ;) )

030920: Two minor things. For the one person who cares, it's Frostalon's bio page. And for the fans of Other Vengeance, it's a picture of Waspinator and Terrorsaur.

030924: New Insecticomic: Moving Day: The Prelude. We've also started putting up character profiles for the Insecticomics. This might take a while...

030925: Fixed up the Insecticomics profile page. Still not done...



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