Wayward Insecticon Theatre

The stories that don't fit under any of the major headings. Most are extremely silly, others aren't.



Deux Ex Machina - The Running Series
Stuff Wayward writes when she gets fed up with cliches and wants to let off some steam. Yes, 'deux' is supposed to be 'deus'. Wayward goofed, then decided to leave the error in to add to the general stupidity.

Deux Ex Machina
Take an underappreciated Constructicon, a reluctant Mary-Sue, a ditzy Seekerfemme, throw them into the most cliched story ever, and end up with fourteen pages of story.

Help! I'm A Bug!
For no adequately explained reason, Wayward is the only one who can save the Beast Wars.

I'm With You
By KoiLungFish
Terrorsaur angsts to music. Intermezzo to Help! I'm A Bug!

Timekiller, And You Don't Understand
Songfic. Even though she doesn't want to be one, Wayward is a Mary-Sue, and Mary-Sues affect their surroundings.

The Trial Of Dreadmoon
Dreadmoon is forced to take a Mary-Sue Litmus Test. ( Now everyone writes these things. Sorry about that. It seemed clever at the time. )

Bring Me To Fish
Songfic. Wayward and the Insecticons find themselves in Armada looking for a Minicon panel.



The Grab-Bag
That which isn't easily stuck with anything else.

The Return of the Revenge of the Son of the City of Steel
Script-format. What happens when the dreadful episode City of Steel goes north? You get this thing.

How Megatron Got His Love Back, or, How Blinky Saved Christmas
By Laura
Done for the Blinky Shrine at TC's Pile of Garbage. When Megatron loses his rubber duck, it's up to Blinky ( the Loviest Pillbug in the Universe ) to set things right.

The Custodian Of The City Of Fear
The Autobot city of Kalis is not only overrun with zombies, it's also the Wreckers' new home, so why's Dreadmoon so pleased with himself? Done to complement the City of Fear arc from the old Marvel comics.

Auxiliary Constructicon
Alternate Universe - sort of a "What if the story Aviator happened in Waywardfic?" Aviator has gone through many challenges to become the seventh Constructicon, and now faces his greatest trial yet - he must win over the one he took that position from.

Stupidity In Blue, Redux
By Dragoness Eclectic
Based on this picture.

Art Appreciation 101
By Dragoness Eclectic
Sequel to Stupidity In Blue, Redux. After the Movie, Slog aquires Starscream's corpse and finds himself haunted.


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