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If you've got more time to waste or couldn't find what you were looking for here, here's some other places. ( All these links work as of April 2016, though most of these sites haven't updated in like ten years. )

Teletraan-1: The Transformers Wiki: You want information, start here. If what you're looking for isn't there, it just means they haven't got there yet.

Allspark: One of the larger news sites.

The Ark: One of those fansites with something for everyone. Go adopt a robot from her.

Beast Wars International: Formerly known as Sapphire's Beast Wars Website. Episode lists, character bios, fics, pics, and assorted 'Of The Month' winners.

BWTF.Com: Screen caps and episode synopses for every Transformers series.

Comics In Disguise: Where the adventures of the Autobots and Decepticons continue, often in silly ways. Fun stuff.

Cybertron.CA: Toy sitings and whatnot, geared towards the Canadian audience.

The Devastator Homepage: Constructicons and nothing but! Tech specs, soundfiles, you name it, it's here.

G1 Matrix: A shop that specialises in all things G1, from toys to parts to comics.

Homesick: Amber's Mirage shrine!

Iacon City: 3D Transformers renders, including Insecticons! Yay!

Lexicon: More fanfic than you ever wanted to see.

The Obscure Transformers Page: Including such greats as Ferak, Macabre, and Nautilus! What do you mean you don't know who I'm talking about?

Pacerpaw's Den: Fanfic and screencaps, amongst other things.

Prime's Watercloset: Really good essays and fanfic.

Quoteable Optimus Prime: All G1 Optimus, all the time. Are you down with the QOP?

Reprolabels: The link doesn't work but I know these people still exist. I see them at conventions.

Scientific Journals: She calls herself 'A microscopic Transformers G1 site... mostly about a microscope named Perceptor.' That's almost as good as our tag-phrase. ;)

Seibertron.Com: We mostly go here for the toy galleries, screencaps, and news.

Stella Quetzacotl's SpaceCadet Station: Nope, our name's still longer. Check out her filk!

TFU.Info: Scans, tech specs, and information on pretty much every Transformers toy ever.

TC's Pile Of Garbage: It's a site dedicated to writing awful Mary-Sue fanfic. Of course we had to link it!

Transformers.Com: The official Hasbro site.

WaywardInsecticon's DeviantArt Page: You won't find much here that you can't find at In Space, but I thought I'd hand out the link.



BotCon: The official convention.

TransformersCon: The Canadian convention.



Alien Loves Predator: A comic about life in New York that just happens to star an Alien and a Predator. If nothing else, go and admire the digital editing - this is what all photocomics want to be when they grow up.

Nukeland Cinema: An eclectic cast of characters defend Nukeland from ... well, pretty much everybody, it seems.

Twisted Kaiju Theatre: Life on Neo-Monster Island involves one-shot gags, conventions, invasions, and a lot of satire. Mature content warning.


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