Larval Stage

The old series, written by Wayward while she was still new to Transformers. Some of it has some good ideas, some of it is very bad ideas, and some of it Wayward can't even remember what she was thinking when she wrote it. Wayward's not real thrilled with it any more, but that's writers for you.



Captive Minds
A nasty little secret in Stalker's past threatens to destroy the Decepticons' future. Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave have to figure out what's happening to them before the whole crew goes insane ... and Starscream isn't that stable to begin with ...

Megatron makes a bad call that tears the team apart, in both the figurative and literal senses. Now the remnants of the strike-force are hurt, stranded, and angry ... especially the surviving Constructicons ...

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Skywarp and Thundercracker come across a plot by a disgruntled Monitor to take over Cybertron - in the most literal sense possible. Now they're being chased by some very dangerous people, and the Seekers are outnumbered, outgunned, and running low on power.

Worlds Away
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
For a few years, Cybertron has been hurtling aimlessly through space ... or not so aimless. If the Decepticons don't do something, their homeworld - their symbol of their cause - is going to crash into a star. There's still a chance, but if they fail, it could mean the total destruction of their world. But if they succeed, it could bring the Decepticon Empire out of its long hibernation ...

The Insecticon Rebellion
Perhaps once, long ago, they were loyal Decepticons. Certainly they were on Megatron's flagship four million years ago, and he had taken his elite warriors. However, after skewed repairs and time, Shrapnel, Bombshell, and Kickback are no better than a band of mercenaries - the Insecticons. Now Shrapnel wants back into the Empire, and he's willing to risk everything to do so ...

Receive Thy New Possessor
A Mind Not To Be Changed
If I Be Still the Same
All But Less Than He
Will Not Drive Us Hence
To Reign Is Worth Ambition
Starscream finally gets what he's been asking for - a command position away from Megatron. The only problem - aside from a disloyal crew - is that the planet he's been assigned to tame has a history of killing everyone who had ever gone there ...

The Human Condition
That Old Black Magic
On The Road Again
Working For A Living
It's Only Love
Never Surrender
Off To See The Wizard
The Decepticons mess with magic and are stuck with a terrible curse - they've all been turned human. Now the force is split between those who want a cure at any cost, and those who think they can use their condition to their advantage.

The Decepticons are back to normal, and the Insecticons are up to their old tricks. Maybe.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Bombshell's old rival Venom is back for vengeance on the Insecticons ... except that Bombshell, Shrapnel, and Kickback don't actually remember him.

The Hunter poltergeist Mourningstar's search for a phyical form becomes desperate, but he's no longer so interested in claiming Starscream ...

Waiting For Starscream
A love story about giant, androgynous, alien robots. You've been warned.

When one of the Constructicons is destroyed, the others must find a sixth or die trying ...

One Of My Kind
Starscream sets Skyfire and Dreadmoon on assignment together in hopes they'll learn to get along. Unfortunately, Starscream's plans have a habit of not working.

Remember Me
What The Mind Forgets
Haunting My Own Doppelganger
Let The Ants Try
Bothriomyrmex Decapitans
Mr Venom, Hero
Venom's back with a vengeance ... except that pretty much everyone on Coleop has their own agenda, so he might just have to get in line.

Dead Mechs Tell No Tales
Bonecrusher seeks out Mindwipe the Decepticon mystic for the answer to a very important question.

Crash Landing
Fighter pilot Warren Skye manages to shoot down a UFO ... which turns out to be the Decepticon Monitor Dreadmoon. Unfortunately, now he needs Dreadmoon's help if he wants to survive ...


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