Insecticomics FAQ

Because you all seem to keep asking about the same stuff.

Q: What are the Insecticomics?
A: The Insecticomics are the adventures of Wayward's toy collection. Basically, this means they're just filmed play sessions. It tends towards joke-a-day humour, since the episodes are generally just things that amused Wayward at the moment.

Q: Who is the target audience?
A: Anyone left over who's not reading other Transformers-based webcomics.

Q: I don't understand toy exclusive/Energon/Japanese series/Marvel comics jokes. Stop doing them and just do G1 cartoon comics and making fun of the 2007 movie.
A: Not happening.

Q: What's with all the dating?
A: Transformers hook up in canon, so nyah.

Q: What's with all the gay?
A: What gay? Nobody's gay.
Q: They are so! Boy robots date boy robots!
A: We're robots. Robots are neither male nor female. We adopt gendered pronouns when speaking English, with the genders based on how humans perceive us. One might have preferences for Transformers who seem either male or female, but these are about the same as having a preference for jets or the colour green or accountants. The catchall term here is 'romantic asexual' - we like romance, but we have no interest in sex. Even if we did, we lack genitalia.
Q: I didn't understand any of that. Besides, there's no such thing as asexual.
A: Fine. We're all pansexual, then. We like keeping our options open.
Q: Pan-what?
A: Like bi, but more so. But without sex.

Q: All the dating and the gay scare me!
A: Go read a comic you'll enjoy. We don't mind.

Q: Why do you rename and regender characters?
A: Didn't you when you were a kid? The usual reasons are:
- Figure A looks rather like Character B, who hasn't got a good figure. Example: the character dubbed 'G1 Red Alert' is actually Universe Inferno, but Wayward wanted a good Red Alert toy more.
- It's a way of turning repaints into new characters. Example: Override GTS was declared Nitro Convoy.
- She felt like it. Example: Lazorbeak is female for no particular reason.
It's Wayward's toy collection. She is within her rights to rename us all Beverly if she so chooses.

Q: I have an idea for a comic!
A: That's nice, but the Insecticomics are a personal hobby. Wayward doesn't tell you how to play with your toys, you don't tell Wayward how to play with hers.

Q: You don't treat the characters with the dignity and respect they deserve!
A: ... You don't actually understand this website, do you?

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