Insecticomics Archive: 101-200

The second hundred episodes. This is where we started updating on a regular schedule.

Wayward and Knave are primarily Decepticon fans, which leaves the good guys hopelessly outnumbered. The last straw was when Starscream tricked Hot Rod into giving him the Matrix, thus technically making him the leader of the Autobots.

The G1 Autobots are on strike. The Maximals are indifferent. The Armada-Energon Autobots are in hiding.

Override, Evac, and the Cybertron Autobots hope to change all that.

101. Introduction To Volume II
102. The Arrival of Prime
103. The Choice of the First Generation
104. The Joy of Cola
Bonus Episode: Vector Prime Is Kidnapped By Decepticons I
Bonus Episode: Vector Prime Is Kidnapped By Decepticons II
105. One More Dig At Pepsi Prime
106. Daisy, Daisy
Bonus Episode: The Mating Call of the Aquatic
107. Incompatibility
108. Fair Play
109. Fraternising With The Enemy
110. Why The Autobots Haven't Won
111. Listed I
112. Listed II
113. Listed III
114. Avast! I
115. Avast! II
Bonus Episode: The Heartbreak of Shelfwarmers
116. Real Life
117. Objects of Power I
118. Objects of Power II
119. Common Ground
120. Objects of Power III
121. Objects of Power IV
122. Listen To Your Conscience
123. So What's Starscream Been Doing All This Time?
124. Insecticomics Salutes My Little Beast Wars
125. Starscream's Brigade: The Report
126. Trying To Get Starscream Back, Take I
127. Trying To Get Starscream Back, Take II
128. Trying To Get Starscream Back, Take III
129. The Return of Starscream
130. Feel The Magic
131. Arm Candy I
132. Arm Candy II
Bonus Episode: Commercial Break
133. Princess of Power I
134. Princess of Power II
135. Everybody Wants To Rule Nukeland
          - crossover with Nukeland Cinema
136. Twisted Kaiju Crossover I
          - crossover with Twisted Kaiju Theatre
137. Twisted Kaiju Crossover II
          - crossover with Twisted Kaiju Theatre
138. Twisted Kaiju Crossover III
          - crossover with Twisted Kaiju Theatre
Bonus Episode: The Life and Times of Alternator Prime
139. Elemental
140. Cool By Proxy I
141. Cool By Proxy II
142. You Always Suspected It
143. Work-Related Grievances
144. Zany Scheme I
145. Zany Scheme II
146. Zany Scheme III
147. Return of the Entertainment Standards I
148. Return of the Entertainment Standards II
149. Return of the Entertainment Standards III
150. Return of the Entertainment Standards IV
151. Hindsight on a First Impression
152. Truce
153. Dark Side
154. Names
155. Another Vengeance
156. In Which Duckie Goes Missing
157. Hero Worship I
158. Hero Worship II
159. Hero Worship III
160. Hero Worship IV
161. BotCon Report 2006
162. BotCon Fallout I
163. BotCon Fallout II
Bonus Episode: The Agenda
164. BotCon Fallout III
165. Hangover
166. Speed Is Justice! I
167. Speed Is Justice! II
168. Speed Is Justice! III
169. Speed Is Justice! IV
170. It's A Comic Joke, So You Won't Get It
171. Smokescreen Versus Override I
172. Smokescreen Versus Override II
173. Smokescreen Versus Override III
174. Camping Trip
175. Convert! I
176. Convert! II
177. Jealousy I
178. Jealousy II
179. Fun With Telemarketers II
180. Bridge To Anywhere I
181. Bridge To Anywhere II
182. Loophole
183. Activate!
184. Powerlink
185. When I'm Angry
186. Celebrity Car Wash I
187. Celebrity Car Wash II
188. Take On Me
189. Vector Prime Wasn't Allowed To Say It
190. Bring Me To Life
191. They Were Just In The Parts Bin, Unguarded
192. Lament of a Geeky Hovercraft
193. Click
194. Pretender Party Tricks
195. Hazard
196. In Which Rattrap Insults Dinobot's Hygiene
197. Christmas 2006
198. They Could Have At Least Named Her
199. We Threatened A Wedding ...
200. Foreshadowing

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