Insecticomics Archive: 701-800

The ninth hundred episodes, or will be whenever we fill it.

The last volume of the Insecticomics! Fear not, we've been saving up some arcs so we can go out with a bang.

801. Introduction To Volume IX
802. Loose Ends I
803. Loose Ends II
804. Loose Ends III
805. Loose Ends IV
806. Ten Deadliest Killers Roll Call
807. Straxus Plots I
808. Straxus Plots II
809. Just Another Day
810. Knocking
811. Fracture's Weakness
812. Always Someone Bigger
813. Power-Ups
814. Not It
815. Boss Fight
816. Abomination
817. The Best Toys
818. He's Mine
819. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets I
820. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets II
821. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets III
822. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets IV
823. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets V
824. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets VI
825. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets VII
826. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets VIII
827. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets IX
828. Beneath the Planet of the Baskets X
829. Christmas 2011
830. And Back To The Plot
831. Watching The Action
832. The Ten Deadliest Killers Saunter In
833. Yet Another Challenger Appears
834. Given Canon Continuity, I Don't Think It Matters
835. Wrapping Up The Decepticon Fight Arc
836. Behold! The Smelting Pool!
837. Chairnesia! I
838. Chairnesia! II
839. Chairnesia! III
840. Chairnesia! IV
841. Chairnesia! V
842. Chairnesia! VI
843. Sorting Out The 2ICs I
844. Sorting Out The 2ICs II
845. Sorting Out The 2ICs III
846. Form Line Here I
847. Form Line Here II
848. Form Line Here III
849. Form Line Here IV
850. Starscream Is Missing I
851. Starscream Is Missing II
852. Starscream Is Missing III
853. Starscream Is Missing IV
854. Starscream Is Missing V
855. Starscream Is Missing VI
856. Starscream Is Missing VII
857. Starscream Is Missing VIII
858. Starscream Is Missing IX
859. Scourge: Puppetmaster
860. Secret War I
861. Secret War II
862. Secret War III
863. Secret War IV
864. Secret War V
865. Secret War VI
866. And Sometimes We Just Want Robots In Dresses
867. Instructional Narrator I
868. Instructional Narrator II
869. Instructional Narrator III
870. Instructional Narrator IV
871. Instructional Narrator V
872. Starscream Has A Grudge
873. Remembering Minicons
874. Debts
875. Freelance Evil Secretary
877. BWE XIX
878. Waspinator Parts
879. The Going Gets Tough
880. Beta
881. Green Rocks
882. TFcon Report 2012
883. Interested Buyers
884. Constructicon Go-Kart
885. Disorganised Religion I
886. Disorganised Religion II
887. Disorganised Religion III
888. Disorganised Religion IV
889. Disorganised Religion V
890. Disorganised Religion VI
891. Lawful Awesome
892. Jhiaxus' Triumph
893. Come Home
894. Worth It
895. The Ship Sails
896. Fire In A Vacuum
897. Ambitions
898. A New Day
899. Shakespeare In The Park VI
900. Over, Finished

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