Insecticomics Cast List

No way we're listing everybody. At the time of writing, we've technically got a cast of over four hundred. These are just the characters that seem to show up the most.

The apartment robots can be loosely divided into various factions. 'Loosely divided' because we all tend to hang out and get along for the most part. This is because we are, on the whole, lazy. Once in a while a group will gain an advantage, but will lose it because they were distracted by something shiny.



Alpha Quintesson
Quintesson - Judge, leads the Ultracons
The powers that be of Pollyhex don't care that Alpha Quintesson is extremely unstable, all they know is that they can't handle Cybertronian lawbreakers and Alpha-Q can. Alpha-Q insists on being called 'Imperial Magistrate' and wishes he had a Sharkticon pit.
First Appearance: #510: Devine V. Bugbite II
Figure: Alpha Quintesson - Energon

Movicon - Actor, warrior
Barricade is one of the worst-behaved of the Movicons, preferring to hang around at home, get into car chases, or jump out and scare people instead of working. He likes shlocky horror movies, and often trawls eBay for videos he doesn't have. His cyberbiot partner Frenzy prefers scary horror movies and is one of the best hackers around. Their current job is starring in the kiddie show Michael Baybies.
First Appearance: #287: Their War, Our Apartment I
Figure: Barricade - Transformers 2007, original

Movicon - Actor, warrior
To all outward appearances, Blackout is dark, professional, and a bit brooding. Off the clock, he's well on his way to becoming a crazy cat-lady with scorpions and wishes that his parents would take his acting career seriously.
His cyberbiot partner, Scorponok, seems to believe he's a large cat with pinchers, though whether this was originally his delusion or Blackout's is unknown. All of Blackout's scorpions are named 'Scorponok'. They don't seem to find this confusing.
First Appearance, Blackout: #286: Meet The Cast: Stryka and Obsidian
First Appearance, Scorponok: #288: Their War, Our Apartment II
First Appearance, the Scorponok swarm: #407: Pinch!
Figure: Blackout - Transformers 2007, original; Scorponok - Transformers 2007, original

Maximal - Loviest Pillbug In The Universe, honourary Insecticon
Blinky is actually the Maximal Insectron Powerhug with amnesia. He seems perfectly fine with this and spends his days hugging the bejeebers out of people. He used to fill in on Ask Vector Prime A Question sometimes. His answer to everything is love.
First Appearance: #021: Spread The Love
Figure: Powerhug - Beast Wars II

Insecticon - Psychiatrist, technically a Decepticon, but he doesn't care
Bombshell is my best friend. Sometimes I wonder why, since we tend to get on each other's nerves. Currently, he's running an online blind-date service called Dr Shell's Love Connection with the help of his sometimes-girlfriend Elita.
First Appearance: #001: Good Morning, Starscream
Upgrade: #223: A Salute To Simon Furman
Figure: Bombshell - eHobby reissue #16

Somehow, we ended up with Daleks. I think they're a scouting party gone wrong. It annoys them greatly that they can't really damage us. Sometimes they try to eat Vok.
First Appearance: #300: This Is How It Looks In My Head

The Devourist Priest AKA the Unicron Cultist AKA the Unitank
Unicronian - Priest
Presumeably he has a name, but nobody knows what it is. He's a priest of Unicron, which gives him quite a bit of power. He can cast summoning spells by quoting goth music. He seems to be the head of the Unholy Church of the Great Devourer and tries to convert people to his creed. He does a television show called The Hour of Devour when the Fallen isn't around to tell him not to.
First Appearance: #175: Convert! I
Figure: Unicron - Cybertron

The Dinobabies ( Terrorsaur, Swoop, and Knockdown )
Autobot - Dinobots
Despite being created by the Fallen's dark magics, the Dinobabies are about as non-scary as anything can be. They think that Grimlock and the Fallen are their parents. Mostly they follow Grimlock around, but they'll climb all over anyone who holds still. The Dinobabies squeak instead of beeping.
First Appearance: #258: The Other Chosen One I
Figure: Terrorsaur, Swoop, Knockdown - Classics

The Armada - Operations Commander and more-or-less leader, formerly Starscream's Brigade
Dreadmoon has a major crush on his boss. Starscream finds this funny. Dreadmoon has become increasingly disloyal over time as he gets more and more fed up with doing everyone's taxes and tripping over Minicons. He is moody, obsessive, and deeply xenophobic.
First Appearance: #027: The Birds and the Beetles
Upgraded: #076: Who Dares Interrupt My Convention Report?
Figure: Mostly a repainted Dreadwing - Energon

The Armada, Geek Trine - Warrior
Cold, spooky, and quasi-supernatural, Dreadwing claims to be Mirage's clone. He also claims to be things like "the cold wind of fear." No one is sure why he hangs out with a couple of nerds like Shortround and Chromia, but I think they just overwhelmed him with geekiness and he's too bemused to leave.
First Appearance: Bonus Episode #003: The Mating Call of the Aquatic
Figure: Dreadwing - Energon

Autobot - Warrior
The first female Transformer created in the Moviverse, Elita is an excellent sharpshooter, master of hand-to-hand combat ... and a total nympho. We think this says something about men more than it does about women. Her main claim to fame is her attraction field, which makes her a type of short-term Cupid. Elita is Bombshell's partner-in-online-dating-services and on-call girlfriend, at least when it doesn't interfere with her job as an Autobot.
First Appearance: #346: Dropped Projects
Figure: Elita-1 - Transformers 2007

The Fallen
Unicronian - Herald
His name taken away as punishment for aligning himself with Unicron, he is known generally as 'the Fallen'. His hobbies include ranting, blowing hard about himself, and watching celebrity blooper shows. His turn-off is people roasting marshmallows on him. The Fallen seems to hate everyone with the possible exception of the Dinobabies. He currently resides on Sideways' couch. He tends to burst into flame when he gets emotional.
First Appearance: #249: Cheated Epilogue
Figure: The Fallen - Titanium

The Armada - Lieutenant, ground forces commander, scientist ( field dynamics applications, ) lots of other skills, but those are her primaries
Instead of spending nine million years doing one thing, Flamewar has put her hands into just about every field that might further the Decepticon cause. Flamewar thinks that Megatron is the best thing to ever happen to Cybertron and is absolutely thrilled to be his right-hand mech. She sometimes gets flak from the larger Decepticons because of her size, at least until she shoots out their knees. However, even Flamewar's loyalty has limits, and when Megatron demoted her in favour of Starscream, she threw in with the Armada.
First Appearance: #192: Lament of a Geeky Hovercraft
Became second-in-command of the Decepticons: #207: Lieutenant III
Joined the Armada: #606: Lieutenant X
Figure: Flamewar - BotCon 2005 exclusive

Autobot - Warrior
Grimlock's Classics body and Dinobabies are courtesy of the Fallen trying to bribe him. But Grimlock is too noble of spark to be corrupted by such trickery, so he's still one of the good guys. However, he's easily confused, so he thinks the Fallen should be making child-support payments. Grimlock is one of the few Autobots who will go out and pick fights with the various forces of evil.
First Appearance: #258: The Other Chosen One I
Figure: Grimlock - Classics

Insecticon - Blackmail artist, espionage agent, playa, technically a Decepticon but never shows up to staff meetings
I'm generally the one seen, as I've got the best articulation of the old Insecticons and am the host of In Space. More than the rest of the cast, I understand that I'm in a comic strip and will occasionally address the audience. These days I'm as likely to play the straight-man as I am to be the one causing trouble. I often act as the local welcome wagon and I'm into the casual dating scene. Oh, and I'm a cowboy.
First Appearance: #001: Good Morning, Starscream
Upgrade: #201: Introduction to Volume III
Became Transmetal: #543: I Say Mine ... XIX
Figure: Kickback - eHobby reissue #16

Lady Jaye
GI Joe, presumeably
Lady Jaye is the local Guardian of Standards. This mostly just means she's a busybody who complains that the Insecticomics aren't family friendly for whatever reason. For a woman in the army, she has a rather 1950's view of the world.
First Appearance: #010: Entertainment Standards

Predacon - Pirate, warrior
Laze is one of my best friends. She started off male, but we used the power of democracy to turn her female. She doesn't seem to mind. Her preferred type of mischief is to dress up as a pirate captain and shout at people. Lazorbeak enjoys blind dates, if only for the look on her victim's face when she shows up in full costume.
First Appearance: #027: The Birds and the Beetles
Became Female: #029: Equal Opportunity
First Costumed Appearance: #064: Talk Like A Pirate Day
Figure: Lazorbeak - Beast Wars

Decepticon - High Commander
When Megatron arrived, his first act was to shake Thunderblast off his arm. His second was to take over the Decepticons. He was accepted immediately, which he doesn't like - Megatron prefers when his troops show ambition.
First Appearance: #200: Foreshadowing
Figure: Megatron - Classics

Predacon - Leader
Megatron doesn't do a lot. Mostly he just sits in his hot tub with his duck. Embarrassingly, Duckie has appeared more often than Megatron has. His upgrade has a really embarrassing attack in beast-mode.
First Appearance: Find Your Fate: You Are Terrorsaur
Upgraded: #309 - Megatron's Upgrade
First Appearance, Duckie: #025: All Of My Insecticons
Figure: Megatron - Beast Wars 10th Anniversary ( original mould Deluxe )

Decepticon - High Commander, now retired
Megatron - huge, powerful, mighty army, able to reprogram his foes ... and nobody took him seriously. After a hundred and twenty-four episodes of being sassed by Autobots and Predacons, Megatron had enough of the Insecticomics and retired, taking his faithful lieutenant Starscream with him.
First Appearance: #075: The Plan
Retired: #199: We Threatened A Wedding ...
Figure: Megatron - Energon

Neo-Autobot - Leader
Override turned out to be a big enough jerk that she fit right in with the usual cast. She's always looking for new ways to get rid of or annoy the Decepticons and the Brigade. Override is generally considered the hottest lady robot around, which annoys her even more than fanboys who complain that she doesn't look female.
First Appearance: #085: It's What's Inside That Counts
Figure: Override - Cybertron

The humans that live around here tend to be a) Polly Pocket-based, and b) fangirls. There are exceptions. Sometimes they're perfectly good company, but others just try to convince us we should marry them. And then we get glomped. The ones listed are the more prominant ones.
First Appearance, Angelle Darque: #294: The Story of Angelle Darque I
First Appearance (speaking part), Sakura-chan: #310: Starscream's Review
First Appearance, Shadow: #318: Both Ways
First Appearance, Phoenix Duwer: #344: Not A Fangirl I
First Appearance, Starblade: #357: Obsession
First Appearance, Sassandra 'Sassy' Devine: #370: Sunday Morning Programming: Page Three
First Appearance, 'Rover' Davis: #443: InsectiCon II: Cosplay

Red Alert
Autobot - Security Director
Most places in the Insecticomics can just be walked into at random ... except the Autobase, due completely to the work of Red Alert. He's so good at his job, even Decepticons will sometimes give him things for safekeeping.
First Appearance: #048: Mutual Benefit
Upgraded: #324: Jazz's Homecoming
Figure: Inferno - Universe

Autobot - Leader
Despite giving the Matrix to Starscream, the other Autobots don't seem to have done anything awful to Hot Rod. They were probably looking for an excuse to slack off. Sensing that Unicron was on the move, Hot Rod regained the Matrix long enough to become Rodimus Prime.
First Appearance: #048: Mutual Benefit
Ascended to Primehood: #217: Foreshadowing II
Got the Matrix back: #554: ... I Say Mine XXX
Figure: Rodimus - Classics

Decepticon - Commander of the Terrorcons, part-time Ultracon
Scorponok is one of Megatron's command group. He seems to have taken over Soundwave's job as The Lieutenant Who Runs Surveillance And Has Short Minions. The Terrorcons refer to him as 'Dad', out of affection more than actual parent-child bonds. He often gets stuck playing Santa at Christmas parties. Sometimes Scorponok ditches the Decepticons to work for Alpha Quintesson.
First Appearance: #071: Cyber'Raptors
Figure: Scorponok - Energon

The Armada, Geek Trine - Warrior, supply runner, total nerd
Shortround is a toy collecting geek with an eBay addiction, so it was pretty much a given that he'd show up here. His other hobby is trying to get a date, preferably with Thunderblast, but any pretty femmebot will do. Shortround uses Dreadwing and Chromia as his wingmechs.
First Appearance: Bonus Episode #003: The Mating Call of the Aquatic
Figure: Shortround - Cybertron

Insecticon - Tech support guy, technically a Decepticon
Shrapnel used to do Vector Prime's typing before the old guy retired. He doesn't show up that much, given that his word bubbles end up bigger than everyone else's due to his stutter. He's got kickin' lightning-zap powers and can remote-control machines.
First Appearance: #001: Good Morning, Starscream
Upgrade: #211: Malware I
Figure: Shrapnel - eHobby reissue #16

Unicronian - Living virus, avatar of Unicron
Sideways isn't Cybertronian. He's a virus created by Unicron and sometimes acts as his avatar, but doesn't seem to be able to do so here. Sideways has the ability to leave the Insecticomics and travel the Internet, and to infect people with himself, making them prone to chaotic action. He can't stand the Fallen, and the fact that the Fallen can beat the tar out of him doesn't help this. He has a 'good' Minicon and an 'evil' Minicon he can use as heads, and unsurprisingly tends to stick exclusively with the evil one.
First Appearance: #025: All Of My Insecticons
Figure: Sideways - Armada

Autobot - Scientist ( exploration, xenostudies, ) previously neutral, worked for Starscream's Brigade for a while
Highly intelligent, warm, caring, principled, and couragous, Skyfire was possibly Cybertron's most celebrated exploration scientist. He crashed on Earth ten million years ago, was dug up for G1, and somehow ended up frozen again. And then he ended up in a Hasbro box. Despite Skyfire's many acheivements, all anyone these days cares about is that he's Starscream's boyfriend.
First Appearance: #221: Fire Mint In Box
Went back to the Autobots: #598: The End of the Brigade III
Figure: Jetfire - Classics

Neutral - Scientist ( exploration )
Snowcrash is the estranged offspring of Starscream and Skyfire, built before the War. He is dedicated to science, ambitious, and very egotistical. The fact that he turned out to be such a huge jerk might be why his parents never sparked again, instead choosing to adopt. Snowcrash is aggressively neutral, thinks that anyone in a faction has sold out, and wears red Decepticon sigils as an insult to Autobots and Decepticons alike.
First Appearance: #424: Atmospherium! I
Figure: 'Shattered Glass' Starscream - BotCon 2008

Decepticon - Second-in-command, former scientist ( exploration ), used to lead Starscream's Brigade
Starscream seems to be trying to conquer the apartment by adoption - possibly he will launch an attack when he gains the weight of numbers. His hobbies consist of trying to kill Megatron and shouting at us Insecticons. He was technically the Matrix Bearer and leader of the G1 Autobots for several years, but never did anything with either. Sometimes he dies and haunts people until they repair him.
First Appearance: #001: Good Morning, Starscream
Upgraded: #076: Who Dares Interrupt My Convention Report?
Upgraded Again: #197: Christmas 2006
Went back to the Decepticons: #596: The End of the Brigade
Figure: Starscream - Classics

Movicon - Actor, vaguely the leader of the Movicons
Despite his Vehicon origins and chosen career, Starscream takes pride in his name and strives to be a credit to it, at least in terms of vanity and being a nuisance to anyone named Megatron. He actually likes fangirls, or would if they'd stop ignoring him just because he's not a bish.
First Appearance: #287: Their War, Our Apartment I
Figure: Starscream - Transformers 2007

Decepticon - Bartender
We've had a bar since forever, but only recently has anyone put any effort into the place.
First Appearance: #453: Good Cop, Bad Cop I
Figure: Tankor - Classics Universe

Predacon - Scientist ( mad )
If you need a weird device, Tarantulas is your go-to Pred. He once made a gun that would turn the target into an order of spicy fries. He must have been hungry when he built it.
First Appearance: #013: Go Fish
Upgraded: #489: Vokbait
Figure: Transmetal Tarantulas - Beast Wars

Predacon - Air warrior
Terrorsaur used to occasionally try to take over the apartment robots, but soon gave up. He has a thing for Raquel Welsh and can generally be found hanging out with his sidekick, Waspinator. Sometimes he hits on Quickstrike just to hear him complain.
First Appearance: #014: I Am The Terror That Flaps At The Mouth!
Figure: Terrorsaur - Beast Wars

The Armada - Strategist/Tactician, formerly Starscream's Brigade
Thrust is Starscream's second-in-command. They met at Transformerscon 2006 - Thrust needed a job, so Starscream hired her. She used to be a master tactician and still claims to be one, though there is some doubt about her skills. She plays chess, dabbles in astrology, sings karaoke, and has a thing for aquatic alt-modes. Her personal Minicon, Inferno, complains about her, but really is fond of her and helps Thrust out whenever he can.
First Appearance, Thrust: #100: Secret Weapon
Decided to become female: #421: Entertainment Double Standards II
First Appearance, Inferno: #150: Return of the Entertainment Standards IV
Figure: Thrust - Armada

Vector Prime
Autobot by spark, kicked out for hitting on Override one too many times - Guardian of Time
If he's not one of the original Thirteen, he's at least Second Generation. Veccy is old. He's got so much power that he can't even use most of it or he risks ripping reality apart. Mostly he's a curmudgeon with a thing for the wheeled ladies. He ran an answer column for a few years.
Safeguard is Vector Prime's Minicon and tends to introduce himself as his bodyguard. He hates other Minicons because he thinks they all want to get with his boss.
First Appearance: #083: The Mists of Time
First Appearance, Safeguard: #089: Christmas Party 2005
Figure: Vector Prime - Cybertron

The Vok
The Vok claim that the Insecticomics ( or at least the part that involves Earth sitting on a nexus point ) is their doing. They have vast powers that they never seem to use for anything useful. The locals not-entirely-affectionately call them Boff and Googie, after a pair of alien scientists in a Theodore Sturgeon story. To Transformers, Vok rank somewhere above Quintessons but below Daleks.
The occasional narration boxes are the work of a bored, low-caste Vok known as 'Gary' because he sounds like Gary Chalk. Only a few of the cast can hear him. Gary can take on a vaguely human form.
First Appearance, Boff: #313: Artron
First Appearance, Googie: #398: Foreboding II
First Time Gary Interacted With The Cast: #409: Kiss and Tell
First Visual Appearance, Gary: #458: This Summer Gary IS ... The Narrator! I
Gary takes on human form: #542: I Say Mine ... XVIII

Predacon - Air warrior
Waspinator tries not to show up too often - he often loses limbs when he does. He also ate the Golden Discs. We Insecticons are rather fond of him and threw a party for him once. Waspinator claims that Terrorsaur is his sidekick.
First Appearance: #013: Go Fish
Upgraded: #156: In Which Duckie Goes Missing
Figure: Waspinator - Beast Wars 10th Anniversary

White Chromia
The Armada, Geek Trine - Human studies, propaganda artist
Because she squees like a pillbug, thinks Override is awesome, and isn't faking her cheerful and bubbly persona, Chromia is generally dismissed as the least-threatening of the Decepticons. This is, in fact, her job. Chromia often writes fanfic about her friends, which worries them a bit.
First Appearance: #157: Hero Worship I
Figure: White Chromia - Japanese Cybertron DVD exclusive

Movicon - Agent, warrior, former actor
Wreckage handles both human and Cybertronian clients. His most famous client is Barricade, though they can't stand each other and their style of contract negotiations can level a city block.
First Appearance: #388: Barricade's Agent I
Figure: Wreckage - Transformers 2007


The Armada:
After Starscream left the Brigade, Thrust and Dreadmoon decided to remain a splinter faction. The group is mostly comprised of boats. The eventually plan to bring in Galvatron to lead them.

The Armada consider themselves to be Decepticons, the Decepticons consider them a seperate faction.

Autobots (G1):
They had been led by Hot Rod, until Starscream tricked him into giving him the Matrix, thus technically making Starscream the leader of the Autobots. The Autobots immediately went on strike and refused to go out to save the world. With the advent of the Classics line, their numbers have gone up a little and some have acquired upgrades, making them more likely to actually go out and fight evil. Hot Rod regained control of the Matrix long enough to become Rodimus, and later reclaimed the artefact. Rodimus currently leads the Autobots with some help from Ultra Magnus.

The Decepticons are of no set era - from G1 to Classics, if he wears a purple sigil, the Decepticons claim him. In the early strips, the Predacons were part of the faction. They had been fairly directionless at first - with no true leader, they would follow Starscream or Transmetal Megatron depending on who they felt like following that day. That changed in late 2004 when Energon Megatron moved in. E-Megatron's arrival caused the Decepticon army to schism and the Predacons to go their own way. E-Megatron and TM-Megatron had a rivalry, and despite the fact that E-Megatron was huge and had the bigger army, TM-Megatron tended to defeat him with hygiene jokes.

In late 2006, E-Megatron retired, leaving the Decepticons confused and leaderless for almost an entire episode before Classics Megatron showed up. Things are more organised under the current Megatron, but they still never get anything done.

The Vehicons and Terrorcons are part of the Decepticon army.

Us Insecticons were the first apartment robots, so as far as we're concerned, the place has always been and will always be ours and we're just letting everyone else live here. We are technically led by Venom, though he spends most of his time hiding in a box and claiming that everyone is plotting against him. Shrapnel, Bombshell, and myself spend our time causing trouble for everyone, though Starscream, Vector Prime, and lately the Fallen are our favourite targets. Blinky and the Energon Insecticons are honourary Insecticons, and we have a small clone army with stupid names. Both the Decepticons and Predacons lay claim to us, but we ignore them.

AKA the Liege, AKA the Cybertronian Empire, AKA those blasted spawn of Maximo. They see themselves less as a faction and more as a family. Led by Jhiaxus, this group is searching the multiverse, looking for more Legascions. They hope to someday collect enough spark energy to resurrect the Liege Maximo. They land on Earth rarely, preferring to stay on their ship, the Twilight, which looks like Scorponok.

The Maximals are a small group with no leader and no particular direction. Usually they're only seen fighting the Predacons. Beast Machines Buzzsaw seems to be one of theirs, despite hanging out with Quickstrike and trying to become an honourary Insecticon once.

They're technically a faction unto themselves, but most of them tag along with the Neo-Autobots, the Decepticons, or the Armada. Minicons can talk normally when it suits them, they just like beeping. Sometimes the beeping means they're swearing and being censored. While some seem to be children, others act like adults. In summary, Minicons act however they please and you don't know what kind you've caught until he bites you.

Neither Autobots nor Decepticons, but a pack of Vehicon actors, several of whom worked in the 2007 movie. While the movie itself was a piece of fiction to entertain humans, this doesn't mean there's no Allspark and that this crew won't be after it if they get a sniff of it. The words 'mutually exclusive' are not in our vocabulary. They have no particular loyalty to the symbols they wear.

Real Gears are a subset of the Movicons and tend to work in television. Most of the local ones are in the employ of Sassy Devine.

The faction under the co-leadership of Override and Evac, consisting of the Armada-Energon-Cybertron Autobots. They oppose the Decepticons, but they also know that they're badly outnumbered, so they don't oppose them very hard. There used to be some friction between them and the other Autobots, but they seem to be getting along now.

The Omnicons are part of the Neo-Autobot faction, and the Arielbots are a subset of the Omnicons.

Various other creatures occasionally show up to bedevil the Transformers, including but not limited to Cthulhubert, a Ringwraith, Animkee the cat, a pair of Daleks, and assorted fangirls.

Led by their own Megatron, the Predacons are a much more laid-back group than the Decepticons. Megatron feels that he already rules the apartment - he considers us Insecticons to merely be early-model Predacons - and thus doesn't need to bother with conquest schemes all that often. It doesn't help that Waspinator accidentally discovered that the Golden Discs weren't what they seemed. Mostly the Predacons just hang out and try to get dates.

Starscream's Brigade:
A pack of renegade Decepticons ( and one Autobot ) led by Starscream, obviously, and consisting of ninety percent Minicons. Ever since starting the Brigade, Starscream stopped bothering with trying to actively take over the apartment and instead spends his time causing trouble for the Decepticons and Unicronians. The Brigade disbanded in episode #596 because Starscream wanted to go back to the Decepticons.

While the Brigade ( mostly ) referred to themselves as Decepticons, Megatron's Decepticons considered them a separate faction.

A sort of part-time faction installed by the EDC in hopes of getting the Cybertronians to obey Earth laws. The only full-time member is Alpha Quintesson, who calls in others when he needs the muscle.

The assorted minions, worshippers, and Heralds of Unicron. Fortunately for everyone else, chaos-beings by their nature aren't good at long-term planning and tend to just go with the first idea that pops into their heads.


Like the vast majority of Transformer adventures, the Insecticomics take place on Earth. The Earth of the Insecticomics is inside a nexus point - a place in the multiverse where reality is thin. This means we get a lot of fall-through from the neighbouring universes. For some reason, this tends to mean Transformers. It's a Hotel California situation - you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Why this is has never been officially explained and probably won't be.

Wayward's Apartment:
There have actually been four 'apartments' in the Insecticomics - Wayward's parents' house ( episodes #001-033, ) Wayward's first apartment ( #034-052, ) Wayward's second apartment ( #053-542, ) and Wayward's third apartment ( Bonus Episode: Moving Day II I-current. ) The real life locations haven't been seen as much since Wayward started using a tabletop studio in episode #201.

Named in episode #400, Pollyhex is the city that the Insecticomics tend to take place in ( or near - we're in the suburbs. ) The human inhabitants seem resigned to the large robots stomping around and ordering pizza.

The Park:
First seen in episode #204. It is a place of trees and flowering shrubs and random brick walls. It seems to be quite large. Generally, if an episode isn't indoors, it's in the park. Possibly the episodes shot in Wayward's parents' backyard also count as 'park' episodes, whereupon the park was first seen in episode #006 ... complete with random brick wall.

The Bar:
There's been a bar of sorts in the Insecticomics for ages, possibly first seen in episode #059, but given our lack of backgrounds back then it's kind of hard to tell. There wasn't an official bar set until episode #242. The place also seemed to be self-serve. In episode #453, the bar was taken over by a Decepticon named Tankane, redecorated, and given a name - Tankane's. We don't care if he's not creative as long as he slings the energon.

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