Insecticomics Archive: 201-300

The third hundred episodes. This is where we started doing page layout instead of floating panels.

The minions of Unicron have, up until now, been generally quiet. They're terribly outnumbered, for one. But there are hints of the original Herald of Unicron on the wind, and that might just give them the firepower to make themselves a force to be reckoned with.

The minions of Starscream can be loosely divided into two types - Minicons, and treacherous, manipulative sneaks. Thrust manipulated events in Armada and gained all three Minicon superweapons. Dreadmoon advanced rank on Cybertron by trickery, not violence. Starscream is practically a synonym for backstabbing.

The Unicronians consider themselves the most cunning and manipulative people around. Starscream intends on proving them wrong.

201. Introduction To Volume III
202. Anyone Else
203. Emergency Meeting
204. Quantum
205. Lieutenant I
206. Lieutenant II
207. Lieutenant III
208. Lieutenant IV
209. Lieutenant V
210. Support
211. Malware I
212. Malware II
213. Malware III
214. Malware IV
215. Malware V
          - crossover with Twisted Kaiju Theatre
216. Malware VI
          - crossover with Twisted Kaiju Theatre
217. Foreshadowing II
218. Valentine's Day 2007 I
219. Valentine's Day 2007 II
220. Valentine's Day 2007 III
221. Fire Mint In Box
222. Time Paradoxes Make Baby Heinlein Cry
223. A Salute To Simon Furman
224. Fire In The Apartment I
225. Fire In The Apartment II
226. Fire In The Apartment III
227. Fire In The Apartment IV
228. Fire In The Apartment V
229. Fire In The Apartment VI
230. Untoten
231. It Doesn't Work That Way
232. Huffer? I hardly KNOW 'er!
233. Hot Oil Bath
234. Shortround Triumphant
235. Blackout I
236. Blackout II
237. Blackout III
238. Blackout IV
Bonus Episode. 070401 I
Bonus Episode. 070401 II
239. Blackout V
240. Blackout VI
241. Nexus Point
242. Cheated I
243. Cheated II
244. Cheated III
245. Cheated IV
246. Cheated V
247. Cheated VI
248. Thrust Needs His Own Computer
249. Cheated Epilogue
250. The Villain Introduces Himself I
251. The Villain Introduces Himself II
252. Transformerscon Report 2007
253. The Villain Introduces Himself III
254. The Villain Introduces Himself IV
255. The Villain Introduces Himself V
256. Horoscope
257. In Which Dreadmoon Attempts To Do Paperwork
258. The Other Chosen One I
259. The Other Chosen One II
260. The Other Chosen One III
261. The Other Chosen One IV
262. The Other Chosen One V
263. The Other Chosen One VI
264. The Other Chosen One VII
265. The Other Chosen One VIII
266. The Other Chosen One IX
267. The Other Chosen One X
268. Locust Porn
269. Movie Night
270. Scavenger's Harem I
271. Scavenger's Harem II
272. Scavenger's Harem III
273. Scavenger's Harem IV
274. Scavenger's Harem V
275. Scavenger's Harem VI
276. Counterplots
277. Big-Aft Superweapon
278. The Cure I
279. The Cure II
280. Hydra Cannon I
281. Hydra Cannon II
282. Thrust's Revenge I
283. Thrust's Revenge II
284. BotCon 2007 Fallout I
285. BotCon 2007 Fallout II
286. Meet The Cast: Stryka and Obsidian
287. Their War, Our Apartment I
288. Their War, Our Apartment II
289. Their War, Our Apartment III
290. Their War, Our Apartment IV
Bonus Episode: PSA: Dreadwin(g/d)
291. Ship 'Shipping I
292. Ship 'Shipping II
293. The Coming of the Dark Angel
294. The Story of Angelle Darque I
295. The Story of Angelle Darque II
296. The Story of Angelle Darque III
297. The Story of Angelle Darque IV
298. The Story of Angelle Darque V
299. The Story of Angelle Darque VI
300. This Is How It Looks In My Head

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