Insecticomics Archive: 301-400

The fourth hundred episodes.

Insecticomics returns to its roots! As in, we have no idea what's going to happen next. We didn't map it out like we did with Volume III. Maybe it'll random into some sort of plot, but don't hold your breath.

301. Introduction To Volume IV
302. Coffee!
303. Caper Called on Account of Planet
304. Lieutenant VI
305. Lieutenant VII
306. Lieutenant VIII
307. Purple Bikes I
308. Purple Bikes II
309. Megatron's Upgrade
310. Starscream's Review
311. Visitation Rights
312. Why Not To Use Gimmicks In Daily Life
313. Artron
314. Fishing For Blackmail
315. Sniper
316. Compromise
317. Angie's Song
318. Both Ways
319. How To Catch A Boat
320. Fraternising With The Enemy II
321. The Fallen Finds A Bridge
322. Pamphlets I
323. Pamphlets II
324. Jazz's Homecoming
325. Blind Date I
326. Blind Date II
327. Showdown
328. Reminiscence of the Daleks
329. Aerialbots
330. Hats!
331. Rubik's
332. Safekeeping I
333. Safekeeping II
334. Safekeeping III
335. Cutting to the Chase
336. Lost Scenes: Lament Configuration
337. Masterforce Theatre Presents I
Bonus Episode: I Am Best Assemblydrone On Planet Basket!
338. Masterforce Theatre Presents II
339. Masterforce Theatre Presents III
340. Masterforce Theatre Presents IV
341. Know Your Decepticon Subgroups
342. Advice
343. Strip Poker
344. Not A Fangirl I
345. Not A Fangirl II
346. Dropped Projects
Bonus Episode: One Mech's Cute ...
347. In Which Lazorbeak Is Kidnapped I
348. In Which Lazorbeak Is Kidnapped II
349. Single Decepticon Aquatic I
350. Single Decepticon Aquatic II
351. In Which Starscream Confronts Thrust
352. The Whammy I
353. The Whammy II
354. The Whammy III
355. Pudding Wrestling
356. What A Feeling
357. Obsession
358. Carols
Bonus Episode: Season's Eatings 2007
359. Getting Ready
360. Christmas Party 2007
361. The Morning After
362. Subspace
363. Resolutions
Bonus Episode: TFI:2K7
364. Splut
365. Nerdy By Nature
366. Cards
367. Preventitive Maintenance
Bonus Episode: Sunday Morning Programming: Cover
368. Sunday Morning Programming: Page One
369. Sunday Morning Programming: Page Two
370. Sunday Morning Programming: Page Three
371. Sunday Morning Programming: Page Four
372. Sunday Morning Programming: Page Five
373. Sunday Morning Programming: Page Six
374. Sunday Morning Programming: Page Seven
375. Sunday Morning Programming: Page Eight
376. Sunday Morning Programming: Page Nine
377. Sunday Morning Programming: Page Ten
378. My Breakfast With Kickback
379. Deviant Robot Sex! I
Bonus Episode: Mega-Neko
Bonus Episode: Stuff On My 'Nim
380. Deviant Robot Sex! II
381. Deviant Robot Sex! III
382. Deviant Robot Sex! IV
383. Deviant Robot Sex! V
384. Deviant Robot Sex! VI
385. Reality Television
386. Valentine's Day 2008
387. Masterforce Theatre Presents V
388. Barricade's Agent I
Bonus Episode: Barricade Has A Flavour
389. Barricade's Agent II
390. Barricade's Agent III
391. Barricade's Agent IV
392. Barricade's Agent V
393. Slumber Party Prep I
394. Slumber Party Prep II
395. Eye of the Beholder I
396. Eye of the Beholder II
397. Foreboding I
398. Foreboding II
399. Foreboding III
400. The Origin of the Insecticomics

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