Worlds Apart, Worlds Away

Worlds Apart, Worlds Away, Wayward's third year of Transfic writing, and still going. It's a different continuity from the older stuff, but has some of the same ideas and fan characters so if you run into something like Memory on Cybertron, it's okay - she's supposed to be there.

It's not even being written in order. Go us.

It's a mish-mash of the G1 cartoon, G1 and G2 comics, perhaps a touch of DreamWave, and stuff that was made up to fill in the gaps.



The Golden Age ~ ‘Demons’ is simply a convenient term to place on the race that inhabited Cybertron before Primus came and destroyed them to make room for his creations. They were unhappy about this.

The River Is Dry
Eight million years ago ~ The peace of the Golden Age is long shattered. City by city, Cybertron has fallen under Decepticon rule. The next city in their path is Kalis, which is not ruled by Autobots or Decepticons, and has only one defence.

Defy The Stars
Five and a half million years ago ~ Dreadmoon, currently an administrative officer, is told that closed-mindedness comes in many flavours.

Paper Statues
Five million years ago ~ The Decepticon combat artist Slog explains art to a young student who just doesn't get it.

Pieces Within The Whole
Five million years ago, sequel to ‘Paper Statues’. ~ Slog's student needs to be tested, and on Cybertron, not all art students survive their trials ...

Two million years ago ~ The Ark and the Nemesis are long gone. Cybertron’s energy reserves are almost utterly depleted and most of the population has gone into stasis. Still, one of the last awake Decepticons has hope.

The Decepticons need a human for their plans. Unfortunately, they got Damon Grier.

Raise The Tide
Rival Monitors hunt a serial killer.

But Fear Itself
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
The Monitor Eidolon captures the Pretender Monsters with the idea to make them into a weapon that will allow her to rule the planet. Whether she succeeds or fails, everyone on Cybertron will die, and the planet's only hope is a pair of technicians.

A Token Of Memory
What is a gift but a reminder of the giver?

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Darkstar is a Decepticon who used to be a seventeen year old girl. Now she’s trapped on Cybertron with no friends, no idea how to function, and no help but Mindwipe, who was the one that changed her in the first place.

Critical Mess
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Scrapper doesn't want to go to an art show. The rest of the Constructicons do: Hook and Bonecrusher want to torment artists, Mixmaster and Scavenger want to stuff themselves with candy, and Long Haul just wants a day off. And then something explodes.


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