Other Vengeance

Yeah, yeah, it's an idea that's been done to death. This one was started for Dogcatcher's Transformers As Humans contest, but it quickly got out of control and spawned its own continuity. Anyway, if you're watching Beast Wars and accidentally refer to Inferno as 'she', I've done my job.

This version will remain forever incomplete. Frankly, I think the rewrite is way better.



When one of the Vok decides to make the Transformers part of the Experiment, the Maximals and Predacons decide to band together to try to survive. With the truce, the Beast Wars are over... or should be...

The Coming of Confusion
The Maximals and Predacons experience their first full day as humans, hunt for stasis pods, and make a couple new allies.

Omniscient No More
The truce is holding, more or less, except that someone has stolen the Golden Discs, and Megatron wants to know who.

Only The Queen
The obligatory Girl Stuff issue. Blackarachnia's pregnant. Don't ask who the father is.

Bad News
Do we really need to give a synopsis, or should we just say 'Rampage' and stand back?

Dinobot reaches a decision about the Golden Discs, and gets absolutely everybody mad at him.

Terrorsaur realises that organic bodies really do affect thinking, at least in the younger members of the crew.

A new pod is found, but the protoform is an absolute mess, and no one can agree what to do with it.

The last fluff chapter before we get back to the plot. Tarantulas has a bad day, Inferno has a worse one, and Tigatron gets a couple scenes.


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