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Year Seven

Year Seven at insecticons.com. New host, so technically our New Year isn't in October any more, but we'll leave it here. Why make things more confusing than they are?

081002: It just occured to us that this is the seventh year we've been at insecticons.com. Weird. Eerie. Anyway, Insecticomic #485 is up. Quick hits and new Update Page Goblin next time.

081005: Insecticomic #486 is up. Also two Other Vengeance pictures - Airazor and Dinobot. And Wayward pulled another supervillain team-up with the Koi Lungfish to do a picture of the Liege Maximo ( pencils by Wayward, colours by Koi. )

Quick site stat hits: The top five searches are 'insecticomics', 'in space starscream', 'in space no one can hear starscream', 'insecticons', and 'starscream'. The odd one out in the top ten is 'armada starscream'. And the less-popular searches:
- It's not looking for the Chronarchitect we find odd, it's that three of you were looking for 'chronarchitect.' with that period there.
- Two of you were looking for 'starscreams face'. Hint: Try looking at the front of his head.
- Two of you were hoping for 'asking and questioning for vector'. He hasn't done that for some time.
- Two of you are looking for 'hugest pillbug blinky'. He's pretty big, but I think you're looking for 'huggiest pillbug blinky'.
- One of you was looking for a 'synonym for backstabbing'. Around here, that word is 'Starscream'.
- One of you wants to know 'what is the whole of space and everything in it'. We say, it is pudding.
- One of you says 'insecticon hello wayward'. Hi, yourself.
- One of you was looking for a 'vrobian'. It's for the best if you don't find one.
- One of you wants to know 'kinky questions to ask when you are playing the twenty question game'. You're asking us? We tend to get distracted and start asking things like, "Should we order pizza now?" and "Does this place do free garlic bread?"
- One of you was looking for 'vector primes aft'. Hint: It's usually behind him.
- One of you either can't spell or really does want a 'voks wagin bug'.
- One of you wants to know 'does waspinator work for bees'. He prefers to work for money.
- One of you says 'starscream his neck'. Oh yeah? Starscream your neck, buddy!

081007: Insecticomic #487 is up. Also a picture of Other Vengeance Rattrap and Rhinox. And if you'll glance down, you'll see this year's Update Goblin.

081010: Insecticomic #488 is up.

081012: Insecticomic #489 is up.

081014: Insecticomic #490 is up. Also a picture of Other Vengeance Terrorsaur.

081017: Insecticomic #491 is up. ( A day late. We're still getting used to the schedule change. )

081019: Insecticomic #492 is up.

081021: Insecticomic #493 is up.

081023: Insecticomic #494 is up.

081026: Insecticomic #495 is up.

081028: Insecticomic #496 is up. The next comic will be posted on Friday, not Thursday.

081031: A bonus Hallowe'en Insecticomic is posted.

081101: Insecticomic #497 is up.

Quick hits. Top searches in October were 'insecticomics', 'in space starscream', insecticons', 'in space no one can hear starscream' and 'insecticons.com'. 'Locust porn' also found its way back into the top ten.

- Two of you were looking for 'quickstrike fanfiction transformers'. Good taste there.
- One of you quoted Slog's 'when falls darkness tonight another day will any of us ever see'. Good taste there.
- One of you seeks 'scrapper hook fic'. Good taste there.
- Some Dante fan was seeking 'oh infernal world and thou profoundest hell receive thy new'. Good taste there.
- Two of you sought 'starscream and alexis fanfiction'. Nuts to you.

And some freaky ones:
- One of you says 'a ladder lest againts a frictional wall'. I don't even know what that means. - One of you claims 'we like the dreadmoon because he is close to us'. Because you are close to him, Dreadmoon is rather creeped out.

081102: Insecticomic #498 is up.

081104: Insecticomic #499 is up. #500 might be a bit late - Wayward needs to redo a panel and won't get the chance until Thursday night.

081109: Insecticomic #500 is up. No, we never expected to have gone on this long, either. #501 will be up in the evening.

[ETA:] And now #501 is up.

081112: Insecticomic #502 is up. We just forgot to post it last night.

081113: Insecticomic #503 is up.

081116: Insecticomic #504 is up.

081119: Insecticomic #505 is up. ( Yeah, yeah, a day late. )

081120: Insecticomic #506 is up.

081123: Insecticomic #507 is up.

081125: Insecticomic #508 is up.

081127: Insecticomic #509 is up.

081129: The next chapter ( in four parts ) of Other Vengeance 2.0 is up. Plus a bonus Insecticomic. New graphic for the Other Vengeance 2.0 page later.

081130: Insecticomic #510 is up.

081204: Insecticomics #511 and #512 are up, since we weren't finished on Tuesday.

081205: Because Wayward had a day off, a bonus Insecticomic.

081207: Insecticomic #513 is up.

081209: Insecticomic #514 is up.

081211: Insecticomic #515 is up.

081214: Insecticomic #516 is up.

081216: Insecticomic #517 is up.

081219: Insecticomic #518 is up.

081221: Insecticomic #519 is up.

081224: Insecticomic #520 is up.

081225: Insecticomic #521 is up. Merry Santa Day, kids.

081228: Insecticomic #522 is up.

081230: Insecticomic #523 is up. Also, a quick height chart for the Other Vengeance cast.

090101: Insecticomic #524 is up.

We forgot to do it in November, but here's the December stats. Fairly typical spread for the top five: insecticomics, in space starscream, in space no one can hear starscream, insecticons, and starscream. The odd one out in the top ten is terrorsaur. And, as always, assorted searches some of you used:
- Three of you were looking for 'insect icons', which is a different site ... Wait. I bet these were Wayward's aunt, since Wayward spelled 'Insecticons' for her as 'insect icons' since she has no idea what an Insecticon is and just wanted to see what kind of stuff Wayward is up to. ( I bet she regrets it. )
- Three of you were looking for 'fanservice'. No, we keep that in the Scraps folder at the DevArt account.
- Two of you were looking for 'wild out wheelie boyz'. Did he start a band after Wild Boy of Quintessa?
- One person was looking for the comic where 'dreadmoon shot starscream'. It's episode #496.
- One of you is asking for a crowbar upside the head looking for 'scrapper scavenger mixmaster long haul hook'. Everyone forgets Bonecrusher! Don't be everyone!
- Whoever was looking for 'paper statues', we love you.
- Someone out ther wants to 'save the beast wars'. More fun than saving whales, I suppose.
- One of you knows that 'starscream is not a verb'. Twenty-two of you don't.
- Okay, I know one of you is just messing around, but 'skyfire wears pants in space with starscream' is weird enough to comment on.
- 'i can make you grin mr grasshopper just locust porn'. You're just messing with me now!

( Seriously, can anyone explain what 'i can to make grin just i can hop said grasshopper he hopped up and down' means? )

090104: Insecticomic #525 is up.

090106: Insecticomic #526 is up.

090107: A bonus Insecticomic is up. Plus, commissions have been reopened.

090108: Insecticomic #527 is up.

090111: Insecticomic #528 is up.

090113: Insecticomic #529 is up.

090115: Insecticomic #530 is up.

090118: Insecticomic #531 is up. Also, did a commission for Darkfire of her fancharas Synapse and Synapse-3.

090120: Insecticomic #532 is up. Also a picture of Other Vengeance Inferno.

090122: Insecticomic #533 is up. There's also a new comic up in the Crossovers section.

090125: Insecticomic #534 is up.

090127: Insecticomic #535 is up. Also, a picture of Swoop with a Matrix upgrade for Kenya Starflight.

090129: Insecticomic #536 is up.

090201: Insecticomic #537 is up.

News this month: Apparently someone at the TF Wiki forgot that the Insecticomics aren't canon and changed all of Lazorbeak's pronouns to 'her'. ( We are assuming Insecticomics because being weepy and ineffectual weren't mentioned. )

Top searches for January were the usual 'insecticomics', 'in space starscream', 'in space no one can hear starscream', 'insecticons', and 'megatron'. Let's see what's weird:
- Four of you wanted 'transformers vector prime energon on ebay'. How did you mistake us for eBay four times?
- Two of you wanted to hear 'the love story of thunderblast and megatron'. Ahem: Once upon a time there was a boat named Thunderblast. She loved Megatron. Megatron wasn't interested. Then he died and she went to Mars.
- Two of you want to know 'where do i send the insecticons pudding to?' Well, we're moving soon so there's going o be an address change ...
- One of you sought 'twisted kaiju theater fanfic'. Try Twisted Kaiju Theatre.
- Whoever was looking for 'harem ordnance', you are cool.
- One of you asked 'what s does starscream say at end of transformers'. Usually things like, "Cursed Autobots - I WILL RETURN!" or "No, Megatron, not the face!"
- One of you wanted 'koilungfish’s cybertronian encyclopaedia'. Try The Encyclopedia of Koiverse Fanon.
- One of you wanted 'constructicon bonecrusher with a crowbar'. Oh, don't we all?
- One of you remembers 'insecticomics thrust female'.
- One of you tried like six variations of 'you fail me yet again starscream'.
- One of you got it totally backwards with 'in space hear starscream'.
- And one of you understands that 'insecticomics or science has no answer to the riddle of the grasshopper'.

090203: Insecticomic #538 is up.

090204: As promised, for Wayward's Buy/Sell/Trade List.

090205: Insecticomic #539 is up. Also, because we're pests like that, Other Vengeance Megatron in a towel. Because there aren't enough half-naked men in your life.

090208: Insecticomic #540 is up. And more Other Vengeance art, because. Tigatron realises she's being followed.

Oop, forgot a picture because it's not Transformers - finished up a commission for Becca of four OCs from a Star Wars RPG.

090210: Insecticomic #541 is up.

090212: Just the top news post. Just so you aren't left wondering where we are.

090217: There's a bonus Insecticomic up as we try to get back into the swing of things.

090219: Another bonus Insecticomic.

090222: Hopefully the final bonus comic before getting back to the running storyline. We also updated the Sales page with better examples of what we do.

090224: Insecticomic #542 is up.

090226: Insecticomic #543 is up.

090301: Insecticomic #544 is up.

090303: Insecticomic #545 is up ( a bit late, but it's still Tuesday. :P )

090305: Insecticomic #546 is up.

090308: Insecticomic #547 is up.

090310: Insecticomic #548 is up.

090311: Got four new Other Vengeance pics up. No individual links today, just find them on the archive page.

090312: Insecticomic #549 is up.

090315: Insecticomic #550 is up.

090317: Insecticomic #551 is up.

090319: Insecticomic #552 is up.

090322: Insecticomic #553 is up.

090324: Insecticomic #554 is up.

090326: Insecticomic #555 is up.

090329: Insecticomic #556 is up.

090331: Insecticomic #557 is up. Plus a commission for srg1 of a female version of Skyfire.

090402: Insecticomic #558 is up, and with that, we are done the ... I Say Mine arc. The next two weeks will be utterly random, just to get back in our regular swing of things.

We completely forgot to do the usual site stats round-up for February, but here's the March ones. The top five searches were, unsurprisingly, 'insecticons', 'in space starscream', 'in space no one can hear starscream', 'insecticons', and 'starscream'. The odd one in the top ten is 'stormworld'. Nice to see other people still like Wayward's old fic, even if she's not so ond of it any more. ;) Now let's see if there's any weird searches ...
- Eight of you were looking for a 'transformers webcomic'. We're not the only one, but we've probably got the biggest cast.
- Proving that running gags never die, five of you were looking for 'locust porn'.
- Four of you wanted 'starscream sounds'. Didn't you see the name of the site?
- Three of you surprised us by knowing the word 'legascion'.
- Three of you wanted 'wild out wheelie boyz', which, of course, was the band Wheelie started.
- Two of you claim 'starscream my enemy'. Actually, Starscream, My Enemy could be a neat fic title. Get to it, someone.
- Two of you want to know, 'is megatron bigger than starscream'. That would be 'no' unless it's one of the Cybertron episodes where Starscream is oversized.
- One of you ( because I refuse to believe that two of you came up with the same line ) was determined to be mentioned in the quick hits round-up and wrote 'the grasshopper he hopped and popped and pimped into insecticons'.
- One of you wants to know 'when does vector prime come out'. If you're talking the green Classics Universe version, he's technically out but we can't find him, either.
- One of you asks 'how does prowl know so much about protoforms'? We think he Googled it.
- One of you asks 'was decepticon starscream ever homesick?' He never seemed to be. Starscream is more about the seeking out new life and new civilisations and conquering them than mooning around about how he's not home.
- One of you forgets that there's an e-mail address and requests 'more skyfire dreadmoon starscream please' on our searches list. Cute.
- One of you tried to cover all his bases by inputting 'insecticons pudding fight run starscream'.
- One of you asks 'how many lies did starscream make?' He make seventeen. Out of corn flour and butter.
- 'transformers slash fanfiction slash fanart'. I'm not sure, but I think this person might have been looking for slash.

090405: Insecticomic #559 is up.

090407: Insecticomic #560 is up.

090409: Insecticomic #561 is up.

090413: Insecticomic #562 is up. Yeah, yeah, late. Have some Starscream art to ease your souls.

090414: Insecticomic #563 is up.

090416: Insecticomic #564 is up.

090417: Because we love us some toy comics, scans of the comic that came with Henkei Dinobot.

090419: Insecticomic #565 is up.

090421: Insecticomic #566 is up. Also, two new pictures - Bumblebee and Dinobot.

090423: Insecticomic #567 is up.

090428: Insecticomics #568 and #569 are up.

090430: Insecticomics #570 is up.

090503: Insecticomic #571 is up.

090505: Insecticomic #572 is up. So are the entries for the Robots In Dresses contest.

090507: Insecticomic #573 is up.

090510: Insecticomic #574 is up.

090512: Insecticomic #575 is up.

090514: Insecticomic #576 is up.

090517: It's still Sunday somewhere. Insecticomic #577 is up.

090519: Insecticomic #578 is up.

090521: Insecticomic #579 is up.

090525: Oops. We uploaded at the DevArt account and forgot to update this site. Insecticomic #580 is now up.

090526: Insecticomic #581 is up.

090528: Insecticomic #582 is up.

090531: Insecticomic #583 is up.

090602: Insecticomic #584 is up. Also a whole bunch of Other Vengeance pictures.

090604: Insecticomic #585 is up.

Hey, TV Tropes:
Cerebrus Syndrome - I said no such thing. I said it would probably be another five hundred episodes before I tried tackling a huge project like ... I Say Mine again, partly because I just don't have any more serious-over-funny story ideas, but mostly because it was a pain to do. There have been short arcs since.
Flat Earth Atheist - Super-powerful and inexplicable entities exist in the Insecticomics. Skyfire and Dreadmoon acknowledge their existance while denying their divinity.
Gender Bender - Thrust was possibly male last Tuesday in episode #583, not #320. Thrust is remaining female until the prevailing attitude of, "Oh, it's just a silly little phase, she'll come to her senses someday," goes away. Which is to say, Thrust will be female forever.

090607: Insecticomic #586 is up.

090609: Insecticomic #587 is up.

090610: The update's a few hours early, but who cares? The fourth chapter of Other Vengeance is up.

090611: Insecticomic #588 is up.

090614: Insecticomic #589 is up.

090616: Insecticomic #590 is up.

090618: Insecticomic #591 is up.

090621: Insecticomic #592 is up.

090623: Insecticomic #593 is up.

090625: Insecticomic #594 is up.

090628: Insecticomic #595 is up.

090630: Insecticomic #596 is up.

090702: Insecticomic #597 is up.

We haven't done quick hits in a while, so let's do some of those. Site hits went up after the movie came out, no surprises. Not as much as last time, but the first movie was more of a novelty. Top searches are the usual insecticomics, in space starscream, in space no one can hear starscream, insecticons, and this time the number five slot is vector prime. And now we make fun of your search strings:
- Seven of you are still looking for locust porn.
- Three of you want ask vector prime a question rattrap ransack, which makes for the weirdest slashfic ever.
- Two of you sought boff googie. Actual Sturgeon fans or just looking for our local Vok?
- Two of you want the transformers fanfic. There's a definitive one?
- One of you wants transformers quickstrike fanfiction. Baby, so do we.
- One of you is baiting us with insecticomics doesn t do the month-end funnies anymore. We are both lazy and forgetful.
- One of you wants to know what does starscream Don't we all?
- One of you asks is starscream a boy or a girl. The answer is yes.
- One of you asks do you get anything after you kill starscream. Often, you get possessed.
- One of you wants naked men. We only have them in prose, I'm afraid.
- One of you seeks rhinox expedition heavy duty equipment. Baby, Rhinox is heavy-duty equipment.
- One of you asks what is the question that no one asked about space. 'Is it edible?' possibly.
- And one of you writes in with this advice: do not lean against the sink and avoid splashing clothing with water.

090705: Insecticomic #598 is up.

090707: Insecticomic #599 is up.

090709: Insecticomic #600 is up.

090712: Insecticomic #601 is up.

090714: Insecticomic #602 is up.

090716: Insecticomic #603 is up.

090719: Insecticomic #604 is up.

090721: Insecticomic #605 is up.

090723: Insecticomic #606 is up.

090726: Insecticomic #607 is up.

Also, new pictures. A minicomic was commissioned by Tessombra, plus two Other Vengeance pictures - Optimus up a tree and Waspinator getting out of bed.

090729: Insecticomic #608 is up a day late.

090730: Insecticomic #609 is up.

090802: Insecticomic #610 is up.

090804: Insecticomic #611 is up.

090806: Insecticomic #612 is up. We've also got a contest running - the Romance Novel Cover Contest.

A bit late, but let's have July's quick hits. Main searches this month were insecticomics, in space no one can hear starscream, insecticons, in space starscream, with vector prime as the wild card. Oddest one in the top ten is starscream sound. And, for the two of you who like these round-ups:

- Six people are still looking for arcee nude, as if she wears clothes on a regular basis.
- Five of you want arielbots. Do you mean the bike girls or did you misspell 'Aerialbots'?
- Four of you wanted fanservice. Just fanservice.
- Three of you were looking for radamanth nemes. I don't even know if that's animal, vegetable, or mineral.
- Two of you wanted starscream oil clockwork cybertron. Wasn't that a punchline to a Spamusement comic?
- Two of you ask, is starscream a boy or girl? The answer is no.
- Two of you want to know what does transformer toy bip scream look like. Bipscream? I figure he looks like Starscream, just two feet tall.
- One of you claims i made insecticomics crossover transformers multiverse. Not without asking Wayward first, you'd better not have.
- One of you claims megatron slips starscream the meat. What, is this some kind of weird anti-drug thing? Smoke hams, not crack!
- One of you claims that starscream kills dumbledore. Spoilers!
- One of you asks, can you buy scorponoks tail? No, he's rather attached to it.
- One of you claims there's too much locust porn. I say you can never have enough!
- One very disappointed little reader sought other vengeance armature slog slash.
- One of you seeks dinobot dinobot. I think you'll find the episode is in fact called 'Double Dinobot'.
- One of you insists no painty shot. We prefer to use jam anyway.
- One of you wants to know what happens if your starscream? What happens if my Starscream what?
- One of you asks did vector prime hold the matrix? Ours did. He doesn't like to talk about it.
- One of you asks us directly, dear insecticons is space edible? Unicron thinks so, Skyfire doesn't.
- One of you wants us to be more negative. Don't wanna. Can't make me.
- And one of you asks, what does vector prime sound like? Sort of like Rhinox with a fake English accent.

090809: Insecticomic #613 is up.

090811: Insecticomic #614 is up.

090813: Insecticomic #615 is up.

090816: Insecticomic #616 is up.

090818: Insecticomic #617 is up.

090820: Insecticomic #618 is up.

090823: Insecticomic #619 is up.

090825: Insecticomic #620 is up.

090827: Insecticomic #621 is up.

090830: Insecticomic #622 is up.

090901: Insecticomic #623 is up.

And because it's not yet bedtime, site stats quick hits. Entirely typical top five searches with insecticomics, in space no one can hear starscream, vector prme, in space starscream, and insecticons. The oddest in the top ten is inceticons. Really, twelve of you made that same mispelling? And the quick hits:
- I can guess some of the seven of you who were looking for insect icons.
- One of you sought transformers megatron mortification. His high school picture tends to do the trick.
- One of you was looking for the will o the wisp cartoon. All's I know is that Wayward found it creepy when she was a grub.
- One of you was kind enough to send us a link to locust porn, but the link didn't work, so we can't post it.
- One of you wanted sky lynx slash. That's so unusual that we hope you find it.
- One of you wanted terrorsaur stuff. Oh, don't we all?
- And higher amounts than usual of people looking for Optimus/Starscream slash, Dreadmoon in general, and making mispellings.

090903: Insecticomic #624 is up.

090908: Double update because the camera wasn't cooperating on Saturday. Insecticomics #625 and #626 are up.

090910: Insecticomic #627 is up.

090911: The entries for the create a romance novel cover contest are up.

090913: Insecticomic #628 is up.

090915: Insecticomic #629 is up.

090917: Insecticomic #630 is up.

090920: Insecticomic #631 is up.

090922: Insecticomic #632 is up.

090925: Insecticomic #633 is up. ( A day late, yeah, yeah. )

090927: Insecticomic #634 is up.

090929: Insecticomic #635 is up.



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