Robots In Dresses Contest  

You might have noticed by now, but we at In Space love us some robots in dresses. So the challenge was to put a Transformer in a dress that flatters him. There were two categories - drawn pictures and actual cloth outfits put on toys. The latter was way more popular than we expected. We'll have to do more costume contests.

Some are slashy, but you really ought to expect that sort of thing around here by now.

Yeah, we resized the ones that were really big.

You lot really like to make our jobs difficult, don't you? After much deliberation and a bit of asking folks outside the fandom, two entries kept cropping up - the ones by Freidenfly and Kleeng. Congrats, both of you. E-mail us for prizery. The rest of you, thanks for coming out and making this thing hard to judge.


The Winners

Freidenfly - Mirage

Kleeng - Brawl


2D Entries

BlackMarketTrombones - Prowl

Blue Bomber - Mirage and Windcharger

Gyro - Jetstorm and Jetfire

Hih-chan - Hot Shot

Jormungander - Ravage

Kenya Starflight - Shockwave ( with bonus Megatron )

Salali1447 - Starscream ( with bons Optimus Prime )

Supermoose - Starscream (BWII)

Syntia - Prowl

Tiffany Freeze - Jazz


3D Entries

Biofreak - Swoop

Crescendo - Starscream

D34tHnOTe - Bumblebee

Elanya - Dinobot and Lockdown

Raditz - Waspinator and Barricade

RaeLynHB - Starscream

Spellingerrors - Misfire

Stormrave - Megatron ( with bonus Quickstrike )


Bonus Feature - Pancreas Jack and the Trombone Platoon ( Bouncy, Blinky, Marilyn Manterror, Pancreas Jack, Rock Lobster )

Wayward's sister did 'em so we can't include 'em in the contest, but we thought we'd show them to you anyway.



We know which ones we like, but we'll let you look at them for a few days before we declare a winner.


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