Romance Novel Cover Contest  

There is an art genre that we at In Space dig, and it is bad 70's romance novel covers. You know the ones - she has a big dress that's blowing in the opposite direction of her big hair, and she's draped over a guy in tight, leather pants with his shirt undone but tucked in.

I think you can see where this is going. We wanted you to do up a romance novel cover featuring Transformers. And while they had some great costuming, Photoshopping, and cover blurbs, we liked Maestro Meister's the best:

By Maestro Meister
( The inspiration for this can be found here. )


And, because they were also fun, the other entries:

By Biofreak
( There were apparently a couple of books used as inspiration, but for some reason I couldn't open the attachment. )


By Gizmo-Tracer


By Maestro Meister
( The inspiration for this can be found here. )


By Stormy
( Included is the back cover blurb: "Galvatron, spoiled heir to the Decepticon Empire, shirks his responsibilities in favour of partying in the hot spots of the universe. After an energon-filled night in the tiny oil-rich country of Carbombya, Galvatron wakes up to find himself in the palace of the local ruler, Sheikh Octane, who insists that according to local custom, he and Galvatron are now engaged! Galvatron doesn't mind the chance to get closer to the sexy sheikh, but he has no intentions of obeying his every command! Now Sheikh Octane has no choice but to use his sensual skills to tame his defiant fiance ..." )


By Strangefour
( There is also a version without the titles on it. )


By Twilightgirl


By Underbase


And the entry that can't be judged, because it's by Wayward's sister:

By Laura


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