Wayward's B/S/T List  

Sadness and woe, but space is limited and Wayward's collection is getting unwieldy. Bet you didn't know Wayward had most of these, since few of them ever appeared in a comic. Which was one of the criteria for the chopping block. If Wayward bought a character and never really found a use for him, he's probably here. Or the character's been written out through upgrades or other means.

Unless otherwise stated, figures are loose, complete, played with a bit, then sat quietly on a shelf in a smoke-free home for however long. Instructions are probably available if you want them and if Wayward can find them. Shipping is whatever Canada Post demands. Prices are in American dollars because that's what our PayPal is set to.

BotCon 2009
All of these are still mint-in-sealed-bag, so the links go to the Seibertron.Com galleries to show what the figures look like.
Razorclaw - $65
Skyquake - $55

Beast Wars
Transmetal Megatron ( One of his robot arms is damaged ) - $10

Stormcloud - $4

Want to try to sell or trade to Wayward? The figures she is currently seeking:

( Nothing at the moment. )

The e-mail address remains wayward@insecticons.com


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