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Year Two

And here's Year Two...

031008: Well, for In Space it's a new year. Thanks to our assorted contributers, friends, cyberentophiliacs, and those of you who wandered in by mistake to make what's basically a completely useless page such a success. :D Anything special to kick this off? Are you kidding? This wouldn't be an Insecticon site if we did anything useful:

- We've now got an updates mailing list you can subscribe to for those who need to know of new material immediately.

- Updated the Insecticomics profiles.

- The alternate-universe Beast Wars story Other Vengeance has been moved to its own page. It's being edited, so that's why it's not all up again yet.

- New episode in the Deux Ex Machina series: The Trial of Dreadmoon.

- You'll note the PayPal button on the main page. Donation is entirely voluntary. The page will not vanish and Wayward will not complain if you don't donate. In fact, why not buy a print and get something for your money? ( Yeah, we need to fix up that page... )

- And a new picture for the Metamorphosis page.

031021: Not much. Two pictures - a fairly quick black and white Dreadmoon and one of Kickback done in a quasi-Dreamwave style.

Also Mercenary Pursuits, a one page comic starring the Insecticons.

031101: Yeah, school's still taking up most of our time, and lately the rest of it has been filled with Hallowe'en and an in-progress ( and not yet posted ) work for the Open Hoax Project. Which means costumes and Dreadmoon updates incoming, but not yet. But we've got a couple things you can look at:

Here's part of a sig banner for Shrapnel ( no, not our Shrapnel, we mean the fellow who used to run The Insecticon Hive here. )

And Wayward finally poked her assorted friends who were at OTFCC2003 who had good cameras for pictures of her in her Kickback costume. We've taken the costumes out of the Repaints section and given them their own section. Look for the pictures of Lunatron as Terrorsaur.

031103: This is one of those 'Big Whoop' updates. As in small and mostly administrative. Anyway, we've got our Prints For Sale or whatever we've been calling it page up again, so you can, well, order prints. Also added Transformers Icon Of The Day to the links page. Go us.

031115: In this episide of 'Wayward Updates Her Page', we have a really cool 3D Insecticons render by Lynx Traveller. :D

More pictures! There's a black and white of Terrorsaur up, as well as Macabre, a character who showed up for one issue in the comics and died.

Wayward hunts through her image archives to update the print sale page.

Chapter Three of Other Vengeance has been edited and put back up.

031128: A new Insecticomic is up. No, not the promised ( and ever-more innaccurate ) Moving Day but Priceless, done for the birthday of Cellmate Starscream's Wife.

Also added is a link to Peace, Love, and Firekittens - a small site, but a fun one. :D

Chapter Four of Other Vengeance has been edited and put back up.

031208: Updated the link to Beast Wars International ( formerly Sapphire's Beast Wars Site ) and added a picture of the Amnimount, Dreadmoon's watchtower ( technically it's a school project, but ehn. ) This should be our last minor update for a bit, as we're off school at the end of a week. Then we're all yours for a month.

031220: Okay, we've been slower than we expected. However, in this case 'slow' means 'a rather large update'.

We love our friends, we do. Chibi Prime has added to the Open Hoax Project with a faux eBay page for Energon Dreadmoon.

New message board to plug: The Insecticon Base maintained by King Shrapnel. Drop by and give him a pudding pop. Also Wazpinator's Nezt, because I owe Waspinator a plug.

Also, two new Insecticomics: But Nobody Dies In Cartoons, Do They? and Insecticomics Presents 'Maximal No More'.

And pictures!
- A B&W of Shockwave.
- A pencil render of Nimbus, just to prove she can do it.
- And a character you'll be seeing more of soon: Steelcast.

And a bit of silliness we've uncreatively named Web Search Results.

Are we forgiven now? ;)

040103: If it's not one thing, it's another.

Our nice server people decided to move us to another server computer or something, so In Space went through a timewarp to mid-November, then vanished completely. ( Obviously we're back now. ) It might improve future service or something, but it also means we have to reupload more stuff than we want to even think about. In theory, all the administrivia should be over now and the page will stop vanishing. Oy!

Anyway, we've got some new stuff up now, too:

Fanfic: Wayward writes G1 again! In Love Me, Love My Gestalt, Bonecrusher hits it off with a co-worker and finds that dating is complicated when you're part of a gestalt.

Bios: One new fanchara bio. Unsurprisingly, it's Steelcast.

Insecticomics: Three new Insecticomics: MISB Laserbeak, Mentoring, and Wazzpinator Likezz Threezz!.

Pictures: And several of them.
- The cover to Love Me, Love My Gestalt.
- A pencil-render of Terrorsaur.
- The pencil-render of Terrorsaur coloured in Photoshop.
- A sort-of watercolour of Waspinator.
- Mixmaster inked with a crow quill pen rather than the usual Pigma Microns.
- A ( rather lousy ) watercolour of Dreadmoon.
- A black and white of Shockwave for a contest.
- Other Vengeance Waspinator and Terrorsaur, up to no good. Done in crow quill and pencil crayon.
- The crow quill strikes again. This time it's a black-and-white of Armature. The crow quill works better for organics than robots, I think.

And Wayward finally has pictures of her Terrorsaur costume up. Scroll to the bottom of this page.

040131: Oof - still in school, still busy, and the first thing that suffers is the web page. Anyway, have been collecting stuff for the last month for your amusement:

Important things first - the entries for the Bad Songfic Competition are up ( though several turned out good... Don't you people read instructions? ;) ) They'll be up until the end of February. Go, read, vote.

Very cool thing - Lunatron the kitbash queen ownz j00. Click here ( and scroll to the bottom ) to find out why.

And the usual bunch of pictures:
- Armature posed on a lily. Why? Who cares?
- Dreadmoon looking sulky.
- Starscream perched on an iceberg.
- Megatron done with a dip pen.
- Bonecrusher and Scavenger, coloured with pencilcrayon because I wanted to try my new pencilcrayons out.
- And here Dreadmoon and Artemis Prime fight over Starscream. Done with a dip pen, and I wanted to practice drawing Artemis Prime.

040208: We've picked not one but two winners for the The Open Hoax Project Contest. Still working on the votey thing for the songfic contest ( hey, school and the homework thereof take up a lot of time. :P )

Speaking of homework, here's half of the major project for Wayward's Drawing class. Her teacher is extremely laid-back, so she gets to draw robots for a project to illustrate the four Greek elements. Here are Water and Fire. ( Each of those represent five or six hours of work. That's where the time to update the page goes. )

040221: Quick update: Being unable to find a good pollmaking script, the The Bad Songfic Writing Challenge will go to the clunky e-mail voting system. Sorry for the inconvenience, gang.

040225: The big news is that our latest art challenge has been posted.

Also, Evil Killer Poptarts has added herself to the ever-pointless Cyberentophilia list.

And, of course, the assorted pictures in the order they were drawn:
- A sketch of chibi Macabre, done for no particular reason.
- A not-quite Valentine-themed Other Vengeance pen drawing.
- A picture of Dreadmoon and Nimbus, several centuries after the Nemesis left Cybertron.
- Part three of the Elements project - Earth.
- A Terrorsaur value study.
- The prize art for Azrael2002.
- And part four of the Elements project - Air.

040308: The votes are in and Koi Lung Fish has won the The Bad Songfic Writing Challenge. Thank you to everyone who entered. :D

And, while we're here, the latest art updates:
- The prize art for Lynx Traveller.
- A pen drawing of Armature.
- And, just to be annoying, a Dreamwave-style profile page for Dreadmoon.

040404: Just a brief update because it is late and Wayward is tired. The latest writing contest is posted: Transformers: New Series Writing Challenge.

040420: Whoo-hoo! School is basically over, which means there will actually be semi-frequent updates again! And to start it off, a big update:

Wayward is out of school, which means she's public property again. She'll probably still be slow about answering her e-mail, but she's now available for art commission work, for those who have a driving need for Waywardart.

New submission! Jhereg0708 has sent us an Insecticon poem.

New link: Homesick: A Mirage Shrine.

Other Vengeance is back, up to chapter seven! Which is great for those who've only read the first four chapters, but less great for those who saw them all up ages ago. They've been edited a bit, but the story is still the same. Chapter eight is in the works.

Seven - count 'em - seven new Insecticomics. We're not going to bother listing them. Just go to the Insecticomics index page and scroll down.

Pictures. Lots of pictures:
- Hook with a rotating hammer drill.
- Cyclonus.
- The OV Predacons.
- A poster I did in school.
- Dreadmoon, pretty much completely CGI.
- KoiLungFish's robot-mode.
- Terrorsaur, done in Wayward's Life Drawing class.
- Spinister and Needlenose: Because REAL mechs wear pink.
- Terrorsaur, again.
- A cover for KoiLungFish's story Stormhangar.
- Terrorsaur: Once upon a time, there was a garden...
- Steelcast's More Than Meets The Eye profile page.
- A coloured line drawing of Skywarp.

Also, a pic of Wayward as Terrorsaur from Transformerscon.

And a bit of new stuff has been added to the Open Hoax Project.

That should keep you entertained for a while. More stuff coming as we get to it...

040529: If it's not one thing, it's losing our Internet connection so I have to post from my parents' house. Oy! Anyway, we've got a few things that should tide you over until the next update, including two new fanfics.

TC of TC's Pile of Garbage wanted a Blinky fic, so Wayward delegated to her sister, who was the one who originally came up with the character based on a Powerhug toy and no information. The result is How Megatron Got His Love Back, or, How Blinky Saved Christmas.

And, yes, it's the eighth chapter of the it's-not-art-but-people-seem-to-like-it story Other Vengeance! Yeah, yeah, about time it was updated ( just to remind everyone whose story it is. ;) )

- For no good reason, Steelcast in Constructicon colours.
- A rather poor watercolour of Thundercracker.
- Another watercolour, this one better and featuring the insane Autobot scientist Flame.
- By request, it's a swimsuit picture of the Other Vengeance Predacons.
- Still working on my watercolours. This one is Mixmaster in his lab.
- Look while you can - it's the last sensual pic I'm doing of OV anybody. Sorry, guys, it's Terrorsaur.
- Macabre again, this time in watercolour!
- Blind Me With Your Awful Light - Starscream and the Underbase.
- A picture of Dreadmoon plugged into his computer.
- OV Waspinator, done to practice a hair shading technique.
- Warworld Starscream at rest. Done for Artemis Prime's birthday.
- Thrust, Dirge, and Ranjet, done for Evil Killer Poptarts.
- OV Dinobot facing a Vok, from chapter six.
- Skyfire and Cosmos because Knave wanted a picture of Cosmos.
- Mourningstar: Now I'll Suffer Death.
- For Lunatron's birthday, it's Scrapper with a big hammer.
- Skywarp and Thundercracker for Nightwind.
- Skyfire for Frostbite's birthday.
- I was originally going to use this idea for a Wheeljack picture, but it suited Bonecrusher better.
- Another Other Vengeance pic, this time of Waspinator and Scorponok.
- The cover of Other Vengeance, chapter eight.
- OV Tarantulas: He'll be back for his duck.

Also updated the Current Projects section. Hadn't touched that section in almost a year, ironically enough. :P

We'll try to get the Insecticon Assimilation Art Challenge winner posted on time.

040611: New story in the Wayward Insecticon Theatre because it's outside the usual continuity: The Custodian of the City of Fear. Takes place in the Marvel comics continuity, to fit in and around the City of Fear arc.

Have also added a short essay on creating characters.

Updated the Name Translation page.

Two new pictures: the cover for the new fic and a watercolour of Terrorsaur.

040703: Still no home connection, so updates are still complicated to do. Anyway, new stuff:

The Insecticon Assimiliation results are finally up! Our winner is Paradox, and the rest of the entries are worth looking at, too. Thanks, all. :D

A new Insecticomic - A Tribute To Dogcatcher ( yes, obviously done for our friend Dogcatcher's birthday. )

Three new fanfics, though short ones. Auxilliary Constructicon is a Waywardfic alternate universe story where Aviator's final test isn't fighting Starscream or facing down Devastator, it's winning over Steelcast. Bargain is probably the only realistic human-working-with-the-Decepticons story out there. Bring Me To Fish is the latest installment of the trainwreck that is the Deux Ex Machina series.

And three more pictures. We've got one of OV Waspy looking cute, an updated version of the Terrorsaur, Sunset Background picture, and one of Slog sitting on a fangirl who decided she didn't like him because he's fat and ugly ( long story. No, it's just a generic ditzy fangirl. )

040709: Ack! Twenty days until OTFCC! Well, until Wayward leaves for it, anyway.

Small update, mostly to announce a new contest - Write A Female Character Writing Challenge. It's only slightly more complicated than it sounds.

Also, we've extended the deadline on the Transformers: New Series Writing Challenge to November 30th.

Insecticomics! Bsting's birthday is marked by Mutual Benefit, Terrorsaur has a run-in with Slog in Modern Art, and a new bug tries to join the Insecticons in Insecticon Try-Outs II.

And two new pictures. Megatron standing in a wasteland that you know is his fault, and a Cybertronian demon.

040807: Oof. Back from OTFCC and just moved into a new apartment. The place is still a mess, but at least there's a path through it now. Also, not only do we have our home connection back, Knave upgraded to a cable modem. We are happy.

Anyway, the updates. Lots of pretty pictures to look at. We have a pile of new Insecticomics: The Secret of the Golden Discs, Hope You Survive The Experience, OTFCC Report 2004: The Homecoming, OTFCC Report 2004: The Report, Because Guys With Weird Hands Stick Together, and All-Zzeeing. The Homecoming was filmed in the bedroom of our friend Evil Killer Poptarts because Wayward and EKP got so lost looking for the bus station that Wayward missed her bus, and thus crashed with EKP Monday night.

And what's a convention without pictures of costumes? Wayward finally got a full-body shot of Lunatron as Terrorsaur. Also, Evil Killer Poptarts did the beyond the call of duty thing by making costumes of Dirge, Thrust, and Ramjet. There are more pictures of the second-string Seekers on the Costumes page. With OTFCC being its third use, Wayward's Terrorsaur costume has been officially retired ( ie: pitched. Hey, Wayward has no storage space and was offering to give it away at the end of the convention, but there were no takers. ) She plans to do Bonecrusher next year.

As for pictures, we have three. Stormworld and Steelcast are both composites of old pictures and photographs of the sky ( sunrises make nice smelting pits. ) The last is our yearly Bug Poster. :)

We also have a new link: Welcome To The D-Con Joolry Box, a little fansite.

040812: We'd been plotting to add an obscure characters archive for a while, and then we found there already was one! Jhiaxus' Obscure Trasformers Page is well-organised and full of useful information. Our Obscure Comic Characters page theorises that Nautilus left the army to become an underwear model. Jhiaxus' page is better.

And Wayward did a pretty picture of Waspinator. It looks like a wedding invitation.

And on the non-TF front, Wayward says we have to shill for Knave. He's started a photocomics section over in the Backyard.

040916: Bah! Why do we get a snazzy new modem if the dumb thing is finicky about connecting? Anyway, long-spaced updates means big updates.

First up, fan pictures! Baby sent us five pictures of Kickback. Go check them out in the Art by Cyberentophiliacs section. Love our fans, we do. :D

From the vaguely useful information files, we've added Fang and the Harpsichord Guy to the Obscure Comic Characters section.

New fic involving Slog. Paper Statues has Slog meeting an angry young sculptor.

Speaking of Slog, we've put up a little character shrine to him - Final Darkness. Look, it's from one of his few lines; we know it sounds silly.

- Proclivities
- The Measure of a Minicon
- Your Vocaliser Says 'No'...
- Fun With Telemarketers
- Another Use For eBay

A bunch of new pictures as well:
- Alkali, Steelcast, and Eidolon, the main characters from But Fear Itself.
- Terrorsaur, because now that I've given him a backstory, he's been appearing in fics more, but as a wuss.
- My current baby, Slog, done in a new Photoshop-painty style, sort of.
- Also Other Vengeance Inferno done in the same, painty style.
- Dreadmoon's minion Silverflame, drawn merely because he's pretty.
- The cover for But Fear Itself, a story I should have posted soon.
- And Slog. No, there's no story behind this, I just wanted to draw a splash page.



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