Cybertron Bios

Now that the official Transformers site has revamped to supply 2007 Movie information instead of Cybertron stuff, we don't feel bad about posting the collected Cybertron bios here.

All of them. Including the secret Cyber Key code bios off Hasbro's website and the alternate bios that came with the assorted Versus packs and the ones that had Minicons packed in.

While all this information can be found on the Internet in one place or another, nowhere that we know of has it all compiled in one place. We've sorted it by Cyber Key, which means that 'Other' covers anyone with an Autobot or Decepticon Key, Vector Prime, and Minicons not specifically associated with a planet.

Sometimes there will be a paragraph in brackets at the end of a bio. These are my notes, not anything official.

Jungle Planet
Gigantion and Planet X


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