The Transformers: New Series Writing Challenge  

In our most intensive challenge yet, contestants were asked to create a new Transformers cartoon series. The winner by reader vote was Cyberwraith Nine. Thanks to everyone who participated. :D

Transformers: Sentinels
By Cyberwraith Nine
When the Autobots are unwilling or unable to help Earth, humans must take the war with the Decepticons into their own hands.

Transformers: Resurrection
By Alirion
Millennia ago, the Matrix was shattered. Now the Victrons need to find the scattered pieces beforethe Destrons do.

Beast Machines: Legacy of Cybertron
By KnightMysterio
Five young warriors are chosen to become a gestalt to defend Cybertron. The catch? - Not only do they need to learn to get along, they need to convert Megatron to the side of good.

Transformers: Colony Wars
By Lunatron
Out on the fringes of space, a young Decepticon commander plans to use planetary conquest to prove herself to her elders. All that stands in her way is a handful of bitter Autobots.

Transformers: Metamorphosis
By NightWolf
In a time when most of the population is upgrading to Maximal and Predacon, there are those who resent the new breeds of Cybertronians.

Transformers: Console Wars
By Peppermintwind
"When Sayaka Kenmura opens a mysterious package left on her doorstep, she unleashes the Destron commander Megatron on her apartment complex ..."

Transformers: Succession
By Silverfox
Megatron and Starscream must team up if they're to survive Straxus' rule ... and they still need to survive each other.


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