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  July 27th, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

The designs for the Transformers: Animated Decepticons have been released. Sort of. It's mostly glowing optics out of the darkness and they can only be seen from the shoulders up.

Oddly, the doom prophets have been fairly quiet. They're there, but not in force. I suppose they're too busy trying to deny that the 2007 Movie made over four-hundred million dollars worldwide at last count, and it's still not out everywhere.

Q: Oh ancient Transformer wise man:
What all did the Brigade do to The Fallen after they tricked him with the bootleg powered Hydra Cannon?
What color is Nemi's face? I hadn't seen that figure before it was shown in the Insecticomics.
What does Cybertron Sideways spend most of his time doing?

A: 1) It involved tinfoil pants, silly string, and a party hat.

2) Dark silver.

3) Sideways tends to hang out with the other teleporter Decepticons to swap stories and combat techniques. If he's not with them, he's generally found with Cybertron Soundwave, trying to translate his DJ talk. Sometimes he goes out with Kickback.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Have you ever met a blue hedgehog in your travels? Because, y'see, I've been tracking him down relentlessly and I need to know his whereabouts. His name is Spiny Norman, and can be anywhere from twelve feet to 800 yards long. You will give me a serious answer unless you want me to nail your head to the floor.

A: Spiny Norman isn't blue. He was last seen in Luton Airport. Threaten me again and you're going on the block list with the spam. I'm too old to put up with nonsense.

Q: Vector Prime, what do you think of Starscream beating Megatron in the episode Starscreamís Brigade?
A: Given that his victory lasted approximately five minutes before the Stunticons arrived, not much.

Q: How did Cybertron Thundercracker lose his left arm?
A: He never lost it. That big cannon is his arm.

Q: Vector Prime, if the Fallen lives with you and Blinky now does that mean he pays rent as well?
A: The Fallen lives with Sideways. He chips in for the rent.

Q: Vector Prime, could you make the Fallen leave by having Blinky hug him into submission and then when heís weakened throw him out?
A: We could, but given how much bother Wayward went through to acquire him, she'd be rather upset if we pitched him out a window.

Q: First off let me just say thanks for saying that my mom was the strongest Decepticon combiner. It really makes me happy to know that my mom is that strong. My question is whenever I go to either the Transformers website or Hasbro website I canít find the part of the website that letís me type in the secret code for the Transformers in Transformers Cybertron. Where is that part of the website?
A: It's not there any more. The official site's been updated to reflect the movie. Cybertron is over. Wayward, however, has every single bio for every single Cybertron toy character ever listed on this site.

Q: Most Honorable Vector Prime,
This is the contingent of Star Wars figures that contacted you a week and a half ago regarding our owner's sudden fascination with Transfan-dom. We thank you for your advice and assurances, and we realize we may have been somewhat hasty in turning to you for help. Not three days after we sent you the e-mail, she went to the post office and purchased five sheets worth of Star Wars postage stamps -- one for mailing letters and the rest "to pretty up the bedroom a bit." It seems she has not renounced us yet...
While we have your attention, we would like to ask a few questions of you:
1. Have you, in your travels, encountered a Doctor Brown, a Marty McFly, and/or a flying DeLorean?
2. Our owner would like to know if either you or Wayward has seen Matt Moylan's LilFormers website and his Transformers comics there, and what your opinion might be. We believe he has drawn Shrapnel at one point, but not the other Insecticons yet.
3. How do you refer to Wayward? We have grown used to calling our human "owner." Do you consider Waywardy your owner? (She purchased you, after all.) Or do you call her "hostess," "mistress," "comrade," or "that human who plays around on eBay and provides free room and board?" Or something else entirely?
Thank you for your time, and may the Force be with you.
The Star Wars Collection

A: 1) Yes. And I had to repair the minor tear caused by the continuity error that was a satellite television commercial.

2) It's cute stuff. Matt did draw Kickback once at least, on a commission to someone. Not Wayward. She just saw it on his DeviantArt page.

3) I usually just call her 'Wayward'. Kickback tends to call her the 'court-appointed human sidekick'.

Q: What do you think of the writers killing you off in Cybertron when you did so much in the comics?
A: I think their grasp of the mechanics of time travel makes baby Heinlein cry and their grasp of teleportation methods make baby Scotty cry.

Q: I just have a few animated movie questions... (I only own a few episodes from the series, so I have no clue who disappeared after the movie and who didn't. XD)
1. I heard that Sideswipe died in the animated movie. Is that true? If it is, how did his twin Sunstreaker take the news? Or did he die too?
2. Did Red Alert also die in the attack on Autobot City?

A: I know that Red Alert died in the storyboards. Sideswipe may have, as he had been with Red Alert. I tend to take such things as one-off rather than canon. The idea was considered, but never made official. I don't see either of them listed as appearing in Season Three.

Q: What episode is it where Starscream orders Thunderblast to stral the Omega Lock for him?
A: Answer honestly or feign confusion as to how one is to 'stral' something, decisions, decisions ... However, since even I cannot find a decent summary archive for the Cybertron cartoon, my best guess is episode #30 - United.

Q: What episode is it where Starscream beats Megatron in Cybertron?
A: That would be episode #46 - Showdown.

Q: Why ain't those three Mini-cons you traveled with in the newest transformers show with you?
A: See Ask Vector Prime A Question issue #25 for a hint. Safeguard gets jealous and bullies them when they're around.

Q: Dear V-E-C to the T-O-R to the P-R-I-M-E, Vector Prime!
Again, greetings from Earth-716! Mic Sounders (Za Thirteenth) is wondering if there any fellow rockers over there, and if anyone of the locals would like to ROCK the night away!
Mic Sounders.
PS: has Soundwave arrived over there yet or no?

A: Which Soundwave? We have two, though neither show up in the comics often. G1 Soundwave is rather battle-damaged, and the Constructicons refuse to fix him, so he tends to stay off-screen. It takes upwards of half an hour to write so much as one line of Cybertron Soundwave's dialogue, so he isn't written often.


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