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  January 27th, 2006  

Vector Prime

If Hasbro doesn't update soon, the Insecticons are going to declare them fair game and post the official questions on this page for posterity. Or maybe even the Hasbro people are getting tired of being asked, "How old are you?" every week.

Hm, not many questions this week. Maybe I'll finally be allowed to retire soon.

Q: Has Overhaul always been this rude?

At least I wasn't the only one who thought that when they saw this

A: I didn't know the mechanism myself before the series, but Optimus Prime assures me that Overhaul has only become more tactful and polite as the years have gone by. I can only be glad that Cybertron didn't take place two million years ago.

Q: Is Wayward going to start writing fanfiction again? She's leaving us hanging with her Other Vengeance fic. I'd enjoy any other fiction she'd like to post as well. Decepticon fanfiction that doesn't involve turning Megatron ( or any Decepticon for that matter ) into a wuss is hard to find.
A: She's always writing fanfiction, the question is of her finishing any. She's even written a short one with me, but is sitting on it after hearing that Safeguard really does get characterisation eventually. Fortunately for her and unfortunately for the rest of the universe, since he never gets any lines that a human can understand, so far she can still claim he's the vicious little biter that occasionally graces this page. ( No, I'm still not trading him in. )

I think someone must have recently linked Other Vengeance somewhere. Usually Wayward only gets asked about it every two or three weeks, but this week there have been three e-mails to her and one to me.

Q: If you were really serious about fixing the time-stream, why not just teleport the Dinobots on top of Megatron's head and let nature take it's course?
A: Unfortunately, because it's the wrong nature. As a being outside of time, I need to be careful to do anything, because everything I do could change the natural time-stream. This is why I only take an active role when something worse than changing history will happen without me. Much to Megatron's annoyance, he's not important enough for that, thus, no teleporting Dinobots.

It does make for a pleasant mental image, though.

Q: Sir Vector of Prime, I wish to ask thee about thy faithful Squire ( Safeguard. ) Since he was apparently torn from your posterior, does he have the ability to travel through time and/or space without you?
A: He came off my left side, not my backside. You humans and afts ... Safeguard has no innate powers. He does know how to stop time, but he never uses the ability. This is both because, as a being outside of time, he knows not to use his powers lightly, and because he doesn't have to, being attached to my arm and all.

Q: Dear Veccy, have you at any stage in your travels run into someone calling himself 'The Doctor'?
A: Several times. The second time I met him, he started to explain that while he looked different, he really was the same person I had met before, until I reminded him that I came from a species that entirely changed their appearences on occasion as well.

Q: I just saw a picture of "Pepsi Prime". Which one do you prefer; Pepsi or Coca Cola? And the Insecticons?
A: I prefer root beer. The Insecticons like anything carbonated that they can shake up and spray on people.

Q: Can you suggest me things to ask you about?
A: Anything but variations on 'how old are you?', 'why did they reuse this name on that character?', anything that would be a major spoiler for current cartoons or comics, or anything covered in my information paragraph at the top. I can answer questions pertaining to pretty much anything Transformers-related that was released in North America, as well as Superlink and Galaxy Force. Anything else I have to look up. To be honest, I'm surprised that only one person ever sent in 'in character' questions, such as the ones that appeared in the January 6th issue.


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