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  April 30th, 2007 

Vector Prime

For those of you still wailing about the BotCon exclusive set, for those of you who only want one or two figures and don't want to spend three hundred dollars for pieces you don't want, I encountered one fellow who came up with a solution: split the set between five of you who each want a different figure. Or, if you want to make a profit, other people have been selling off their extras on online for inflated prices after the fact for years - why not be the seller yourself? But then, I suppose it's easier to claim that Fun Publications hates you personally than to actually do anything.

It seems that Hasbro has updated their official site to reflect the upcoming Movie and thus has done away with the answer column. We, of course, made a copy for this site so that the, ahem, wisdom may not be lost.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Since you can travel into the future, can you tell us if the new Transformers movie coming out in July will be a great success, a total failure, or somewhere in between? Thanks!

A: In terms of finances, the 2007 Movie will make a lot of money. Whether the story is any good or not, I have been forbidden to say.

Q: Greetings timekeeper.
I think I can see the reason Wayward dislikes dragons so much.
They bite.
I'm inclined to agree with you on that aspect.
Anyway, my questions are as follows.
1) If you where to take on a beast form, persay to disguise yourself amongst the Maximals, what would it be?
2) Have you ever used your powers over time for somthing selfish and trivial, say, repeating a particuler event you enjoyed? (Re consuming the same Energon, receiving a kiss from Overide thanks to a bet. Cheating on seid bet by going forward in time to see the outcome..)

A: 1) I don't tend to change my form unless it is absolutely required. I have the power to change time. Secrecy is not a priority of mine. If I had to take a beast-mode, I might choose a large white eagle.

2) Often, though usually for doing bad things to other people ( all right, Insecticons ) rather than reliving moments for myself.

Q: Dear Vector Prime-sama,
Are either yourself or Wayward-san familiar with the Mirrorverse series of fan fiction? ( Link to Mirrorverse ) If so, have you ever visited the Mirrorverse? And if you have, is there a Vector Prime there? What faction is he?

A: We know of the Mirrorverse. I've passed few a few times, but never encountered my alternate. Possibly I was just lucky, possibly no alternate of me exists there. He would be an Autobot. Factions aren't changed.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I have another question for you. I was recently browing a forum, and I noticed a thread making mention of the Dinobots having a combined form called "The Beast". But, I've never seen or heard or read anything about the Dinobots being able to combine, so is it true or not. And if it is, would you have any images of this weird combined dinosaur transformer. I'm kinda hoping it's true, because the idea of it interests me. Anyways thanks.

A: Many fans have designed Dinobot gestalts. In terms of actual published material, there was a two-part comic released with the Metrodome G1 Season Two ( part two ) and Season Three box sets called The Beast Within that involved the Dinobots as a combiner.

Q: Dear Strag, I mean Vector Prime,
1. Have you ever met the time traveler known as The Doctor? I hear he's a nice guy, saving whole worlds from destruction and all.
2. Is the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Milliways a nice place to visit?
3. Do Autobots stop for interstellar hitchhikers? Decepticons seem to think itís funny to dump oil on us as they pass by.
4. How many times have you kicked Cheetor this week?
And yes like any good interstellar hitchhiker I did remember to bring my towel.

A: 1) Have you read my archives? I hear I've answered this question, and that once he wrote in himself.

2) It is nice, but the equipment that they use to run it gives me headaches.

3) Autobots do if they're not otherwise focused on a mission. Unless you are under fifteen. They always seem to have time to drag children along to battlezones.

4) Not at all this week. He knows to stay away from my feet.


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