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  May 4th, 2007 


Hello! I am the Blinky and you are the readers! Veccy is having family problems, so he's not in this week. Sadness!

Have you been followng the BotCon exclusive figure previews? On Thursday, they showed the last one - Dreadwind! And they said they had a hundred sets left. And today, they were sold out! Everyone must love Dreadwind. They all want to take him home and give him hugs because he is always sad.

Q: Have you seen a time traveling black and red bullet train in the last couple of days? It belongs to me and a malfunction in its navigation and teleportation systems caused it to teleport me and everyone else on it off, as well as send it to an unknown destination. Think you can find it for me?
P.S. The Fallen owes me 2,000,000 galaxy-credits and if he doesn't pay up by Saturday I'm gonna start calling in the bounty hunters.

A: Blinky has not seen it. I went and asked the other teleporters if they had seen it, and Skywarp said he had and said it went that way, but when he pointed, his finger disappeared! Blinky does not understand teleporters.

PS: The Fallen probably didn't pay just so you would send bounty hunters. He doesn't play fair.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Why did I change from male to female when I became a Transmetal?
Beast Wars Metals (Manga) Airazor

A: Because translators who don't watch the show through before translating are special like that.

Q: Will Ransack and Override as well as Thundercracker and Thunderblast ever start dating?
A: All four of them together? That is more love than even Blinky can handle.

Q: Dear Vector Prime guy,
what does Wayward think of Starscream in Armada?
P.S. Would Starscream(Armada) come with me to the dance if I told him that no one would jump on him or bond or gag him? And that I wouldn't jump on him or scream or do anything embarassing to him... except for just starring at him?
Would he annoy my brother for me(I want to prove him wrong)?

A: About the nicest thing that Wayward thinks of him is that he's pretty, but dumb. She doesn't dislike him, she just doesn't think he's nearly as strong, as brave, or as noble as fanfic claims he is.

PS: Probably not. Unless you're a Minicon. Minicons were the only people that Starscream ever really seemed relaxed around. Even the humans made him uncomfortable! And he probably wouldn't annoy your brother, unless your brother thinks that big jets trying to avoid him are annoying.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What does Scanner (Tranformers: Forever) look like?

A: Her alt-mode is a diagnostic table, so she's got the leaves of the table as kind of a half-skirt and she's all covered in tools.

Q: Dear Veecter Prim
After you told him what to do, Scrapheap dragged me down to therapy. The stupid psychologist gave us couples' therapy instead of remedial therapy. I can now never show my face in front of my teammates again. Do you think it's okay for me to slowly torture and kill Scrapheap?
Whipcoil (Transformers: Forever)
P.S. Shatterfire said if I worked for her, then I would not go to jail for my former crimes. Is this blackmail?

A: No, no, no! Torturing and killing is Not Love At All. You should bake cookies for everyone, so that they think of you as the Person That Brings Cookies.

PS: That is called making a deal, because if you're telling Blinky, then these former crimes of yours are not a secret. Blackmail is more if you've got a secret and the other person makes you do things so she won't tell. But then she tends to anyway. So it's better to just be nice and not have anything bad you'd rather people didn't know.


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