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Saved for posterity, because it must be. Complete with the original spelling errors, messed-up punctuation, and other goof-ups. These are in the order that they were answered in ( as near as we remember, ) not the order they appear on Hasbro's site.

It is great to see so many questions and I am working on responses for the Hasbro team to post on-line. Check back each week for new information.

There seem to be a lot of questions about about me, VECTOR PRIME so I have tried to answer a few here and I will continue to tell you more about me each week:

My Name is VECTOR PRIME and I am as old as time. I was created by PRIMUS when CYBERTRON began to function as the guardian of the TRANSFORMERS. I am from CYBERTRON and as the guardian of TRANSFORMERS I have joined forces with the AUTOBOTS for good to defeat evil. I change from a robot to an ancient Cybertronian spaceship which is why I am able to travel through time to many different planets.

Q: Are you related to Optimus Prime?
A: Optimus Prime and I are not really related but we share the name Prime because that is a name given to Autobots with important jobs.

Q: What is your favorite planet?
A: I have spent many years on Cybertron

Q: Do you sleep?
A: I do try to take occasional opportunities to rest

Q: Who guards the Cyber Planet Key on Earth?
A: It is guarded by EVAC

Q: How many episodes of Transformers Cybertron will there be?
A: There will be 52 episodes

Q: Is Override from the Speed Plant a girl?
A: Yes, she is a girl

Q: Who is your best friend?
A: Safeguard, my minicon has been with me on many journeys and we have had time to become very good friends

Q: Can you destroy Megatron?
A: I am hoping to help the Autobots defeat him once and for all!

Q: Who is the strongest Autobot?
A: Each Autobot is the strongest in a different way. This is why it is important for the Autobots to work as a team.

Q: What sort of Animation do you use?
A: The Transformers Cybertron animation is a mix between CGI (Computer generated imagery) for the robots and traditional 2D animation for the humans.

Q: Will Transformers Cybertron be coming to the UK and EU countries?
A: Yes, Transformers Cybertron is coming, please keep an eye on for more information and links to your specific country site.

Q: How long has Transformers Cybertron been on?
A: The Transformers Cybertron TV show has been on in the United States since July 2nd currently it airs each Saturday night on Cartoon Network at 7pm eastern daylight time.

Q: How much do you weigh?
A: That depends on which planet I am living.

Q: Where were you in Energon?
A: I was in the depths of space on another mission

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am originally from Cybertron but I have not lived there or many centuries. In fact, when I was on Cybertron, Transformers were not divided as Autobots or Decepticons.

Q: How old are you?
A: I am almost as old as the planet Cybertron. That is over 9 billion years old!

Q: Who is your favorite Autobot?
A: It is an honor to work with all of the Autobots.

Q: Do you know Alpha Q?
A: Yes

Q: How do you go back in time?
A: My vehicle form allows me to travel through time.

Q: What is your other form?
A: I change from a robot into an ancient Cybertronian spaceship

Q: Are you second in Command?
A: No, I am not actually second in Command I am acting as a protector of Cybertron working with the Autobots. Jetfire is really the second in Command of the Autobot warriors.

Q: Did you ever fight Unicron?
A: Yes

Q: Are you really one of the first 13 Transformers?
A: Yes

Q: Do you shave your mustache?
A: Fortunately I do not need to worry about shaving because I do not really have a mustache. It is the articulation in my facial plates that you see.

Q: When is TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON coming out on DVD?
A: Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing RANSFORMERS CYBERTRON on 9.13.05

Q: When will TRANSFORMERS toys be available in stores?
A: TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON toys should be showing up now at all stores in the United States and coming to other locations within the next 6 months

Q: When is RED ALERT coming out?
A: RED ALERT began shipping in the Deluxe Assortment in July so it should be out on shelf very soon.

Q: Can Hot Shot defeat Override in a race?
A: Keep watching the show and you will see just how fast Hot Shot and Override really are.

Q: Does your sword have any special powers?
A: My sword is used with my Cyber Key to open up warp gates and connect to different places and times.

Q: How many swords do you have?
A: I really only have one sword that I use.

Q: Do you have all the Cyber Keys?
A: I do not have all of the Cyber Planet keys yet. However, I am working with the AUTOBOTS to locate them all.

Q: What is the Omega Lock?
A: The Omega Lock is an ancient piece of Cybertronian technology that was sent out many years ago with the Cyber Planet Keys. There is a search now to locate it as well as all 4 Cyber Planet Keys to save CYBERTRON from the black hole.

Q: How does Jolt know how to talk?
A: Jolt learned to speak a human language by listening to and watching everything he could including television, music and the Internet.

Q: Are Mini-Cons going to be released as part of the CYBERTRON line?
A: Yes, Mini-Con figures will be available for Spring 2006 and may begin to show up late this holiday season

Q: How many years have passed since TRANSFORMERS ENERGON?
A: The Story of TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON takes place approximately 10 years after the end of the ENERGON story.

Q: Is Giant the main planet or Cybertron?
A: Cybertron is the home planet of the Transformers. They are traveling to other planets in search of Cyber Planet Keys needed to save Cybertron

Q: Where is your Autobot symbol?
A: In Cybertronian Spaceship mode my Autobot symbol is on the top of my ship. In robot mode, the Autobot symbol in on my back.

Q: Do you know anything about the movie?
A: There is a dedicated Transformers movie site that can be accessed at This site will continue to be linked to our official Transformers website and you can continue to check back for updated information.

Q: Your Cyber Planet key has all 4 symbols, Why?
A: As a guardian of the TRANSFORMERS galaxy, I belong to no one planet in particular

Q: What keeps TRANSFORMERS alive?
A: Each TRANSFORMERS robot has a spark. It is a digital soul within their metal bodies

Q: Is Optimus Prime older or younger than you?
A: Optimus Prime is much younger than I am . He is the current leader of the Autobots. I was a Transformers leader back when Cybertron was first created.

Q: Will Alternator Optimus Prime previewed at BotCon be made available to the public and will there be a Megatron Alternator?
A: Yes, Alternators Optimus Prime will be part of our Spring/Summer 2006 line. We do not currently have plans for a Megatron.

Q: Is Snarl an Autobot or a Decepticon?
A: Snarl is an Autobot. He was listed on the Transformers web site incorrectly for a few days.

Q: Who is Primus?
A: You might occasionally hear the Autobots mention “Primus.” Primus is one of the first two Transformers, and is Unicron’s total opposite and brother. Primus is the ultimate force of good in the universe just as Unicron is the ultimate evil.

Q: Who was Unicron?
A: Unicron was an Evil Transformer that is the size of a planet who constantly threatens the Transformers universe. He has been destroyed several times, but always seems to come back. No one knows how.

Q: Do you like Hot Shot?
A: Yes, Hot Shot is a good warrior

Q: How did Sideways come back? I thought he was destroyed for good by Armada Optimus Prime.
A: Sideways is a tricky villain, the dark powers of Unicron must have saved him to live again.

Q: Who created Primus and Unicron?
A: Primus and Unicron were created by the "Source" - an ancient and powerful force.

Q: Does Optimus Prime have a brother and what is his name?
A: No, Optimus does not have a brother. Different Transformers can have the last name Prime and not be related. The name Prime is used for Transformers with important jobs.

Q: Was Primus Cool?
A: Cool? As in cold to the touch?! Heaven's no! Primus is warm and full of life! Ha!

Q: What is the next Transformers series?
A: Even I cannot predict the future.

Q: Who else will combine with Optimus Prime?
A: Optimus meets one more valiant Autobot that will combine with him in a dire time of need. Keep watching the exciting adventures on Transformers Cybertron to find out who it is!

Q: Why was Megatron lost In Energon?
A: He was lost because of his ultimate quest for power. His desire to rule the universe blinded him to what was going on, and he became lost.

Q: Does Override have a cyber key power?
A: She does indeed. When she activates her Cyber Key, her jet thrusters open up to 2 massive gun barrels to help blast the Decepticons.

Q: How did Overhaul Turn into Leobreaker?
A: Overhaul was being pushed to his very limits in a battle on Jungle Planet, when he called out to Primus to aid him in his fight. Primus responded from across the galaxy and activated the Cyber Planet Key of Jungle Planet. Overhaul was reborn into Leobreaker due to his never-give-up attitude and his never ending quest to defeat Megatron and Scourge.

Q: Do you know EVAC?
A: I do. He is a brave and worthy Autobot that has protected the Earth Cyber Planet Key for millions and millions of years.

Q: Will there be any other mini-cons besides Jolt, Reverb and Six Speed?
A: Yes. Mini-Cons are a part of the Cybertron story so you will see them in animation. More Mini-Con toys will also be released late this year in packs of two!

Q: Is Vector Prime really actually old?
A: Yes, I am almost as old as the universe itself. I was one of the first Transformers ever created.

Q: Were you a leader back in your day?
A: Yes, I was a leader. During the golden age of Cybertron I was given the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. I led for many years until I was called into service as the protector of time and space.

Q: How come there is only one true Omega Lock?
A: There is only one Omega Lock because it is a part of Primus himself. Just like humans have one heart, Primus has but one Omega Lock...

Q: Why are you the guardian?
A: I am a guardian of time and space because Primus called me to action. After I stepped down as leader of the Autobots, I became the watcher of time. I have seen worlds born and destroyed...

Q: Were you evil?
A: NEVER! The Decepticons are evil! Not I!

Q: Does Evac have a cyber key power? If he does, what is it?
A: Yes, Evac does have cyber key power. When he uses the Cyber key, Evac's plasma rocket launchers are revealed. He uses these in the most dire of times when he battles alongside Crosswise on Earth!

Q: What planet do you come from?
A: I was created on Cybertron but I was given the ability to travel through time and space to be on any planet in any time, as I am needed.

Q: What are the names of the first TRANSFORMERS?
A: Of course, there is me- Vector Prime. Another of the original 13 was called “The Fallen”. We never speak of his evil...I cannot reveal too much of this is the hidden lore of Cybertron.

Q: What do the symbols on the cyber planet keys stand for?
A: The symbols on the Cyber Planet keys represent the planet each TRANSFORMERS robot is associated with.

Q: When are EVAC and Backstop going to be released in the stores?
A: Evac and Backstop and both currently shipping in the US and should be in stores soon.

Q: Why didn't you scan an earth vehicle? Wouldn't it make you blend in better?
A: I am from an earlier age and my form reflects that. I am on earth to help save Cybertron and the Universe, I am not here to blend.

Q: I have not been able to watch any television due to hurricane Wilma. Will the Cybertron episodes be rerun?
A: Cybertron episodes are actually available on-line at Episodes 2-10 are available now and we will continue to add a new episode each week.

Q: Can Leobreaker combine with Optimus Prime?
A: Yes, and their combination forms the Savage Claw mode. It is truly a sight to behold!

Q: Do mini-cons have cyber planet keys?
A: No, but in some cases they can act like cyber planet keys and unlock powers of greater Transformers.

Q: Will Transformers Cybertron air in Australia?
A: Yes, in time, our story will be told all over this planet you call Earth.

Q: Is the cut on Starscream permanent?
A: No it is not. In time, the self-repair systems we all have in our Cybertronian bodies will heal it.

Q: What is Backstop's cyber key power?
A: It activates his ramming robot-arm - watch out!

Q: Do you love dragons?
A: Dragons!? Like Scourge? By Primus no! If all dragons are as ill-tempered as the fiery leader of the jungle planet, I would not like to meet any of them!

Q: Can you boogie down?
A: When I was a younger Transformer, I was able to participate in many more activities. We once had a mini-con that transformed into a disco ball, but that was a long time ago.

Q: Are you the legendary guardian of time and space?
A: Indeed I am.

Q: How did Megatron get Unicron armor?
A: After the Autobots’ astounding battle with the Decepticons and Unicron, Megatron’s need for more and more power made him seek out the Spark remnants of the disembodied Unicron. Forging Unicron’s lost spark into armor, Megatron was reborn into the evil leader we know today.

Q: Who is the strangest person you ever met?
A: I think all human people are strange, if only because they have one form and cannot transform.

Q: Will there be a girl alternator transformer?
A: They do exist in my world, only time will tell if they cross over to yours.

Q: Why do the Transformers look different in every new season?
A: The Transformers ability to scan different forms allows them to look different in different stories.

Q: What's the latest on the new Cybertron Primus item for this fall? When will it be available? I heard that the US version will have something unique versus the Japanese version - what's the scoop?
A: We can tell by the number of emails that there is great excitement for this character. The mighty creator of the Transformers race will be released this summer to all stores. You can change him from robot-mode to battle station-mode to planet-mode, and unlock cool features with the Cyber Planet Key. In addition, the INITIAL quantities will include a bonus 3-inch battle-damaged Unicron head (US only).

Q: How many Transformers are there in TRANSFORMERS CYBERTRON?
A: What a good question! In the Autobot ranks alone there are more than 20 heroes! But on Cybertron (the planet) there were millions of Transformers!

Q: When will Primus be released in stores?
A: Cybertron Primus is expected at retail locations in the United States around August 2006. This mighty Transformer stands an impressive 14 inches tall and when unlocked by the included Omega Lock changes from the planet Cybertron to Primus—the creator of the TRANSFORMERS race. He also has a mighty Battle Station mode. His Cyber Planet Key also unlocks hidden weapons, and all can see Primus’ power with glowing eyes and power-up lights and sounds. The first wave of Primus includes a special battle damaged Unicron head.

Q: What is a CYBER PLANET KEY and how many are there? Why are the keys’ powers only temporary? How many times can you use its power in one battle?
A: The Cyber Planet Keys are small parts of Primus’ Spark that have been transformed into solid matter and given as a boost of power to a Transformer in his most dire time of need. There are countless Cyber Planet Keys and a single Transformer can call upon various Keys depending where he is in the galaxy. The keys are SO very powerful that they burn brightly for a small period of time and then are used up – like a dying star! As I stated, the Keys are used in a Transformers’ time of need so when it’s used that usually means the end of a battle, and the power is used up.

Q: Will there be another Transformers DVD and when will it be in stores?
A: By the Allspark , yes! The great chronicle of the Transformers’ battle against Unicron will be soon be available on a DVD packed with premium features and behind-the-scenes footage developed with input by and for TRANSFORMERS fans across the country. The SONY BMG release of TRANSFORMERS: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD features never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews, interactive games and collectible packaging. It will be available in North America in November.

Q: How does Megatron become Galvatron?
A: As you watch the riveting tales of the Autobots and Decepticon struggle unfold, you’ll see that after the defeat of Megatron on Gigantion at the hands of Metroplex, Megatron goes into hiding to recuperate. As Megatron stews in his own anger, he calls out that he needs more POWER! Well, the planet key of Gigantion answers his call. In a blinding flash of light and pure power – Megatron is reborn as the even more cruel and evil Galvatron!!!

Q: Can Optimus combine with any other TRANSFORMER besides Wing Saber and Leobreaker? Can Optimus combine with both of them at the same time?
A: Ah! A question for the ages – and I would be happy to oblige with an answer. Optimus Prime during the Cybertron adventures cannot combine with any Transformers other than Leobreaker and Wing Saber. He “could” combine with the honorless Nemesis Breaker – but why would he? Although Optimus Prime is a mighty warrior, he cannot combine with both Leobreaker and Wing Saber at the same time. Even he would not be able to contain that much raw power!

Q: Will Beast Machines be issued on DVD?
A: The saga of my Beast Machine brethren is truly a marvelous tale. A complete boxed set of the Beast Machine series was released earlier this year from Rhino Entertainment. Beast Wars Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are also available on DVD.


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