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Year Three

Year Three, the year of the Perpetual Technical Difficulties. Also, we finally updated the page's look. It is now more purple and less green. Whoo-hoo.

050209: Not much right now. New server, so we've got to re-upload everything, and we're updating the look and fixing our HTML while we're at it. Which means right now most links don't work and we have no content, but we'll be fixing that over the next while. We're just happy to have the page back at all.

050210: Got the fics back up in the Worlds Apart ( except Love Me, Love My Gestalt because it's being edited, ) I Have Wings, and Other Vengeance sections. Also added:

- An incomplete list of villain voice actors.
- Final Darkness, the Slog information page.
- The obscure comic characters pages.
- Transformers: Forever, up in the Fanworks section.

And, of course, reposted the rules for the two contests just to remind you to resubmit your entries.

050211: Spent most of the day working on the Bonecrusher costume for TransformersCon, so didn't get much coding done today. Come to think of it, will spend most of the weekend getting TFCon stuff prepared. Currently working on the Insectistats ( mostly the tech specs bits ) and gathering comic scans for the Comics section.

050212: Not much visible work today. Got some work done on the 'Crushersuit and coded a couple more contest entries, so things you won't be seeing for a bit yet. Got a bit more done on the Insectistats - Shrapnel, Bombshell, and Kickback are now complete.

050214: New fic in Worlds Apart - A Token Of Memory. There's your Valentine's-themed thing. ;)

Also finished off the Deluxe Insecticons in the Insectistats. And coded more contest entries.

050216: Working on getting the Wayward Insecticon Theatre fics back up. All of the Deux Ex Machina series is back up, as well as How Megatron Got His Love Back.

050218: Slowly does the page reconstruct. Got the rest of the Wayward Insecticon Theatre fics up.

Am working on getting the Insecticomics back up. The index is up, but they're being coded in alphabetical order by filename ( because it's easier for me to know what I've done that way. ) So if you click one, most likely you'll get the error page, unless the filename starts with 'a' or 'b'. Right now we're uploading images. We'll get to the actual coding after that ( the ones up were mostly to test. )

050219: Continuing to refill the Insecticomics. Now everything with filenames from 'a' to 'o' are up. The rest should be up tomorrow night.

050220: There. The rest of the Insecticomics are up. ^_^

050223: Gah! You people are trying to kill us, dumping all your contest entries on us at the last minute! ( Of course, if we had been better about keeping up with the coding, this wouldn't have been as big a problem ... ) Anyway, the contest entries are up for both the Write A Female Character and the New Series challenges. Go read 'em. It'll keep you busy for a while.

Yeah, technically it's another ninty minutes to midnight ( at time of update ) but get it in before Wayward wakes up tomorrow and it'll count as on time.

050224: One last entry squeaked in for the New Series contest ( you're lucky that Wayward gets up at the crack of noon. ) Possibly one more if the writer gets back to us ( it'll be late, but it was Wayward's fault it's late. )

050225: Yep, it's another straggler entry for the New Series contest.

050227: See the TransformersCon banner on the front page? Just reminding you that you want to visit Canada. It also reminds Wayward to get her stuff for it done. ;)

Starting to get the picture archives back up. Shall try to add a few pictures every day until the galleries are refilled. Right now, have started on the Decepticons, the non-G1 characters, and the fan characters.

050228: You've noticed that a bunch of links are missing. Those are the ones that still lead to error pages. As the page refills, the links will return.

This has got to be the most disorganised set of contests we've ever run. Silverfox has a new story up in Write A Female Character and has a different entry in New Series ... which, in both cases, were Wayward's fault for forgetting or getting wrong. All the mistakes landed on Silverfox, who fortunately pointed them out.

Also, more pictures have been added to the galleries. And we got the In Space Comics section back up.

050301: The ninth chapter of Other Vengeance is finally up. And have more pictures up in the galleries.

050302: More pictures up. More galleries, too.

050303: Yep, more pictures in the Decepticons, Covers, and Other Vengeance galleries. And Race With The Devil, part five up in the Comics section, to remind Wayward to finish it sometime. Also, five Insecticomics you may not have seen, and one you definitely haven't.

050304: The rest of the pictures are up in Fic Covers. Also, more pictures up in the Fan Characters and Other Vengeance sections. And added an Autobots gallery. Yes, it's very small.

050305: Taking a short break from the galleries, we're starting to put up the older fics. Captive Minds is back up.

050306: There, the entry we were waiting to collect is up in the New Series contest section. Poll thing up tonight or tomorrow.

Also, new fic up in Worlds Apart - Pieces Within The Whole.

050307: Since for some reason we can only run one poll at once, we flipped a coin and decided to run the voting for The Write A Female Character Writing Challenge first. The poll will be up until March 14th.

050308: Continuing to get the older fic up. Medusa has been reposted. Also have started a Fancharacter Directory listing everyone who got a name ( however, it's currently missing everyone from the stories I haven't reposted yet. )

050309: Continuing to get the older fic up. Hunted has been reposted.

050310: Continuing to get the older fic up. Worlds Away has been reposted. Also, got some more pictures up in the Decepticon gallery.

050312: By request, have finished uploading the Other Vengeance gallery. Also posted a new Insecticomic for our friend Alirion's birthday. And one more picture in the Fancharacters Gallery.

050314: The votes are in and the winner of the Write A Female Character Writing Challenge is Devi. Thanks to everyone who participated. Now you can go vote for the New Series challenge.

Yeah, updates have been slower and small for the last couple days. Wayward's trying to get her work for TFCon finished.

050318: Reposting old fic again. The Insecticon Rebellion is back up.

050321: The winner of the New Series Writing Challenge is ... well, at the time of checking, it's a tie. Wayward doesn't want to be the deciding factor, so we're leaving this one until tomorrow night.

Wayward's stuff for TransformersCon is at the printer's, so now that she's not scrambling, what does she do? She's reposted Stormworld in the Larval Stage fics. All six chapters of it.

050322: It's about nine in the evening, so time to poke around at updates. And finally one of the two lead entries has pulled ahead. Thus the winner of the New Series challenge is Cyberwraith Nine. Thanks to everyone who submitted entries, voted, or just read the things and boosted our hit-count.

Also, in anticipation of TransformersCon, Wayward's put the costumes section back up in her fanworks.

050326: It is late and Wayward is tired. She'll get conventiony stuff up early next week. Until then, Easter and thus Family Stuff gets in the way. To tide you over, here is a picture of Wayward wearing the Bonecrusher costume. And a skirt.

050327: Added the Insecticon Clones ( the Diaclone-coloured reissues ) to the Insectistats page.

050328: New Insecticomic - Who Dares Interupt My Convention Report? Also got Lunatron's Spinister costume up and the first pics of Wayward's Bonecrusher costume. And a new picture in the fanchara archive - Sailor Loon's Gash. And just realised I hadn't posted my Prime poster in the Autobot gallery yet. Oy.

050401: Painting of Liege Maximo and Jhiaxus up in the Not G1 gallery.

050402: Added both an essays and an art tutorials section to the Wayward's Fanworks area. The essays are snippier than the art tutorials.

050403: Added a picture of Rook to the Not G1 gallery. Darn Liegies ... Also another picture of Wayward's Bonecrusher costume.

050407: Wayward's been busy with her latest repaint project and the prize art from the last two writing challenges ( she's hoping to get those done by early next week. ) There's two new Insecticomics up now, and the first three chapters of The Human Condition have been reposted.

050408: Put the rest of The Human Conditon back up.

050411: Of all the things Wayward should be doing, she blew the day watching Superlink and starting a G1 screencap gallery. It's just Insecticons and Constructicons for now. It takes longer to put those galleries together than you'd think. Oy.

050412: More screencaps, these ones from Quest For Survival. Which means, of course, Insecticons. And one Constructicon one we missed from yesterday.

Second update of the day - went and did captures from The Core as well. Now there's more Constructicons up, and, for some reason, Starscream.

Edit the third: Got the first piece of prize art up. Is Skywarp and Steadfast for Devi in the Fanchara Gallery.

050413: Yep, more screencaps. Today's are from The Insecticon Syndrome. ( Look, we're an Insecticon page. Of course we're doing the Insectisodes first. )

050416: Not much, just added a picture of Nimbus to the Fanchara Gallery.

050417: Added Constructicon group-shots from The Master Builders to the screencap gallery. Will do the individual Constructicon galleries next.

050418: Added the individual Constructicon galleries to the screencaps section. Not Devastator yet, though.

050423: Added more Insecticon screencaps, this time from A Plague of Insecticons. Wayward's been distracted with writing - which is good or bad depending on whether or not you like her fics.

050425: New contest up - the The Other Generation Art Contest. In related news, there's a picture of Terrorsaur as a Seeker jet up. Yes, we know it makes no sense.

050427: New Insecticomic - Steamhammer Fills In. We apologise in advance. We've also got the repaints/knock-offs gallery in the process of being put back up. And Insecticonundrum is back up in the Larval Stage fanfic section.

050428: Just a couple Insecticomics - Story Time and Rage Against The Ghost In The Machine.

050430: Put up a picture of Scorponok as a backhoe in the Not G1 gallery and up on the contest page, as he's a more accurate representation of what we want.

050501: Finally finished the prize art for the New Series contest. Not surprisingly, there is now a picture of Valkyrie up in the fanchara gallery.

050507: Sorry about the long delay in updates; Wayward is easily distracted. She should have a new repaint up later this week and has a short fic in the beta stages. Anyway, we've got the old story Venom recoded and in the Larval Stage fanfic area. Also a picture of Wayward's Bonecrusher costume she forgot to put up last month.

050512: New Insecticomic - Our Six Dads.

050514: Just a picture up in the Fanchara Gallery. Her name is Brasswing. You don't know her.

050518: Reposted Tempest up in the Larvel Stage fanfic section. Also have a new picture of the Liege Maximo up in the Not G1 gallery.

050521: New picture of Starscream up in the Decepticons gallery.

050523: Two new pictures up in the Not G1 gallery - Liege Maximo and Inferno.

050531: New picture of Starscream up in the Decepticons gallery. Also have put Waiting For Starscream back up in the Larval Stage fanfic section. Picture has nothing to do with story.

Also, for your amusement, an animated gif about an important but ignored point in War Within: Dark Ages.

050603: The Other Generation Art Contest has declared Oyee to be the winner. Go check out the entries.

Also two new pictures - Airazor in the Not G1 Gallery and a fanchara of mine named Halcyon in the Fanchara Gallery.

050604: We've finally got the Links page working again. Also, new picture up in the Fanchara Gallery - a fellow named Wardword.

050609: New fic up in Worlds Apart - Defy The Stars.

050614: New Insecticomic - The Mists of Time. Also a picture of Seaquake up in the Fanchara Gallery.

050620: Oyee wanted Megatron for her prize art, so there's a new picture of the Slagmaker up in the Decepticons Gallery.

050706: Sorry about the lack of recent updates - Wayward's been caught up in writing two fics and trying to get a couple commissions done, so she's been neglecting the page. And now she's packing up Slog and vanishing for an extended weekend. She'll be back Tuesday.

Which reminds us - Wayward really needs to get her Stuff By Other People section back up, because people have offered submissions, including Plushie Slog. This huge and fantastic bit of squeezability was done by Gemma Inkyboots. Here he is from the side, from the back, and the National Hug A Decepticon Day banner.

We're still slowly reposting Wayward's old stories. Devastated and One Of My Kind are back up in the Larval Stage archive.

And just to tide you over until Wayward gets back ( and because she feels guilty about the lack of updates, ) here's some scans from her sketchbook.
Rook and his Not A Beer Hat
Slog sitting on Hook's head
Spiral, a G2 Cybertronian
Eidolon's original body. She looks like Arcee crashed into Evil-Lyn
My current Seaquake design
Clunker, a character in my current fic in progress
Smashup and Stopgap, two characters in my current fic in progress. Not to scale and Smashup looks too much like Brawl right now. :P

050712: Back from vacation. More about that later if Wayward can get pictures from other people ( she always ends up photographing people's kitbashes instead of the conventions. ) Anyway, one new picture of me up in the Decepticon Gallery. Wayward needs to cut back on the sparklies ...

050713: Because Wayward loves the comics that come with the toys and because she has no sense of continuity ( and because a friend requested this one, ) Energon: Volume Four ( AKA Autobots Can't DO That! ) is up in the Canon section.

050714: Two more toy comics up, this time the first two Armada ones - Hot Shot versus Cyclonus and Scavenger versus Starscream.

050715: The last two Armada toy comics are up - Optimus and Jetfire versus Megatron and The Obligatory Unicron Issue.

Bonus feature: a painting of Dreadmoon that I don't plan on finishing. I just felt like painting.

050716: Energon toy comic the first is up.

050717: Got a commission done - Trackula's Noisemaker is up in the Fanchara Gallery.

Update the second - Energon toy comic number two is up.

050718: The last Energon toy comic is up. Also, comic scans from Marvel and Dreamwave are being added in the canon section under 'Comics'.

050720: We scanned and posted that masterpiece of illustrated literature, The Autobot Smasher! up in the Canon section.

050722: Added a section on demons to the Canon section. Because Wayward is fed up with OCs that look 'demonic' ( hint: she's not hairy enough. )

050726: Oof. We've transcribed the Find Your Fate story Attack of the Insecticons, so now you can play it online. You can find it in the Canon section. ( Kind of funny, as the story had been up here when this place was The Insecticon Hive. It's, like, double-nostalgia. )

050728: A picture of Blot in the tub is up in the Decepticon Gallery.

050804: There's a new writing contest.

An Interactive section has been added. All it contains at present is a riff on the 'Ask Vector Prime A Question' thing from the transformers.com site. Slog's shrine, Final Darkness, has been moved to the Canon section.

050810: Two new pictures up in the Fanchara Gallery - the Liege Fabulo and his alt-mode. And we put Ask Vector Prime A Question on the front page because we couldn't think of any other interactive stuff to do, so giving that a whole page seemed silly.

050812: The latest issue of As Vector Prime A Question is up.

050814: New fanchara picture up. Wellspring, yet another pretty boatcon.

050815: New fanchara picture up, this one not Wayward's. Go look in the Fanchara Gallery for Lunatron's Alkali.

050818: A picture of Cyclonus has been added to the Decepticon gallery. Also, the next issue of Ask Vector Prime A Question is up.

050821: Added a pic of a fanchara called Siren. We'll get toy photos up when Wayward's brother comes back with the good camera ( she's an Energon Arcee repaint. )

050831: Transformerscon. Be there.

We haven't got Siren's official bio page up yet, so here's the photos anyway:
- Siren's robot-mode
- Siren's attack-mode
- And the bike-mode.

And a new picture up in the Fanchara Gallery - Koi's Liege Stupendo.

And after an Alert Reader poked us, we went through the Links page and took out a bunch of the dead ones. Any dead links remaining are ones we're not sure are gone for good or are just really hoping they'll come back.

050901: Not much. Four new Scrapper screencaps up in his gallery.

050902: Vector Prime answers more questions.

050904: A couple new pictures - Rook in the Not G1 Gallery, a sketchy Other Vengeance Terrorsaur looking bishie, and a group of fancharas I like to think of as the No-Hopers.

050908: New fic up in Worlds Apart, Worlds Away - But Fear Itself. Featuring Lunatron's Alkali.

050909: Vector Prime answers more questions, plus shows off photos of himself with touched-up paint apps. Also added a few more scans of comic panels with Insecticons in the Canon section.

050910: Lots more pictures of Constructicons up in the Screencaps section - everyone but poor Mixmaster. But now Devastator has a gallery.

050914: Fixed a question we misread in Ask Vector Prime A Question. You can't heckle us about it because none of you caught it. ;)

050916: Vector Prime answers more questions, with a new picture.

050924: Vector Prime takes a break. This week, Blinky answers questions.

050926: Added a new picture of the Liege Fabulo to the Fanchara Gallery.

050930: Vector Prime is back, even though Hasbro didn't update.



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