The Other Generation Art Contest  

This time around, people were asked to draw pretty much any Transformers character ... in the style of another Transformers series. And you lot didn't make the choosing easy. Still, we had to pick one, and the we think the person who pulled it off the best was Oyee. We were being picky about alt-modes on this one, so we ended up going the one whose the alt-mode we liked best.

Energon Skywarp, by Oyee

Also, take a look at the other entries:

Blue Tiger: Elita-1 as a Beast Wars design - praying mantis alt-mode
Lunatron: Dirge as a Beast Wars design - Steller's jay alt-mode
Miss Special: Tigerhawk as a G1 design - helicopter alt-mode
NacCron: A Quintesson as a five-headed dragon ( cute idea, though not what the rules asked for. ;) )
Nuclear Convoy: Fangry as a Beast Wars design - some kind of bat/wolf fuzor
Nuclear Convoy's second entry: Cheetor as a Robots In Disguise Spychanger
SNoble: Depthcharge as a G1 design - stealth jet

Thanks to everyone who participated. You are all cool. ^_^


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