The Write A Female Character Writing Challenge  

In this contest, contestants were asked to write a story featuring an interesting original female character. Writing challenges don't come much easier than that. ;) Our winner by reader vote was Devi. Thanks to everyone who participated. :D

Bringing Down The Rain
By Devi Crystalseeker
G1: Steadfast, a former meteorologist and experienced stormflyer, is hired by an artist whose medium is rain.

Day Off
By Darkscream
G1: Darkscream scores a day off, but then runs into the problem of trying to decide what to do with her time.

Flare Up
By Flyby Stardancer
RiD: When a new Decepticon joins Megatron, the Autobot Silverstream learns the only way to overcome her fears is to face them.

Hired Thug
By KnightMysterio
Beast Wars: The Maximal Council sends Cobralita to find the Axalon, but Cobralita finds more than she bargained for.

Seeker Squabbles
By Silverfox
G1: Clouddipper wants to rejoin her old trine, but Thundercracker doesn't want to give her that chance.


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