Colouring Book Contest  

In today's installment of We Run A Contest, entrants were to pick a page out of an old colouring book and either colour it or write a story about it. As such, there were winners for both parts. We declared Moxie Thuringwethil to be the winner of the writing section and Starshooter to be the winner of the art section - with a special mention for Peppermintwind who not only used crayon but came up with a caption that madet he judges giggle. Thanks to everyone who participated! Special thanks to Steve-o of Steve-o's Transformers Site who let us use his scans for this.

I Can Shout With My Mouth Shut!
By Moxie Thuringwethil
Based on multiple pictures and Doctor Seuss.


The Birth of the Maraudicons
Based on this picture.

Nibbler versus the Transformers
By Sailor Loon
Based on this picture.

By Steven
Based on this picture.

By Stormy
Based on two pictures.




Evil Killer Poptarts

Sailor Loon, as a companion piece to her story.


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