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  June 15th, 2007  

The Fallen and Blinky

I am the Blinky and I am still doing questions. The Fallen is also here, but he is less than squee.


Vector Prime will return after BotCon, so you get us for one more week after this!

Life is pain, and I long for the release of the void.

He's silly.

Q: dear VP/blinky/the fallen
has the fallen been paying child support to grimlock?

A: You have got to be kidding.

Q: Dear Vector Prime/Blinky/The Fallen/Whoever
I'm just curious do the Mini-Cons still possess their glowing green plot device powers from the end of Armada? If they do does that actually make Starscream's Brigade the most powerful faction in the apartment?
On a side note a question to the Fallen regarding the Mini-Cons: How did the events of Armada resulting in several million literal "Spawns of Unicron" all becoming good and aligning with the Autobots and by extension Primus affect your worldview? After all the Armada Mini-Con's origins mirror your own in a number of respects.

A: The Brigade actually has less than half of the total Minicons in the apartment. Most of the Minicons are their own faction and stay out of the way. But, no. After Armada, because Unicron was weakened, the Minicons could no longer draw much power from him. They can no longer harness his power to create energy constructions or force the evolution of Transformers.

Minicons were spawned by Unicron and corrupted by the introduction of a human's spark to the Linkage early on. I was created by Primus and realised the glory and inevitability of Unicron. We have little in common. I think they were foolish and made a poor choice of allies.

Q: What episode is it where everybody finds out that Starscream was the one who cut off Redalertís hand in Armada?
A: It was never in the show, just the tech specs. Same with Jetfire's trip to Nebulos or Backstop and Snarl destroying sports equipment.

Q: Did the Fallen hurt Blinky?
A: I wish. The horrible little thing has a shell.


Q: Do Cybertron Jetfire and Thundercracker respect each other?
A: Possibly they respect one another's firepower.

Q: dear vector prime... err.... most loving blinky.... errr, most fearsome fallen. I have come bearing questions. Could you please answer them, and may the devourer have mercy upon my spark.
The first question oh fearsome one is this. Why of all the insecticons did only bombshell get the action master treatment? I am sure they all would have found the nucleon tastey.
My second question oh merciless bringer of chaos is this. I heard that primusgranted sparks to the autobots and decepticons that were made on cybertron. Do transformers made elsewhere such as the dinobots (made on earth in the cartoon continuity), sharkicons, and gatorcons (which I assume are made on quintessa) also have sparks?
My third question is i noticed that the botsor cons who make up the limbs of most gestalts can attach to the limbs of metroplex. Does this mean that minicon slots existed in g1? Was unicrom plotting insidiously even thin to spread minicon spawned chaos and corruption?

A: 1) The Insecticons are also wondering why only Shrapnel got Robot Heroes treatment and Kickback got the chess piece treatment. It was rather strange when they all got statue treatment.

2) The question of whether non-Transformers have sparks is one that has plagued Cybertronian philosophers from the beginning. I will settle it all now: all that lives has a spark, or at least a piece of one.

3) What? No. That was probably a Scramble City thing. There is one Micromaster who has a Minicon socket. I will let you wonder which one it is.

Q: Dear cranky ancient and Maximal,
Does the Fallen have to pay child support to Grimlock and his minicons after that incident? Do Transformers even have child support?
Blinky cloud you give Fallen a hug? I only ask because it would annoy him.

A: Blinky is not cranky or ancient! Blinky is Blinky! And I'm hugging the Fallen right now!

He is not. Ignore the pillbug.

But we're text-only. I might be hugging you.

Q: Attention, robot's designating himself as "Blinky" and "The Fallen"
Blinky, your response didn't end too well for the Defense and Build Teams, though it did coerce KouRyu and AnRyu to travel to your Dimension's planet of Velocitron in order to obtain the Autograph. KouRyu sends "Much Hugs".
The Fallen, we do not take kindly by those who seek to destroy, conquer, or in your case, devour all who stand in their way. Any attempts to destroy Earth-716 will be met with much resistance. To be specific, if you attack, you will "Become a Light
Signed, Commander Taiga Kohtarou, Gutsy Galaxy Guard.

A: Ooh, scary. And I'm not the one who's doing the devouring. I just let people know that the Great Devourer is coming so that they might live in dread.


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