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  June 8th, 2007  

The Fallen and Blinky

I am the Blinky and I am still doing questions. The Fallen is also here, but he is less than squee.


Anyway, since there's only one question, we figured we need to fill the space with fandom news. And there was so much this week! The Movie toys were officially released - not just the Deluxes, I mean - and there were new pictures of the upcoming Arcee and 2008 Bumblebee and G1-styled repaints coming in the fall and interviews with just about everyone in the new movie and hints at sequels and new Robot Heroes and it's all just squee.

My favourite news was the updated theme posted at Sector Seven. First it was blamed on Linkin Park, and then upon Mute Math, who turned out to have another version entirely, and nobody knows who did the Sector Seven version after all. Chaos reigns.

Sigh ...

Q: Dear Fellow Brave Robot!!
Greetings from Eath-716! If its not too much to ask...after some recent digging..
Is there any chance that we can get some autograph's from Optimus Prime and Override?
EnRyu, HyoRyu, RaiRyu, FuuRyu, AnRyu, and KouRyu..
PS. Mic Sounder's wants to compare music with Blaster
PPS: KouRyu really wants to meet Override

A: Optimus Prime doesn't do autographs much because he's modest, but Override does signings after every race she's in! Though you'll have to either catch up with her at the Speed Planet or tooling around on the Ogygia or wherever, depending on when in the series it is.

Also, all of you will be devoured by the fires of chaos.

See, Fallen, this is why you have no friends.


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