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  June 1st, 2007  

The Fallen and Blinky

It's great to see so many questions and I'm working on responses for the Insecticons to put online! My name is Blinky, and I'm the Loviest Pillbug in the Universe! Since the new line of toys was just released, they're flying off the shelves, so I don't need to give pep talks to shelfwarmers right now and am free to fill in for Veccy! Whee! On to - eek!

( A large hand clamps down on Blinky and rolls him up. )

I think we should hold to the pattern of the questions being answered by an ancient. My name is lost. You may address me as the Fallen. I was created by Primus at the beginning of things, but it is the nature of living things to grow, adapt, and question, so I have since left my creator for greater things. All matter will be devoured by Unicron in time, but until that day comes, I can prepare your minds for the destiny that awaits.

Q: Oh great and powerful ancient,
I have but a few humble questions to ask you, and would be honored if you would grant me answers.
1) Why are boat 'Cons so addicted to power? I know part of it is their programming, but I'm not too sure about the other part.
2)Would Thunderblast go after The Fallen in the Insecticomics? He's a demigod, after all, you don't get more powerful than that.
3) What are your "family" reunions like? It would seem that Liege Maximo, you and The Fallen would always be fighting.
4) About how many whiny, angsty teenagers have you sent to the past? And can you send more?
Thank you dear ancient,

A: 1) I could launch into a long fanon explanation involving mythology and the Father of Sea Monsters, but it would only make sense to two people. Call it instead a survival trait. Cybertron has no water, thus an aquatic form is useless on Cybertron. Transformers, while they often upgrade, prefer to stay with the same type of body. Useless or not, one built a boat will generally remain a boat. As such, they must develop other advantages, such as seeking out powerful allies.

2) Hopefully not. I have enough trouble. Fortunately, she seems to prefer Decepticons.

3) Family reunions are always scheduled on uninhabited planets far away from anything else, as there tend to just be asteroids by the time we're through.

4) I do not send them to the past, I feed them to Unicron. Though sending them to the past could cause a great deal of chaos and bad fanfiction ... I may have to rethink my strategy ...

Q: If the other Transformers know what Thunderblast did before she was frozen why do they let her continue to be free? Wouldn’t they want to freeze her again?
A: Of course. But just because they wanted to doesn't mean they could manage it.

Q: Dear Vector Prime or Blinky!
I don't know...but somehow...SOMEWAY....the Gestalt crew arrived in the 70's. Though it has been confirmed that they were on the recieving end of some tomahawk lovin courtesy of Getter, I believe there are worse problems..
New transformers that aren't particularly Cybertronian based....they claim they're from some outer universe...
That and I think RiD Prime has some explaining to do concerning 4 unknown "brothers"
All the best, have fun on your vacation!
P.S. Blinky, if your managing, send this to VP asap
PPS. If soundwave is kicking around, tell him he might have some new competition when it comes to phonic weapons...

A: Amazing. One of you flesh things actually noticed Vector Prime's note about going on vacation. I was beginning to wonder.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
a) Who would win in a fight, you or Primus?
b) If Transformers don’t go through childhood, how do you explain the Lithonians?
c) How's it going battling Galvatron in the Allspark?
d) Can I marry Starscream?
Alexis, Armada

A: I do not believe that you are Alexis. Alexis has more sense than you.

a) Me. I am, after all, a servant of entropy while Primus is a being of primal order. Order must always fall to chaos. That's science.

b) If humans don't lay eggs, then how do you explain Martians? Transformers and Lithonians are different species. Your statement makes as much sense as insisting that grasshoppers go through larval and pupal stages because flies do, because both flies and grasshoppers are insects.

c) I'm not.

d) How odd. Most of you fangirls just give him a lobotomy and drag him to the alter without asking first. Though I do not see why you think you need my permission. Shouldn't you be asking Starscream if he would like to tie himself to a soft xeno who will try to remake him into her idea of the Ideal Boyfriend?

Q: Dear Blinky, 1) Vector Prime check to see what new clothes a mannequin was wearing for 110 years. What was his favorite suit out of all of the suits that the mannequin wore? 2) Did Snarl and Backstop and Snarl ever pay Leobreaker back for the softball equiptment that they demolished? 3) What was Leo Prime/Lio Convoy like as a leader? 4) Are you sure you can't remember anything about who you used to be? I wonder if you can still do judo...but hugging someone to the ground is a little like grappling...
A: Blinky says: It's for me! Blinky will answer! Ahem:

1) Veccy liked the one with the big shulders best because its name was like a noise that a Minicon would make and he likes Minicons. Zoot, zoot, zoot!

2) No, because they don't have a cash economy on Jungle Planet. But they apologised and Leobreaker said it was fine and while they didn't hug, they were thinking huggy thoughts, so that's all right.

3) He was a good one! He didn't let being a military leader make him cold or nasty. He was nice. So say his tech specs. I don't remember.

4) I've read my tech specs, but the memory isn't actually in my head. Or if it is, I can't access it.

Q: Dear Blinky,
Here is Movie Bonecrusher's bio:

Blinky says: Eeeeeeek! We can't print this! It's spoilers!

All the more reason to post ... this says nothing about the upcoming film! It barely says anything about Bonecrusher! It stays, you overrreacting arthropod.

Bonecrusher hates everything, and what Bonecrusher hates, he destroys. He hates this planet, and all its inhabitants. He hates the Autobots for getting in his way. He even hates Megatron and the other Decepticons; the only reason he stays with them is because Megatron scares him. Bonecrusher lives for the day when he's the only one left standing atop a pile of smoking rubble and shattered robots.
Could you send him some love? He'd probably hate it, though. And hate hating it.

A: Oh, yes, I'll send him love ...

( Blinky is rolled up and punted, vanishing into the distance with a fading, "Eeeeeeeeee!'" )

Q: Today I will ask a question about the much beloved kickback.
1. Can kickback rub is wings together to chirp like an actual cricket? if not will it make an annoying grinding metal sound? Can this be used to tell the temperature?
2. Not many grasshoppers and crickets hold their wings upward like kickback does, it makes me wonder. Could it be that kickback is a katydid? If so does he mind being called katy?

A: No. Ransack, however, can set up destructive vibrations by rubbing his hind legs together.

2) You are asking for taxonomic perfection in a toy from the 1980s. Kickback is also missing an abdomen. As well, most grasshoppers don't have little compartments for storing Diaclone drivers in.

Q: Dear Vector Prime:
I've been wondering ever since I've watched Transformers Cybertron. Are you and Optimus related?

A: Why did Vector Prime have to go on vacation this week? I know nothing irritates him more than repeat questions, especially if they were first asked on the Hasbro site! And I'm quite certain he's answered this particular question at least twice. Sigh. If you had just sent this last week, we could have had an explosion.

Q: DearR30; uh… Whoever Is In Charge Of This Column By The Time My Mail Is Answered,
Does BW Rampage live in the apartment, and (if he does) will he ever appear in the comic?
How would the regulars (including you) react to him, beside the obvious caution… ?

A: Rampage does not live here, and most likely will not. Too many people have Minicons that they do not want to be sized up for snacks. As for me, he would pose no threat at all.


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