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  October 13th, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

Q: I've recently noticed that my toy mould would be great for a movicon: I don't stand out, and I have a small movicon looking head. why hasn't anyone repainted or remolded me for the movie line?
-Downshift, Cybertron
P.S. Why does deluxe class bumblebee look like me?

A: The only Cybertron repaints in the Movie line were from the Basic class to be used as Target exclusives. Deluxes weren't being considered. Also, your aesthetic doesn't really fit the line - Movie characters have a more organic styling.

Q: In Beast Wars Megatron and Primal got powered up from their namesakes sparks. But Waspinator didn’t get powered up when he was possessed by Starscream. Why is that? Wouldn’t that have the same results?
A: It was a different type of situation. Optimus Primal and Megatron went through a type of spark-merge with their namesakes. Starscream merely borrowed Waspinator's body.

Q: Dear Vector,
I'm a young woman in the Northwestern US who has been a Star Wars fan for years but has become interested in Trans-fandom. I've started collecting some of the toys, which now sit side by side with my Star Wars collection, but of course it can't compare to Wayward's collection. I feel compelled to ask you...
Where the slag are my Fallen and Emperor Palpatine figures, and why the slag is there a smoking crater in the middle of my bedroom floor???

A: It sounds as if the Fallen and the Emperor have reached a truce, such as truces between villains tend to be.

Q: All this time I've been trying not to procrastinate on writing at least once to your column...and it takes you retiring to get me moving. (sigh)
First, of course, I want to wish you a happy retirement at the planet/dimension/supermodel-filled resort(s) of your choice. Next, I shall bombard you with many long and detailed random questions in order to make sure you REALLY appreciate retiring. ^_^
1) If the actors in the live-action movie are all Vehicons, then does that mean that the ones playing the Autobots are honorary Autobots? Or does that not count?
2) I was reading through the archives and the 'meanings behind the names' thing intrigued me. I think I actually understand what you were saying about the difference between 'Thrust' and 'Thrust', but is there some kind of comprehensive dictionary or something on the subject? I checked Koi Lungfish's site, and that was kind of helpful but also kind of confusing. Is there another site I can check, or would it be more reliable to pester you/some other demigod Transformer/Wayward/an Insecticon (okay, maybe not that last one) into explaining things to me?
3) If the answer to 'Life, the Universe, and Everything' is 42, then what was the question?
4) How badly would you anticipate a reaction of an extragalactic technophobic species like, say, the Yuuzhan Vong (as seen in Star Wars: New Jedi Order), discovering Cybertron? See, I'm thinking about writing a crossover, so I figured it would be best to get an opinion from someone well-versed in multiverse issues...
5) Referring back to question 1, whether or not the Vehicons playing Autobots were considered honorary Autobots, would the apartment Autobots accept them into their ranks in the struggle against the (many) Decepticons?
6) What exactly are Transformers made from, anyway? I mean, if Cosmic Rust affects Cybertronian materials but not Earth-derived materials (i.e. Binaltech, I think it was called?), then...what are you made out of? And if someone wanted to make a new Transformer, would they need to carve out a chunk of metal from the ground, melt it down, and then use that to make whatever metal you would be making a Transformer out of?
7) If Cybertron is a pseudo-artificial planetoid, where did all the Energon supplies that were depleted come from in the first place? Are you guys drilling into the metal to extract the energy? And if Cybertron really is the body of Primus, does that mean you guys were draining him of his 'blood', or something?
8) Before I forget, I was looking through the archives of the Insecticomics and I noticed something weird in Season 3: Number 217 is called 'Foreshadowing II', but there's no 'Foreshadowing I' to go in front of it. Not unless you count Number 200, from Season 2, and I don't think it counts since that was foreshadowing the coming of Classics Megatron, not foreshadowing the coming of the Fallen. What happened to that one, if it even existed? I call upon your time-traveling powers to help me answer this question, which has been bugging me for the last couple of months or so since I noticed it!
9) Why did they reuse...just kidding! I know better than to ask that one. ^_^
10) How long do you think it will take someone in Hollywood to do a sequel and/or a remake of the Transformers movie?
11) Do you have theme music?
12) Wouldn't it be fitting punishment if you just made the Vok answer this column instead of you doing it?
...Yeah, that's all of them that I could think of. I hope this makes it onto your column!

A: 1) The local Movicons tend to keep their own company and feel no particular attachment to the faction whose symbols they wear. The exception is Jazz, who is an Autobot, but he was upgraded into a Movicon-style body for the movie.

2) As far as I'm aware, the Koi Lungfish's site is the only one that really sits down and picks apart the etymology of Transformer names. The character profile pages at do to a small degree - they define the words, but don't really attach them to the characters. Everyone named 'Thrust' has the same name meaning there, for instance.

3) Fudge is the question. Yes is the answer.

4) My first reaction, as always, is, "Don't! I've never seen a Transformers/Star Wars crossover that wasn't utterly dreadful!" Though I suppose some of the toys were all right.

5) The Autobots will take anyone ( provided they pass Red Alert's security checks. ) They'd hire the Daleks if the Daleks weren't so fond of shooting at absolutely everybody.

6) We are made of metal. I cannot be much more detailled than that, since there's no set alloy that we're all made from.

7) Energon can also be created from other sources of energy, which is what we do when on Cybertron. Draining energy out of the planet that needs it as much as we do is inefficient. We can, however, pull it out of less necessary sections as a temperary measure.

8) It just means it was another comic that involved foreshadowing, kin to name reuse, but more confusing. Possibly it could have been called Foreshadowing For Something Else.

9) Bah!

10) At the moment, they seem to be aiming for summer 2009.

11) Wayward tends to use Bruce Dickenson songs for me, generally Darkside of Aquarius and Arc of Space.

12) They would make up their answers and change reality to fit. It's probably a bad idea.

Q: I have a few transformer-like beings that need Identification:
and a picture of bombshell:
P.S. I made a few lego transformers:

Transforming somethings

Transforming somethings

Totally pie

A: The helicopter appears to be a Go-Bot. I wouldn't know where to begin looking up identification for the organic fellow. Perhaps one of the other readers know them. Nice Lego videos, though.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Whatever happened to Safeguard's livejournal? I enjoyed sta-I mean, reading about the little guy's fascinating life.

A: Safeguard is a lazy little jet.

Q: Hello Vector Prime
What do followers of the art movement cyberbiotic integrational construction do, what sort of art do they make?

A: Scrapper is the most prominent of these. Cyberbiotic integrational construction involves using Transformer bodies - usually dead, but not always - as part of a building. Because of this, most followers of it are in the building trades. This is different from cyberbiotic deconstructionalism ( colloquially known as 'slogism' ) which involves carving Transformers into art.

Q: I have a few questions.
1: When will the last “Ask Vector Prime” be?
2: In Armada who’s idea was it to turn Starscream into a loyal nice guy from a treacherous mean guy? Not that I’m complaining. I liked that Starscream.
3: How are things going between Thrust and Flamewar going? Speaking of which how did that happen anyways?

A: 1) For the third time, October 19th.

2) Whoever wrote the series. Of course, Starscream was always nice in Armada, so it isn't as if G1 Starscream has suddenly gone nice.

3) They still go out every few weeks. The original date was Thrust's idea of getting to know his fellow second-in-command. Flamewar knew what he was up to and decided to go out with him anyway.

Q: So, the end of an era approaches. Best take the chance to ask you these earth-shatteringly important questions now.
1) What's with people thinking G1 Tracks is gay? I've watched and re-watched every episode he's in, and he comes across as upper class, like a North American WASP. Is there a comic I'm missing where he anally rapes Wheeljack or something?
2) Why can't we all just get along? We're all just people who love transforming robots (or actually ARE transforming robots in your case), why do we have to keep debating "G1/Beast Wars/RID/Armada-verse suxx0r5/r0xx0r5"?
3) Now there's a transforming Death Star toy, is there a final answer to "who would win in a fight between Unicron and the Death Star"?
4) And if so, what is that answer?
5) If you can travel through time and space, how hard is it not to go back in time and kill Wheelie?
6) Have you considered becoming a superhero now you won't be answering inane questions every week? I think a mask and tights would suit you.
7) If Hot Rod was the chosen one, why wasn't Megatron reformatted into Betty?
Well, enjoy retirement.

A: 1) It's because he's vain. That's about it as far as I can tell. Because straight men are covered in mud or something. This is also why Starscream is seen as gay. If you don't believe me, know this: Dreamwave was considering declaring Sunstreaker gay. The three of them only have one common trait between them, and I doubt it's coincidence. Which asks the question: Where are the 'Dead End is gay' fanfictions?

2) Human nature. ( Transformer nature as well, unfortunately. ) We will always find reasons to declare ourselves better than those who think differently.

3) Doubtful.

4) For that, you would need to ask someone who owns both figures.

5) Wheelie's not bad, he's just written that way. If the writers put some effort into his lines, he would be seen as great, or at least entertaining. For an example of what could have been, check his Wiki page.

6) Saving the universe is already my day job. I don't need to make it my night job as well.

7) Then the fans would spend the rest of eternity arguing which of the Decepticons was reformatted into the cow. No, thank you.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
I've heard Dreadmoon's xenophobia (I think that's the fear of other races) mentioned several times on this site and it got me wondering. How bad is it? If he was confronted with another robotic life form would he simply feel uncomfortable, or would he have the same reaction as he would to, say, a human? And what if the other robotic life form had the ability to switch between robotic and organic life, like in... Sea Change (with Atlantis and the mermaids and all that)?

A: His reaction to other robotic lifeforms isn't nearly as severe. He would still dislike, say, Death's-Head, but he would be able to be in the same room with Death's-Head without panicking. In the case of beings like the Tlalakans, the organic aspect would overshadow the metallic. However, if he had only met Alana as a robot and never knew she was organic, he would have the distaste but not the fear.

Q: Hello Vector Prime, well first thing is that i'm kinda dissapointed that your not doing the whole "Ask Vector Prime a question" anymore and if this appears in the last update of AVPAQ I'll be glad. Your comments are hilarious(funnier than that crazy Fallen guy.) I got 3 questions. Sorry to be a bother.
1. So if a REAL version of Optimus Prime(G1, G2, Classic, etc) shows up(Not talking bout Pepsi Prime) will Override just hand him the leadership of the autobots or will Override Keep it for him/her self?
2. Who is Nemi? Is that Character the Dark Nitro Convoy i've seen around or is it a custom job? I remember her(i think) showing up when the movie cons first appeared in the comic.
3. Isn't Ultra Magnus getting a little tired of being Optimus's White Body clone?
Good luck with whatever you'll be doing in your spare time now. Oh yah if you could punch the Fallen for me that would be awesome.

A: 1) Since he managed to ascend to Primehood, Rodimus seems to more or less lead the Autobots. Override still has more control over the AEC Autobots, but Rodimus has overall command.

2) Nemi is a Dark Nitro Convoy figure, picked up at BotCon 2006.

3) He is, but he'd rather get that than no toys at all.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Two questions today!
I notice that in a lot of G1 fanfic the Seekers tend to be portrayed in a harem-like, polyamorous relationship. I know that In Space Starscream is pretty happy with Skyfire, but we never hear of Thundercracker or Skywarp too much. Any insight into the issue?
Also, could you tell Blinky that he's my hero?

A: We must be reading different fanfictions - I haven't seen many where the three of them are dating, and even then, it's usually Skywarp and Thundercracker together with Starscream wanting to get his hands on one or the other of them.

In the Insecticomics, Skywarp and Thundercracker are currently the co-commanders of the Decepticon Air Wing, since neither is much for leadership on his own - Skywarp has the drive and the charisma, but Thundercracker is smarter and better at strategy. And, yes, they are in a stable monogamous relationship.

I will pass your message along to Blinky.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Why was everyone so shocked that I acted the way I did after returning to Cybertron? Did they think that being responsible for unleashing a horrific scourge would be GOOD for my psyche?
-Optimus Primal

A: Usually the way to deal with guilt isn't to become a hippy guru. I would say it all worked out for the best, except that I know what Cybertron was like the first time it was organic.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Were Quintessons always psychotic, or was that just the end result of thier society after so much time as slavers and schemers? If so, what were they like before going crazy?

A: The Quintesson race is so ancient that even I haven't managed to trace their earliest days.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
How long WOULD the universe (or at least a large portion of it) last under Decepticon rule, assuming they ever got that far?

A: I don't know. Barring them getting their hands on such things as the Omega Lock or other sources of godlike power, how long is the universe projected to last?

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Were you also shocked that Blinky was able to overcome Bonecrusher?

A: No, but I'm used to Blinky.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Given that its close to your retirement, I just wanted to say, it was fun while it lasted. You were infinately more informative (and entertaining!) then your official site counterpart. Enjoy your retirement.

A: I will attempt to do so.

Q: where do all the search results come from? is there a search engine on the site or can you record what people searched to get to the site? if the latter, which search engine?
A: Wayward's website host package comes with a statstracker. It tells her how many hits came from various search engines, but the list of phrases used in search engines doesn't say which search engine they came from. At time of writing, one person was looking for 'thunderblast slash'. If any is found, send it this way.

Q: 1.will Wayward ever update the Essays section of the site?
2.has Bonecrusher(movicon) set the G1 version on fire for trying to make him change his name? and what of Spanky?
3.what does Safeguard have against "boop"?

A: 1) Possibly. Currently, there are no plans for it.

2) As far as I know, Movie Bonecrusher has managed to avoid G1 Bonecrusher thus far. Spanky continues to remain Spanky, much to his annoyance.

3) Safeguard tends to stick with 'ee' sounds and not 'oo'. Some Minicons have an accent that makes them do 'oo' noises, though. Safeguard thinks it makes them sound like Sir Bedevere from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
1. Why does G1 Sky Lynx not have a robot mode?
2. Does G1 Sky Lynx's beast mode (which splits into a pterodactyl and a lynx, hence his name) function in the same way as a Duocon's vehicle mode?
3. How did G1 Skylynx acquire his vehicle/beast modes?
4. Would G1 Sky Lynx count as an Autobot version of a Duocon?

A: 1) Some people don't, though these are mostly cassettes. Sky Lynx seems to get through life perfectly well without thumbs.

2) I can find no information on how Sky Lynx's mind functions when split in two. He doesn't seem to be of two minds as Duocons are, so possibly he's one mind in two bodies, kin to Reflector.

3) He was built that way.

4) Sky Lynx is more kin to Tidal Wave - a large vehicle-mode that splits into smaller forms, and a large robot-mode. Though, in this case, I'm calling his walking dinosaur mode his 'robot-mode'. Duocons have a robot-mode that splits into two vehicle-modes that can't become a super-vehicle. This would make Sky Lynx a triplechanging Duocon, perhaps.

Q: Dear Other Guardian of Time From Another Universe,
Help! This is the Titan Oceanus from Earth 312G. My little brother Cronus, in another one of his ploys to steal power back from his son, Zeus (who I think is doing a better job than Cronus anyway) has unraveled the fabric of time and space in our dimension with his sickle. Please come and help us out before our universe collapses into a rip in time and therefore adversely affects the surrounding universes.
Thank you (no matter what you choice in the matter is),
Oceanus, former Master of the Oceans and Guardian of the Horizon
Please forgive me if my request sounds threatening. I offer two justifications, which you are at liberty to dismiss, for my tone. First, your help is the only thing that can save my dimension and possibly save yours in the process (I say possibly because I do not know how much your universe will be affected). Secondly, I am a Titan, which in my world is defined as a Primidorial God. Being divine, I have not properly mastered being able to communicate politely to mortals, even demi-gods and Guardians of Time such as you.
P.P.S. The reason I am adressing you as the "Other" Guardian of Time is because my little brother Cronus (alternately named Chronos) is the Guardian of time in my world.

A: Sigh. It looks like my work is never done. I'll be there momentarily.

I'll be back next week for the final issue of Ask Vector Prime A Question.


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