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  October 19th, 2007  

It's over!

This is the last issue of Ask Vector Prime A Question. So of course you flooded my inbox.

Q: Figures, it takes you retiring to get me to send you an e-mail.
Anyhow, I have questions, but that goes without saying...
First off, other than yourself, what other transformers have time-related powers, and how well can they control them? Off the top of my head, I can only think of Heinrad and Meantime.
Second, on a related note, how much trouble has Meantime caused you? I'd imagine a prankster with time-control powers could get annoying, but hopefully the size difference between you two has helped keep him in line.
Thirdly, after Nemesis Breaker got... killed? Dematerialized? Vanished into a poofy cloud of dark smoke? Well, after whatever, why didn't Galvatron remake him? For that matter, Crumplezone's new body was made out of the same stuff Nemesis Breaker was... Why didn't anything happen to him?
Fourth: Given that most transformers have guns, cannons, and other long-range weapons, why do so many still have swords, axes, maces, and other hand-to-hand weapons? Is close-range combat really that frequent?
Fifth: Just to be contrary, why does hasbro NOT reuse so many names? I'm thinking, for example, Tow-Line and Sea Clamp...
And lastly.... When you get to the Planet of Open-Minded Supermodels, will you send us a postcard?

A: 1) Elita-1 as well, though her control is very bad.

2) Meantime is very quickly becoming one of my least-favourite people. At least he tends to use his powers for pranks instead of real evil.

3) Dark Crumplezone was made from actual matter - the body of Crumplezone - while Nemesis Breaker was conjured from nothing.

4) In the words of Wayward's father, reading one of the comics, "For a bunch of guys covered in guns, they sure do hit each other a lot." My sword is a relic from the days when we fought demons, against which most energy weapons are useless. Modern Transformers ... they just like to hit things, I think.

5) In some cases, they've lost the trademark. In other cases, the name is plain silly. Or they forgot they have it, or have no one appropriate to attach the name to.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
You may not know me, however you know my brother, Powerhug, or Blinky as he is calling himself. I humbly request that you do anything to keep my brother detained, as I am planning on having a family reunion soon, and cannot bare to see our parent's reaction as to Blinky's current... State
Please Vector Prime, I beg you, throw Movie Bonecrusher at him or something, or maybe Dead End, or some other depressed transformer
The Pillbug of Not-Love

A: Retrax, Retrax ... Oh, yes. Beware the day you appear in an Insecticomic, for around here, you are known as 'Stinky'.

This is still not as bad as the repaint a frend of ours did named 'Kinky'.

Pillbugs get no respect, I fear.

Q: How did Blinky beat Bonecrusher?
A: With the power of love. Few can resist Blinky's mighty hugs. I don't understand it, either.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
First off sorry to hear that you will no longer be answering questions. But till then I have some.
1)Vector prime why is it that your leaving the question collum? This is the most popular thing on the site!
2)Has safeguard ever tried to give a predacon a wedgie?
3)Is Tarantulas Unicronian?
4)This one is too Fallen: Which Unicron do you want? The one from Armada or Energon? And I have some for the some of the moviecon cast too.
5)This ones to Blackout: First of all you were the best actor in the movie, second why do you try and get your parents love? Your better then them!
6)This ones to Brawl: I saw in the movie your name is Devastator, but now your called brawl. Whats up with that?
7)This one is to the scorponok: Why don’t you ever transform? Sure your other mode is cool but not as much as your robot mode.
Thank you for your time, I know that your very busy trying to crush evil. Bye.

A: 1) Actually, judging by hits per page, even taking into account that they update three times per week, the Insecticomics are still twice as popular as my column. But my column is the second most popular feature on this page, followed by links, fanfiction, and picture galleries.

Looking at these numbers, I find it odd that the third part of Immediate Survival has more hits than the second part. Do people just skip to the end?

2) Only if the Predacon was wearing pants. Given this place, it's a distinct possibility.

3) It depends on who you ask.

4) The Fallen says: All Unicrons are one. However, I think he looks best in orange.

5) Blackout says: Better at them than acting, not better than them at tactics and strategy. They are two of the greatest Cybertronian generals in history. Of course I look up to them.

6) Brawl says: I'm Brawl, dammit! 'Devastator' was the working name, and someone forgot to tell the subtitles writer that!

7) Scorponok says: Like this mode, yes! More weapons! Can't use tail when upright! Also good for digging!

Q: Autobot,
When my team was released as a giftset in 1988, why wasn't I included?

A: I can find no real life reason listed, so I'll just assume you missed the product shoot because you're a goof-up.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Long time reader, first time writer, so this is as good of a time as anything.
Firstly, the organic pterodactyl transformer from #99 is Dino Ptera from the Dinozaurs toyline, which, if you can find them, are actually very cool figures.
Secondly, I cannot help but mourn for your retirement, as your column has brought so much joy to my weekends. I wish you the best and secretly hope you come back at a later date (though I seriously doubt it).
Finally, a few questions that I've had in the back of my head:
1. Where has Shortround been? I've only seen him in one comic recently, and it wasn't even that recently.
2. Since it's called "Insecticomics", I expect Insecticons, but as of late, only Kickback has been appearing. Does Wayward not have many ideas for their characters or has she secretly wrote them out?
3. There are several Cybertron figures that I still want to get, but my father has a "no Internet purchases" policy. Besides conventions, is there any reliable way to get older figures without using internet stores?
Well, again, I wish you the best in your retirement. As one of the few fans who was always optimistic about the 2007 movie, I'd like to tell you that, yes, we do exist.

A: Proof that In Space has the smartest readers around. Thank you. I'd never even heard of 'Dinozaurs'.

1) Shortround sniped an auction that Barricade wanted, and has been in hiding. Dreadwing refuses to bail him out.

2) The name of the comic comes from the days when Wayward had Insecticons and not much else. Now the collection is over three hundred. But, to the Insecticons. Being the least-developed of the three in the various media, Kickback is the easiest to drop into any situation. Plus he has better articulation than the other two. Not that the others are idle - Bombshell runs a small online dating service ( not actually helpful. He sets up people based on how entertaining he thinks it would be to have them date, not on actual compatibility. ) Shrapnel has, as he has for the last two years, been doing my typing. He is also everyone's last-ditch tech support when all others have failed.

3) Fellow collectors selling off figures, I suppose, though that would count as Internet purchases. At least the Cybertron line was recent, so there might still be overstock floating around stores. Comic shops that also sell toys might be a place to look as well.

Q: In the episode “Family” Coby calls the big guy (I don’t know his name) dad, but at the end of Cybertron the same big guy acts like he’s Lori’s dad when he finds out she and Coby are dating? And the small guy who is suppose to be Lori’s dad (I think his name is Ernesto) is the one who tells him of the situation acts like he’s Coby’s dad? Is this the writers fault or did I miss something? Please help me out.
PS Can I have Blinky?

A: Given the assorted goofs in Cybertron, it was probably a goof. Or Lori's father could see the future and knew that Coby was going to become his son-in-law.

PS) Blinky belongs to himself.

Q: First off, Oh Great Old One, congrats on your retirement. I thought you'd be interested in seeing this. ( Note from Vector Prime: That link goes to a picture gallery featuring myself in the medium of Lego. )
Also wanted to ask you, who's the wierder Prime, Optimash or Pepsi?
See you around the spaceways!

A: Optimash. Easily. It is hard to be stranger than a mobile potato.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Well, seeing as this is your final issue, I guess we should get this out of the way. *hands you a speedy ticket* You were spotted breaking the speed limit in the Alpha Centauri galaxy. Also Safeguard has a bunch of indecency charges on the Planet of Open Minded Super Models. The stack is bigger then me for Guardian's sake! Oh and they're going around saying you made the Dodo Bird extinct. Any truth to this? Anyways, ON TO QUESTIONS OTHER THEN THE ONE I ASKED!
1. So tell me Oh Vectored One, how does it feel to be one of the oldest things in the universe?
2. How does it feel to finally be done with this stupid colloum?
3. Have you ever been called a perverted old man?
4. On behalf of the galaxy, GET A JOB!
5. You've been around for awhile, what is the question to the answer 42?
Welp, that's all. On behalf of the Guardian's of the Universe, I salute you on your efforts on going 100 issues. I wish you good luck, good health, and for the love of Primus do not go see Bee Movie!

A: 1) Heh. In terms of the universe, I am really quite young.

2) I will finally have my Friday nights free. Not that that will do me any good.

3) Often, usually by readers of this column.

4) I have a job. I save the universe on a regular basis.

5) Fudge, darnit.

Q: Is the Source alive or is it just a thing of great power?
A: The Source seems to be similar to the One, which seems to be alive.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
1. Has anyone ever attempted writing an AU Transformers fanfic in which the Transformers come to Earth during the Second World War era, with the Autobots siding with the Allies and the Decepticons with the Axis? I daresay it would be a most interesting story. Just picture the Seekers and the Aerialbots fighting it out high over London during the Battle of Britain, the Combaticons leading the Nazi blitzkrieg, the Dinobots staving off Operation Babarossa (their hard-hearted attitude jibes with the Soviets quite nicely), Flattop and Broadside facing off against one another during the Battle of Midway, and the Seacons being the ones who trounced the U.S. Navy at Savo Island! Or, darker still, Astrotrain being the one transporting the Holocaust victims to the concentration camps...
2. What was the outcome of the bowling matches that you, Emirate Xaaron and Alpha Trion participated in on Saturday nights?
3. Have you ever been in a truly romantic relationship with anybody - one that involved genuine, deep-seated love and not just infatuation like that which you have for Override, Arcee and Thunderblast?
4. I've seen instances where binary bonded Transformers have been sharply criticized by non-binary bonded for sharing themselves with their Nebulan sidekicks. Why does this happen, and do you think it justified?
I will be most sorry to see you go - your column was nothing short of incredible - but nontheless wish you the most comfortable of retirements. Thank you very kindly for your patience and understanding, and all the wonderful years of information and entertainment you've provided us Transfans!

A: 1) ... No fanfics I'm aware of, but a comic series. Dreamwave's Transformers/G.I. Joe Volume I, offhand.

2) Alpha Trion was the best of us at bowling, but Xaaron was the best at cheating.

3) Alas, no.

4) Depending on who is doing the criticising, it could be a type of xenophobia or a concern for the Transformer. Becoming close to an organic is often painful for us, since they live such short lives.

Q: Congratulations on your retirement. I will miss your words of insight, though, for your time here has elevated you to my favorite Prime. Sadly my time is short and my questions many.
1) Like oh-so-many Transformers fans, I wish to write a fanfic. As if that weren’t apt to be painful enough, I wish to do a crossover fanfic. Now for the final nail in the coffin, I wanted to do a Pokémon/Beast Wars crossover, with a style about as serious as one can expect given the subject matter. So can you take a peek around at least the nearby bits of the multi-verse and tell me if a few suppositions of mine adequately reflect at least some reality? Basically I was thinking instead of landing in pre-historic Earth, whatever random factor fits best results in something that resembles the BW cast landing in the standard Pokémon setting (near-future Earth). At first, both crews are less than thrilled. After trying to squish a Pikachu and getting a surprise at the amount of bio-electric power it contained, Megatron is intrigued. After all, Pokémon break assorted natural laws as much as Transformers do. The difference is instead of alien super-science endowed robots, its strange little flesh creatures. Given the amount of power required for Pokémon abilities, if that technology could be copied and incorporated into a Beast Mode, I think Energon would go quite a bit further. So, anything like that happen? Or is there something about Beast Wars-era Megatron that makes sure this is so contradictory my head should have exploded just dreaming it up?
2) Can you make any suggestions as to what Pokémon fit some of the BW characters? I didn’t want to go for straight up Beast-mode-to-Pokémon-form matches, since that would seem shallow. Some might do that, but I just don’t see Tarantulus as Spinarak or Ariados (the only Spider Pokémon I can think of), rather once he could copy its abilities, I would think he would assume the form of a Ditto. A little pink blob that can shape shift may seem odd, but it would seem like the next step for a Transformer… and one of Ditto’s big uses in the video games is breeding (it can mate with anything capable of reproducing in the Pokémon games). That just seems to scream Tarantulus to me. A little less bizarre an example would be Terrorsaur: I could just make in an Aerodactyl, the Pokémon most similar to its beast form, but a Fearow actually seems to fit better.
Well, thanks for your time and I understand if my questions get answered with something along the lines of “No. Just… no.” While I like the idea, at the same time it strikes me as wrong. Very wrong.

A: 1) As I am wont to say, everything happens somewhere. Except a good Transformers/Star Wars crossover.

2) That would be 'no', given that my entire knowledge of Pokemon is that Pikachu is some kind of electric hamster that repeats its name. And there's a telepathic duck.

Q: Esteemed Vector Prime,
1. In the picture of you striking the 'Saturday Night Fever' pose, what is Safeguard doing? I can't quite make it out...
2. How many enemies have you dispatched over the millennia?
3. Seeing Ratbat order Soundwave about in the G1 Marvel UK comic was just bizarre. How did this happen?
4. Considering Overlord's binary-bonded to Giga and Mega, what is this Decepticon's gender?
5. Exactly what sort of altmode did you have prior to being a time-traveling spacecraft? I know you once hinted you were a wheeled vehicle of sorts, but could we have some details?
6. Did you ever figure out how you got shrunk down to Minicon size in Issue #30?
I broke down upon finding out that you won't be answering questions anymore, but I suppose I can't be selfish - you've been so patient with all us fans, and definitely deserve to retire comfortably and peacefully. Here's to you scoring with Override.
Best wishes,

A: 1) He's covering his face with his hand in embarrassment.

2) I lost track when I was still fighting demons.

3) Even Soundwave must answer to his accountant.

4) Perceived-as-male. The gender of one's 'Master partner has nothing to with the gender of the Transformer partner.

5) Something like a car, but with three wheels.

6) I blame the Insecticons. Generally it comes back to them.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
One of us was responsible for sending in all those questions from the animated (as opposed to partially-animated) Transformers movie (which you did an amazing job of responding to), and we thought that in light of it being your final column we would ask you a thinly-veiled metaphysical question or two:
1) Why did Primus give us all free will when it meant that some among us could betray him?
2) When will it, the universe, and everything....end? (Notice we didn't ask how or even where and thus hopefully did not violate the Time Directive or whatever it is that keeps beings from knowing the future)
With greatest respect,
G1 Optimus Prime and Beast Machines Optimus Primal

A: 1) It is not my place to guess the thoughts of a god. Presumeably, because he thought it was a good idea at the time.

2) Eventually.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I tried to send in my questions for the penultimate entry, I had stories, long elaborete reasoning, more than twenty questions, and all sorts of stuff--then the computer froze and I lost it all and forgot more. Count yourself lucky.
First, let us focus on the Brigade.
In the insecticomics Starscream is a Decepticon, ergo he lies. Starscream also is in a relationship with Skyfire and Dreadmoon, who in the comics seems quite large and from Koi's little essay on moniters is likely oversized and not just suffering from having a toy in the wrong 'class.' So does that mean Starscream likes big mechs and can too lie?
He also have the harem constructicons--is he developing his own harem of mechs, or only those two (so far)?
Would he then collect other Dreadmoons and Skyfires?
The Brigade seems to have more than their fair share of objects of power, they have the Matrix--which Starscream is capable of using, due to Starscream's perchant for minicon adoption probably have the skyboom sheild and starsaber, and too top it all off seem to have recently aquired the Allspark. Despite how silly they are does that make them the most powerful faction in the apartment?
Would they be if they got their acts together?
The Brigade managed to take down your brother, with scheaming, did you enjoy that?
About how many minicons do the briggade have?

A: In the interests of tl;dr, I have chopped your questions into their sections.

1) Starscream is not 'with' Dreadmoon in the Insecticomics. Starscream merely employs Dreadmoon.

2) Starscream seems happy monogamous. Goodness knows he could have his pick.

3) The Omnicon Skyblast was part of the Brigade, or was back in episode #044. And in episode #054, Starscream ended up with a mini Sculpty Dreadmoon. But he generally sticks with tiny jets.

4) The Skyboom Shield and Requium Blaster are not in this apartment, and would be passed over by Starscream if they were, since they aren't jets. However, given the number of Sabres he has, that should be more than enough power for anyone.

5) Possibly. I see the main Decepticon force just piling on them, though.

6) That was good, yes.

7) Between forty and fifty, at last count.

Q: Now random stuff:
About Pepsi Prime; I had several paragraphs on him but it can be boiled down to this: The enemy of Pepsi is Cocacola, Cocacola used to have coke in it, another name for cocain is White Lady, so is Pepsi Prime's Megatron a scary femmecon a la the pictures on Koi's other page?
If so, is that dimension's Starscream more her bitch or less than the typical G1 Megatron Starscream relationship?
Speaking of Megatron and Starscream, what happened to the pair of them that got married?
Where did they go for the honeymoon?
What was Dreadmoon's reaction to an alternate of his Starscream going off with someone else?
Does the Planet of Open Minded Supermodels also have male supermodels?
Safeguard: how was that you-porn anyways?
What would happen if the Insecticons ate the Fallen?
Any progress on making Fallen answer to "Grimlock's BabyDaddy?"
Leige Maximo doesn't seem to like Unicron, or Primus--what are the chances that he founded the church of Primus is a Bastard? Did he?
I saw on Wayward's devientart that he talked to her a while--I want to know about what, I want to know about him. What did he talk about?
What is Leige Maximo's alt-form? Serriously, I thought maybe he wraps his tentacle thingies around himself and becomes some sort of mini warworld+planet eating planetoid--possibly to munch on Unicron. My friend, after seeing the movie thinks he turns into a sperm-pod. Please enlighten us.

A: 1) ... Possibly. I've yet to see a Coke Megatron to counter Pepsi Prime, but I imagine his cannon fires cans.

2) It depends on what soft drink Starscream is based on. I see him as Dr Pepper for some reason.

3) They retired. Which means they probably ended up at Shockwave's Tiki Lounge.

4) They're Decepticons. They conquered a planet.

5) He doesn't care what the alternates do. Technically, the leader of the Brigade is an alternate of 'his' Starscream, but Dreadmoon can be rather foolishly obsessive when he latches on to something.

6) Yes.

7) Safeguard says: Beedle-eep whee eedle! Beep beep bip-beedle bee wheep wheedle-beedle eep whee beep?

8) The worst case of indigestion they've ever had.

9) It hasn't worked, given that the Insecticons have very short attention spans. Last week, they were trying to get him to answer to 'Dave'.

10) The Church of Primus Is A Bastard was started by Wayward, but inspired by demons.

11) Battles with demons, his dislike of his creator, and the edibility of light gods.

12) As one of the Firstforged, the Liege Maximo is a shapeshifter. ( I use an alt-mode because it's less bother. ) His usual alt-mode is a tank, but he's used many others.

Q: Speaking of The Movie:
Despite it not having you, did you like it?
Did Safeguard?
Movietron seems to be the craziest evilest Megatron of all, I mean he's a canibalistic spark eating doom jet of doom. Why did the moviecons follow him?

A: 1) Not really, but I'm not much for action movies.

2) He spent the whole time bouncing in his seat and going "whee!" Yes.

3) When a cannibalistic, spark-eating doom jet of doom tells you to jump, you jump.

Q: Crack:
Did you know Wayward is evil?
Did you know I'm on crack? Or at least according to my friend I AM LSD laced crack.
Wayward, insecticomics, I got a crack fanfic idea based off a crack fancomic! Wayward is evil and I'm on crack.
...Would she mind if I wrote it?

A: 1) Mildly naughty, perhaps.

2) Pleased to meet you. I AM Vector Prime.

3) Go ahead. The usual disclaimers are that she insists on seeing it and won't promise she'll like it.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I’m so sad that you are not answering anymore questions, but for the last time I need too know..
..1)Why are you leaving, this is the most popular thing on the site!?
2)Have you seen StarScreams blog on youtube?
3)This one is too the Fallen: Fallen are you close to getting Unicron?
4)This one is too Moviecon Blackout: Are you related to Armada Cyclones?
5)This one is too Blinky: I see you finally took my advice and transformed. Did you get the idea from me?
6)This one is too Wayward: Where do you find all these Decepticons!? I look everywhere but cant find them.
Good bye Vector Prime

A: 1) Second-most popular thing.

2) No.

3) The Fallen says: At this time, no. Wayward occasionally mutters things about wanting to bring him in for episode #500 or #600 of the Insecticomics, but mostly she mutters that she needs a bigger apartment.

4) Blackout says: Only in that we're both helicopters.

5) Blinky says: Nope. 'Showdown' had been planned for a while, but when it came time to filming, we realised it would work better visually if I wasin robot-mode.

6) Wayward says: Stores, online, conventions, in that order, steadily for the last six and a half years.

Q: Happy Retirement!!
and a fan picture(quite inaccurate):

Picture from Luke

A: Scorpions versus jets - the showdown no one expected.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I just want to say good luck on your retirement and hope that you won't have to deal with any planet-eaters along the way. And now, of course, the obligatory questions:
1) Did the Allspark actually cause the extinction of the dinosaurs when it crash landed on Earth?
2) If so, what would be Grimlock's reaction if he ever sees it?
3) What would they most likely use the Allspark for in means of not making another solar system? Keychain? Doorstop? Rearview mirror accessory like fuzzy dice?
4) A friend thinks that you'd go great with a Pavarotti voice. What would be your take on this?

A: 1) No. We are an old race, but even we were not around sixty-five million years ago.

2) I don't want Grimlock anywhere near it. I envision him going around bringing appliances to life.

3) Bringing Jazz back to life, mostly, if fanfiction is anything to go by.

4) I am perfectly happy with the work of Newman and Hayami, thank you.

Q: VEcTOr PrimE,
WhY mY ShOuLdErS hUrT?

A: BeCAuse YoU wErE drAwN bAdLy.

Q: Autobot,
Is it safe to come out of hiding now? Is everybody still hell-bent on killing me after the whole Primal Scream thing?
Octopunch, G1

A: I think most people have forgotten the incident, between new things always happening and no one actually reading the old comics, anyway.

Q: Autobot,
What the devil were the Japanese thinking when they did what they did to us in Masterforce? They mangled our beautiful names, took away our robot modes, paid scant heed to our abilities as described in our Tech Specs and stripped us of our intelligence! We can scarcely dare to show our faces in public again...
Seacons, G1

A: From the looks of things, this was merely a case of redecoes and has nothing to do with you. This would be kin to Starscream complaining that, because of Skywarp, everyone thinks that he's a prank-playing thug.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
1. What is Emirate Xaaron's altmode?
2. Why didn't he transform for so long?
3. Will Wayward ever write an Insecticomic in which the Insecticons annoy the slag out of everyone by messing around with their names ala Shirley Ellis' 'Name Game' song?
4. How many Pretenders does Wayward own, and who are they?
5. Headmasters?
6. Powermasters?
7. Targetmasters?
And now, a question from the only Transformer I own:
Would I qualify as an Insecticon if I were to join Wayward's cast?
Bugly, G1
I am very sad that you will be retiring - In Space will never be the same again. But I nonetheless wish you nothing but the best.

A: 1) A type of light tank.

2) To be honest, I have no idea. It always seemed rather silly.

3) I rather hope not. Isn't getting called 'Veccy' bad enough?

4) One. Slog. She wouldn't mind getting the rest of the Monstercons, but Slog was the important one.

5) No, though she covets a Mindwipe.

6) Zero.

7) She has Spinister, but he was loose and hasn't got his partners.

8) No. But given Wayward's obsession with War Within: Dark Ages, you might end up appearing fairly often, getting dragged around by the Fallen. You could also be someone for Thrust to talk to. No one in the Brigade wants to listen to him talk about astrology.

Q: Since you don’t have to be at In Space on Friday nights, who are ya taking out?
Happy “retirement”. I have to go pull a fanchar out of the Civil War…

A: No one at the moment, alas.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Last week, you went to help out the Titans on Earth 312G. How did it go? Did you stop Cronus from messing up time? If so, how did you stop Cronus.

A: It involved twenty metres of binder twine and a rubber chicken. It was really quite impressive.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
This is Titan Iapetus of Earth 312 G. Thank you for helping out. Would you like me to use my powers to send you to the Planet of Open Minded Super Models? Also, me and my siblings have some questions for you.
1) (from Oceanus) I hope I have been polite enough in my last letter. I apologize in advance if I was not. Anyway, I would like to know if it is the nature of the world (or at least the world of fiction) that the sensible, realistic second-in-command is always physically or emotionally assaulted by his or her superior. If it is, then how do you propose that I persuade Cronus to cease in abusing me, as I have found myself beaten, for lack of better words, to a pulp for merely suggesting that he tone down his megalomaniacal plans.
2) (from Tethys) Sorry about my husband's large vocabulary. He's like that sometimes--no spine and too much brains. Have you and Safeguard ever gone to a beach before?
3) (from Themis) I hear that the Decepticons are nothing more than criminals with no regard for the law. Do you want me to come to your universe and make them see the error of their ways by killing them painfully?
4) (from Mnemosyne) You seem to remember lots of things. Do you want to go out with me and reminice about how the universe was during the early days of our creation?
5) (from Iapetus) Have you ever used you time and space powers to prove or disprove Schrodinger's Cat theory?
6) (from Crius) Can Blinky come over to play?
7) (from Coeus) Do you could take time out from your retirement to help us again if the need arises?
8) (from Phoebe) Is Safeguard's form the same as the form he had when he was budded off from you, or has he been upgraded to a different form?
9) (from Rhea) My husband, Cronus, is currently unconsious, but he would want to know how you teleport with a rubber sword. Personally, I would like to know if Override or Thunderblast would be interested in a girls only wrestling tournament that I'm hosting.
10) (from Theia) Are there more Planet keys than the one featured in the TV show (TF:Cybertron) documenting your adventures?
11) (from Hyperion) Do you believe in destiny? If you believe in destiny, then do you think someone could fight against their destiny and win? Do you know what your destiny is?
Thank you again,
The Titans of Earth 312G

A: 1) If you're anything like the Decepticons, the only way to stop being an abused second-in-command is to remove your commander and become the abuser.

2) Often. Occasionally with open-minded supermodels.

3) Given my background, I see the Decepticons as a necessary evil. Other Autobots would prefer to rehabilitate them than kill them, so you might as well stay home.

4) Hmm. Do you have wheels?

5) The local cat spends a lot of time in boxes. He lets us know he's not dead by meowing.

6) Certainly.

7) My retirement is only from the answer column, not from saving the universe. So, yes, I would be available for that.

8) Safeguard has upgraded his systems often, but still wears the same form he did at his creation.

9) It's a magic rubber sword. I could ask Override and Thunderblast, but I forsee that ending in laserfire.

10) Technically, there shouldn't be, since the four specific ones had to be collected. However, I have no problem with new ones being invented for fanworks.

11) Yes and no. The future, for the most part, can be altered, but once in a while, an event has to happen to ensure that time continues. At the moment, my destiny involves the Planet of Open-Minded Supermodels and a footrub.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
So, this is the last issue of Ask Vector Prime. I just wanted to say, have a happy retirement! After ninety something issues, I guess you deserve a rest. It's only a shame that I had just started reading this only about five months ago! Oh well. Before you go, I have one more question: Will we still see you in the Insecticomics?
Happy Retirement!

A: Yes, but I'm not scheduled to appear for a while. Large cast and all.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
For the Ultimate and Final Answer Column, I have no questions. I wanted to thank you for your years of answering all our questions and wish you luck in your retirement. And as a gift of appreciation, here's my collection of pictures of femme bots at the carwash. Hope you enjoy them, and good luck with whatever may come!

A: And this is probably the best way to end this column. Good night and don't kill your grandfathers.

Picture from Alison

Picture from Alison

Picture from Alison

Picture from Alison

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Picture from Alison


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