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  October 5th, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

People seem to think that the column has shut down already. This means I need to fill space with a bit of idle chatter.

Last week I mentioned a figure named Incinerator - a Voyager-class helicopter from the Allspark Powered Movie line. I will use this as a segue to mention that the Allspark Powered line won't be out until 2008, according to Hasbro's website. As you can see, while mostly redecos, there are new moulds added in. A small image gallery can be found on the site.

And while I'm here and have nothing better to talk about than action figures, why aren't they repainting Wreckage? He's one of the best figures in the Movie line, and if a homage is required, he would make an excellent Beast Wars Dinobot.

Q: are go bots(like waterwalk) related to go bots(like buzzer bot)?
why aren't issue 96 and above in the archives?
if this is the last column...
I am so happy you are retiring so that you can finally have some free time and i would just like to ask you one more question...(unless this really is the last column there will probably be more questions, but incase this IS the last column than this IS my last question)....
Where else can I hide from the fangirls?
-Starscream(you probably already know which one)
P.S. Swindle says: Beep Bip Bop Whiddle Whee Beep
P.P.S. I don't know what he just said but he told me to pass on the message. what? I can't understand minicons ALL the time!
P.P.P.S. I don't know how long hiding behind Wheeljack will work, but thanks for the idea
P.P.P.P.S. just incase you find a loophole somewhere, I am ARMADA Starscream

A: Looking for loopholes? Perish the thought. The last column will run on October 19th, since that will be issue #100. This one is #98.

1) It's name reuse. The Playskool Go-Bots and the people of Gobotron are different species. But if you want more Go-Bots information than you can handle, try the Playskool Go-Bots Are Pure Love site. Mostly, I like saying the name. It's nice to see a fansite so unabashedly enthusiastic.

2) ... Because the issue up when you wrote this question was issue #97? I time travel. My archives don't.

3) Behind Tidal Wave. I swear fangirls can't see him. Those rare times he appears, it's only during fight scenes, and even then it's in the background.

Q: Vector Prime,
Have the Insecticons ever tried to eat Optimash Prime or fill him with something as a prank?
For Kickback: What do you think of the Books of Budiansky?
For The Fallen: Have you ever considered going into the HVAC business?

A: Things that the Insecticons have done to Optimash Prime:
- Filled him with sour cream
- Pelted him with bacon bits.
- Wrapped him in tinfoil.
- Sprayed him with Coke ( they got bored trying to find Pepsi Prime. )
- They sprayed him with silly string once, but they were doing that to everyone that day.

Kickback says: You mean the Gospel According to Budiansky. I like him, too, but he's harder to quote or make fun of because he hasn't got tag phrases. Oh, and we also dunked Optimash in butter.

The Fallen says: Why would I want to be helpful to humans?

Q: I hear you like zoot suits. Have you or Safeguard ever worn a zoot suit?
Does Wayward plan on updating the Transformers: Forever season 2 anytime soon?

A: 1) I like the name. Safeguard tried to make one for himself, and while he is clever with computers, he is not so skilled at sewing.

2) No. She's currently back to working on Other Vengeance.


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