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  September 28th, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

They seem to be hinting that BotCon 2008 will happen at the end of April or start of May. When are we supposed to put Transformerscon, then?

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Out of all the "game only" movie-cons (Swindle, Dreadwing, Longarm, etc) why didn't they make a Shockwave toy?

A: My guess is because he's both large and a triple-changer, making him expensive and difficult to design. If you're pining for helicopters, there is a Blackout repaint in Evac colours and a fellow named Incinerator coming out at some point.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
It's a pity that you're retiring, as I really enjoyed your answer column. I do wish you a good retirement though, as you deserve it.
And to questions:
1. Do transformers need to lay down to recharge or can they do it standing or in their alt-mode? I ask this because looking at Armada Starscream I have no idea how he could ever comfortably lay down...
2. What kind of music does Safegaurd like?
3. If the Insecticons annoy you so much why will you continue to live in the apartment after you retire?
4. Are you planning on doing anything special to celebrate your retirement.
5. Will you still be appearing in the Insecticomics or will you step out of the spotlight completely?

A: 1) We are able to 'lock' our joints so that we don't fall over if we choose to recharge while standing up. Other options involve slupming in low-backed chairs or having a modular berth that can accomodate his backpiece. Or just keeping fuelled and skipping recharge completely.

2) He likes techno. More specifically, he likes translating te beeping noises that occur in most techno songs. It's the Minicon equivalent of playing a record backwards and listening for Satanic messages.

3) Because there are more than Insecticons here. Also, since the planet is inside the Nexus, someone needs to look after it and make sure the Vok don't cause too much trouble.

4) At this point, I haven't thought of anything. Hopefully a new picture, anyway.

5) I will still be appearing in the Insecticomics. Unfortunately, since silly things always seem to happen to me there.

Q: Was Rampage always sociopath or did he become a sociopath after the Maximals experimented on him?
A: There was never a 'before the Maximals experimented on him' since Rampage was created as a Maximal science experiment.

Q: Dear Greatest Prime,
I have a few questions to ask
1)When will Energon ShockBlast crush classic Megatron? Heís way better!
2)This one is to Fallen: Oh great Fallen, when will the great and powerful Unicron grace us with an appearance?
3)This one is to Blinky : Blinky, have you ever tried to hug Shockwave?
4)Vector prime, have you ever gotten a date? Or have the female Bots got taste?
5)Why do the Movicons have such a smaller TV then you, vector prime? They stared in the Transformers movie, Donít they get paid!?
6)If you could, I got a question for Moviecon Bonecrusher: Bonecrusher, why do you hate everything? Spread the love!
Thanks for your time, bye for now!

A: 1) After the, "Why aren't you on Cybertron, guarding the space-bridge?" incident and the ensuing brawl, the two have been carefully kept away from one another.

2) The Fallen says: Don't think I'm not trying to bring him here. I keep getting told 'he's too expensive,' and 'we haven't got space for another Supreme class figure'. Bah!

3) Blinky says: Blinky has tried to hug everybody.

4) I have been out on dates. They are far and few between, unfortunately.

5) It isn't that their television is small, it's that mine is huge. Safeguard likes having pictures bigger than him.

6) Bonecrusher says: Grumble snarl tiny toy mutter three minutes of screentime snarl green bulldozer telling me I have to change my name ...

Q: 1. will the archives still be available after you retire?
2. why does Smokescreen have six fingers at the beginning of "Detection"?
3. is there like a gold fence or something around Starscream's sword in the ground on Cybertron?
4. why don't you just paint Frenzy's eyes blue to match the movie and put the eternal question to rest?
5. not really a question, but frenzy should talk in cybertronian gibberish.

A: 1) Yes.

2) It's Armada. Animation errors happen.

3) There's a gold haze over the eyes of his fangirls, anyway. No fence that I'm aware of.

4) His Robot Replicas version has blue eyes.

5) He makes bing-bing-deet noises in the movie adaptation comics, anyway.

A: Are you sure you want them? They seem to be kind of screw-ups.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I was sorry to hear about your retirement, but not really surprised. I suppose it must get tiring after a while, answering all our questions. So of course I'm going to send you some of mine, hoping to get them in before you leave!
1) While reading through the archives, I found a certain letter from Motormaster of the Stunticons, asking directions to Speed Planet. Did the Stunticons ever make it there, and if so, did some enterprising fanfic author write about their wacky and no doubt gratuitously violent adventures? And if so, would you mind linking me to the fic or fics? I don't even care whether or not it has slash in it, so long as it's well-written!
2) After recently agreeing to co-moderate a forum-based, all original characters Transformers RPG, I've found myself in the unlikely position of temporal guardian. Basically, it's my job to keep the canon (in this case, G1) and the in-game timelines straight, as well as fielding questions about the same. It's a much tougher job than it looks! Why, just the other day I caught my own co-mod's character in a temporal rift big enough to drive Optimus Prime through! So, my question is this: how should I deal with this error? Should I yell at my co-mod over it, or be more tactiful? Should I just let it go? Or should I whack her upside the head with a giant rubber sword and call it good? And how should I deal with future mistakes, once the official forum for the game is up and we start advertising for more players?
3) I realize she has a busy schedule, but would Wayward be interested in playing with us? The story for our game is set on Cybertron in the G1 timeline, approximately 300 years after the departure of the Ark and the Nemesis. Most of the population, both Autobot and Decepticon, has gone into stasis, and the war is being carried on by lone guerilla units, giving the game a desolate feel that I think she'd enjoy. And with her creativity and writing abilities, I know she'd be a real asset to our cast! The official forum should be up in a few weeks, but in the meantime, please pass on my e-mail address. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions she might have. It is my job after all!
Thank you so much for taking the time to look over (and hopefully answer!) my questions. I hope there are many openminded supermodels in your future!

A: 1) Then you missed the much more recent letter wherein someone asked the same question. The answer is still, "If someone wrote it, no one told me. And if someone wrote it, I would like to be told."

2) Heh. There is no keeping the G1 canon straight, even if you're only dealing with the cartoon ( you do not state if you mean cartoon, Marvel, DreamWave, IDW, or some sort of mixture. ) The best you can do is come to a concensus within the game and stick with it. Unless your co-mod is saying something like, "Well, I know we decided we were going to use the Robo-Smasher origin for the Constructicons, but I like the 'built on Earth' origin better so I'm using that," or otherwise being a deliberate pest, be tactful. Moderators should be a team, not rivals.

3) That would still be 'no'. RP'ing isn't her thing.

Q: Most Honorable Vector Prime,
One final letter (or rather, e-mail) from the Star Wars collection that petitioned you for help a few months back. We received the news of your upcoming retirement and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. We are sure you deserve a nice long rest for putting up with the fans' many and often strange questions week after week.
A final inquiry before you leave -- the situation here has settled down somewhat. For the most part the Star Wars figures and the slowly-growing Transformers figure collection are co-existing peacably enough, even if we had to physically restrain Thundercracker from dismembering Jar Jar Binks. However, a recent arrival has us all on edge... the being you call the Fallen.
Judging from his appearances in the Insecticomics (our owner is strictly a cartoon fan and doesn't read the comic books, so we can gain no information on him there), he is not one to be taken lightly, and we have done our best to keep tabs on him. However, we have evidence that our resident Emperor Palpatine figure has been seeking an alliance with him. What could this Fallen character possibly have to offer Palpatine, and vice versa?
What measures would you suggest taking? Should we do away with the Fallen, or let things be for now? After all, the Fallen hasn't seemed to do much permanent damage in your realm (though the presence of the Insecticons, who haven't arrived here yet, may have something to do with that). Are we once again concerning ourselves over nothing, or should we take action before it's too late?
Thank you again for your time, and may the Force always be with you.
The Star Wars Collection

A: As with most evil beings, the Fallen and Emperor Palpatine do not play well with others. In cases where two major darl powers team up, it's best to just stay out of the way until they end up inevitably realising that the other is trying to manipulate him and take each other out. The problem is dealing with the blast radius.

But, if they do end up in an alliance, you might be in a position of great power. For you would know, once and for all, who would win in a fight between Unicron and the Death Star.


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