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  September 21st, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

Update for the person looking to identify a small seaplane. Since he's from a universe I'm not so familiar with I had to turn to a consultant - in this case, Kayevcee, knower of things Go-Bot. Your robot is named Water Walk and is missing his wings. He had a few colour variants. The link.

Q: What would an Armada Dreadmoon be like?
If he had one, what would his Cyber Key Power be?

A: Mega class, likely a spacecraft since the Decepticons already had a boat, possibly brought to Earth to design antivirus software to counter Sideways. Of course, he wouldn't be able to go anywhere near the Autobots' human sidekicks without jumping on the nearest table and yelling for someone to squash them.

He wouldn't have a Cyber Key power, since he's in Armada. I expect his Minicon would be a hovercraft named Nimbus, who could be the one to shoo away humans. Dreadmoon seems enamoured of his heavy ordnance in the Insecticomics, so his unlockable power would likely be a missile launcher.

Q: You! Autobot!
My partner and I were ignominiously defeated by ragtag bunches of stubbies and their obsolete technology. I can still barely believe something as outrageous as this could have occured. Whatever happened to the virtual invulnerability to flesh-worm weaponry that was standard for us Transformers in all other versions of our mythos?
Movie Blackout (red with rage)

A: Red with rage, and partially red with repaint whenever Hasbro gets to it. I've seen pictures. But, to your question. In part, human weaponry isn't quite as weak as we would like to believe. Most of it is because Transformers 2007 was mostly Summer Blockbuster, which basically translates to The Humans Have To Win. They had to come up with some sort of weakness so that it would take less than an aircraft carrier to take out one of our kind. In this case, they seemed to think that temperature extremes was the way to go. ( Please ignore the whole 'travelling through space, which is all about extremes of temperature, without a spaceship' thing. This movie was not about science, it was about making things go boom. )

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Can YOU stop the signal?
Mr. Universe

A: Doubtful. It doesn't seem the type of signal I'm used to dealing with.

Q: Dear sir,
So I was reading the archives and I hear that Wayward is a bit of a goth/industrial fan! Any specific groups other than Icon of Coil?

A: It changes depending what sort of kick she's on. What she seems to have the most of are Sisters of Mercy, Apoptygma Berserk, W.A.S.P., the Tales of Asp, Flesh Field, VNV Nation, KMFDM, Virgin Steele, Nightwish, Project Pitchfork, Mortiis, Lordi, Leaves' Eyes, Blutengel, and the Azoic. Please note that Wayward defines 'goth/industrial' as 'bands she's heard played at the local goth club'.

Q: Oh ancient Transformer wise guy:
1. Has Nemi killed that Mary Sue I sent her after yet?
2. Once you retire, is Wayward going to get a replacement, or is that the end of the Q&A column?
3. This is for Flamewar: What are all of the alt-modes you've had over the years?
4. Has Wayward acquired a Lugnutz figure?
5. This is for Thunderblast: How did you meet Lugnutz and end up becoming the only friend he has besides his rifle?

A: 1) Given episode #318, that would be no.

2) That will be the end of the answer column. If you still want to write in to someone, the Allspark hosts Ask Cannonball. He updates rather irregularly, though.

3) Flamewar says: I like keeping up with new technology, so I upgrade often. Usually this just means updating the body I have, but I've gone through quite a few forms. I've been eight different cars, two jets, a rather disasterous attempt at a helicopter, a halftrack twice, a personal watercraft when I was assigned to a water planet, a brief stint as a missile truck ( long story, ) and a lot of motorcycles. I started off as a car and my current form is my seventeenth motorcycle. I find I like being fast, agile, and groundbound - I didn't take to flying as well as most of my contemporaries did.

4) That would be another no.

5) Thunderblast says: Who wouldn't want to be my friend? Mostly I was the only other Monster Decepticon who would actually think for herself, you know? The rest were all content to blindly follow whoever was shouting loudest.

Q: who will take over when you retire? Blinky? Safeguard? Slog?
A: No one. The answer column feature will end.

Q: Hey old bot!
I look exactly like Rumble and Frenzy, except that I'm both red and blue. At the same time
So, how much is THAT going to mess up things?
Wishing I wasn't stuck on a radio, or an obscure Microman release, or just a voice-changing head
Enemy, Rumble and Frenzy's horribly obscure brother

A: Ha! Oh, yes, Enemy - so obscure that even I had forgotten you. But, so the rest of the world can know of you, a Transformers Wiki page.

Q: All-knowing Autobot,
So, you are planning on retiring the column. Is there anything us rabid Transformer fans can do to repay you for the time you took to answer our inane questions? Such as:
- presenting you with a harem of sleek female bots (all with four wheels, of course)
- pooling our money together so we can pay for some professional assassins to rid you of your enemies and pests
- dressing ourselves as the Insecticons and do an modern dance interpretation of Hamlet, and thereby destroying their 'street cred'
- simply stop asking you questions?

A: The Insecticons do foolish things on a daily basis. To destroy their street cred, you would need to dress as them and perform acts of charity. But, to your question - you will have no choice but to stop asking questions, since the e-mail address will be deleted. I wouldn't be adverse to the harem, though.

Q: Vector Prime,
Have you ever come across a guy who travels time in a cardboard box? He usually has a tiger with him.

A: Yes. That was a very strange encounter. I had to wrestle a dinosaur.

Q: you said you wouldn't answer questions about the movie until February. does that mean you will be back then? I'm still waiting for the week of fillers from the Hasbro site.
A: I changed it to September at some point.

Q: why did they repaint Signal Flare for the movie? aren't there like 5 of him in every toy store left over from Energon? History in just going to repeat itself!
A: I haven't seen a Signal Flare in this area for years, but that's distribution for you. Perhaps people will like the new colours on this Signal Flare and snatch him off the shelves.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I have some questions for you;
#1) Is there any place on the web that enquires Cybertronian myths and the first Thirteen? Could you give me a link?
#2) Are the Firstforge gods? And what are their names?
#3) Where will you go after your retirement?
#4) Will you sometimes come back to answer questions when you get bored? Please come back to us sometime!!!
#5) How is Bitty Screamer?
Thank you for answering my questions Old and Wise One. I also want to thank for the tip on spellchecking it helps a lot!!!

A: 1) I'm going to keep plugging the TFWiki here, because all of you are going to have to learn to navigate it instead of asking me later. Here is the article on the Thirteen and here is the closest menu I can find regarding mythology.

2) More like demi-gods. The only ones who've been absolutely named in canon are myself, Prima, and the Fallen. Several others are apocryphal.

3) Not far. Back to my living room.

4) I have no plans to at this time.

5) Short and loud.

Q: Dear Master of time,
I have only a few questions so I wont take up your time.
1)What ever happened to Soundwave? He’s almost never In the comics and yet hes very popular.
2)Do Barricade’s Frenzy and Soundwave’s Frenzy hang out?
3)This one is too my pal Blinky: Blinky Why don’t you transform into your robot mode, you can hug people better! Also have you tried to hug the moviecon Scorponok yet?
4)Vector Prime, has SafeGuard every try and date arcee yet?
5)Why isn’t Shockwave leader of the decepticons yet? He should be!
6)This last question is to Wayward: I would like to thank you so much for these comics, I look forward to them every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

A: 1) Soundwave is a very behind-the-scenes type of person. The less visible he is, the more likely he's up to something major.

2) Probably. They can trade tips on screaming.

3) Blinky says: But I'm not as cute in my robot-mode! And I can hug people better as a pillbug - I have more arms to do it! Squee! And Scorponok is very huggy.

4) Not that I know of, but it's likely. The little pest gets around.

5) He was, off and on, during the Marvel comics run. But then, quite a few people got a turn leading the Decepticons during the Marvel run.

6) It's not a question, but I'll pass the compliment along.

Q: Hi! I read that you would be retiring soon. I hate to see you go, but I'm sure you'll enjoy being free from questions. Your last issues are probably going to be pretty busy though, as we all e-mail you at once.
To the questions! (I only have three):
1. Do Transformers feel pain? Like when they get shot or lose an arm?
2. To G1 Hound: Will you go out with me? I'm a big fan of you.
3. Since this column will be gone soon, I want a hug goodbye. May I get a hug from Blinky?
Thank you so much :D

A: 1) We do, but we can also shut off our pain receptors. But we only do that when we have no other choice, as it is dangerous. Without pain receptors, we might not notice how bad our damages are and keep going until we collapse.

2) Hound says: I'll pick you up at sunrise. Bring hiking boots.

3) I will send the pillbug forthwith.

Q: Hello grumpy Sith infiltrator. Got new questions for you
1:Why hasn't there been a prank war between the insecticons and Frenzy yet? I want to see pudding going in the garbage and mix CD's getting hammered!
2:Several months ago, you said that Dark Crumplezone would join the collection and pal around with Ransack. Are we going to hear from them soon or did they fall into a smelting pool or something?
3:While it's too bad you're going to retire from asking questions soon. (I really loved this feature) I still can't help but wonder if there will be anything to take it's place. Would it be possible if Hotshot took over your job for you?
Lastly a pair of questions for the invading daleks
1:Are you imperial daleks or renegades?
2:In response to question 1, does this mean we'll be seeing Davros or the cult of Skaro do anything major soon?
3:Does this mean you daleks weren't present during the time war?

A: 1) Frenzy has been quiet mostly because Wayward isn't sure how to write him. Should he make beedley noises like a Minicon? Should she look up the prequel novel and use his voice from that? Should she just translate him and write him the way he was in the movie?

2) The two of them appeared very briefly back in Volume II. The Velocitron thugs currently hang out on their shelf, occasionally poking Mudflap with sticks just to annoy him. Most of the collection is relegated to 'toys Wayward likes, but almost never get any airtime'. See also 'Energon goon squad', 'Cybertron Measor', and 'Classics coneheads'.

3) The Real Life reason is that Wayward's feeling burned out - the feature often runs fifty or more questions every week, she doesn't like to pick and choose and leave people out, and answering them all takes time and effort.

And part the second:


Q: Dear Vector Prime
Bluestreak is one of my favorite characters. Do you know where I can find pictures of him?

A: Yes.

Oh, right, you'll be wanting links. Try here or here ( scroll down a bit. )

Q: what happened on Talk like a Pirate day? did anyone put a virus in anyone's vocal chips to make them talk like a pirate?
A: This crowd doesn't need a virus to talk like pirates.

Q: has Cyclonus's pirate impersonation gotten any better?
how many Energon Insecticons are in the apartment?

A: 1) No.

2) Three - the regular kind, a Chromehorn Forest Type, and one repainted as Bombshell.

Q: First, I would just like to say that I thank you for taking the time to do these questions; you rule, Vector Prime. ^^
1.) If the term 'Seeker' is a fanon term, then what would one call the Starscream-esque jets instead?
2.) What kinds of art and music are on Cybertron? Do you, persay, have dancers? Not exotic, I mean; purely for entertainment.
Thanks again for your answers, Vector Prime!

A: 1) The term 'Seeker' became canon in 2002. Before then, 'Decepticon plane' and 'skyraider' were the only official terms used.

2) You might as well ask what kind of art and music are on Earth. But, yes, dance is one of ours. It's not listed on the Wiki, but there were dancers in one of the Matrix flashbacks.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I am so sad to hear that you are retiring! But I guess I should be happy since I'm sure you are happy about retiring. Thanks for answering my questions, and trying to find out who Seaplane is. Also, thank you for your suggestions on how best to use the cyber keys. They are great for hitting and throwing! Or, they were until Giant Starscream took them back. Well, I suppose I ought to ask some questions.
1. What will the Friday update be after your column ends? (Sorry if someone else already asked this, I know I'm a little late getting this in)
2. What do you think was your best line in Transformers Cybertron?
3. Is Wazzpinator drawn to lights? Because that might explain his overusage of the letter 'z' in his speech, if he flies into them often.
4. Apart from Blinky, who else likes hugs at the apartment?
Tiny Cybertron Starscream

A: 1) Friday updates won't follow any set pattern after this column ends. At the moment, it looks like the October 26th update will be storybook scans.

2) Everything I said was wonderful, obviously. But based on the first line that comes to mind when I think of lines from the cartoon, I always find myself coming back to, "I can change time! I will change time! I will travel through time!" from the appropriately titled Time. Er, less for the deathlessness of the prose than the conviction of delivery.

3) Waspinator likes shiny things. The buzzing is just a vocaliser glitch.

4) Our most recent housemate is Longarm, the tow-truck from the movie line. He's pretty much Blinky of the Autobots.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I feel a little silly writing this, but the recent movie renewed an interest in Transformers that I thought I'd lost somewhere in the 1980's. I've been enjoying catching up on the last twenty years, watching complete series and spending a small fortune on toys.
A couple of days ago, I had the good luck to come across a gold-coloured 'Galaxy Force' version of yourself and noticed the amazing detail molded (but not painted) on your body. A friend has explained what sorts of paints and such I should use to add the detail, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to which colours to actually use. Would black for the 'background' parts and variants of gold and silver for the gears be appropriate?
You make a truly handsome toy. Thank you for your time.

A: Thank you. And I think those colours would work quite nicely. And perhaps a bit more blue - not much, just in a few of the details - to set off the face and midsection.


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