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  August 31st, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

Straight to questions this week:

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
How long WOULD the universe (or at least a very large portion of it) last under Decepticon rule?

A: It would last as long as it would under anybody's rule. The universe is not so delicate that it can be broken by Decepticons. Unless it's Cybertron Megatron and he has a Grand Black Hole and the Omega Lock, but under ordinary conditions, Decepticons aren't a cosmic threat.

Q: How did Sky-Byte evade capture at the end of RiD?
A: He swam very, very fast.

Q: Ancient Sage,
Why does Snowcat yodel? More to the point, how can I make him *shut up*?
Mirage, Energon, trying to get a decent night's sleep

A: I'm informed that duct tape has many uses. Snowcat is silly enough not to realise that taping over a mask wouldn't actually work.

Q: Kind Elder,
Thank you for giving me the hot cricketmobile's contact details! We had a lovely time together! Thank you so much for bring me closer to this wonderful person.
Shot Hole, the apartment

A: You're welcome.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What happened to Snowcat and Demolisher at the end of Energon? I thought they threw themselves into the energon sun, but Red Alert thinks they're still around. Do you know, or should we toss a coin for it?
Energon Landmine

A: I'm sure I established this already. Didn't they start a massage parlour somewhere? And if not, why not?

Q: Wise Elder,
Why has there never been a Transformer who turned into a bus?
Hoist, G1

A: Because he would be a brick in robot-mode and a brick with wheels in vehicle-mode.

Q: Hey, Vector Prime,
I've just read in the Armada comics that Unicron sent a G1 Galvatron through time and space to hunt down all the Megatrons he could find. Why'd he do that? Wouldn't it make more sense to hunt down all the Matrixes? Or does Unicron have a problem with Megatrons?
Carlos, Armada

A: The weakness of the Matrices are that they must be wielded. Megatrons generally wield themselves, and thus are more dangerous. Or perhaps Unicron doesn't want a collection of Matrices - Superman doesn't collect kryptonite, after all.

If Superman does collect kryptonite, don't tell me. I like my analogy.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
In "Webworld", Galvatron states that Cyclonus is good at interrogations. My question is, who the heck was Cyclonus interrogating before? Did we lose some Autobots and not realise about it? Nghtbeat, G1
P.S. Think we could get Vortex jealous enough to do something that'll damage the Decepticon cause?

A: Maybe he had been interrogating aliens before. There certainly seem to be a lot of them around in Season Three. As for Vortex, you merely need to get him drunk. Then he damages everything.

Q: Respected Elder,
I have been considering the available information and come to a slightly perplexing confusion concerning Nightscream and Mega-Zarak. Mega-Zarak was constructed from the spark of a dead Destron warrior. He is prone to flimsiness of allegiance, emotional outbursts, has a voiceless horde who are devoted to him for no apparent reason and is often pushed around by a small squishy thing that adores him. Nightscream, also made from the spark of a dead Destron warrior, is calm even in the face of a crisis, maintains a constant awareness of the tactical situation and the states of his comrades, and has the capacity to disappear from sight.
Does this mean that Mega-Zarak was made from Armada Starscream, and Nightscream from Armada Thrust?
Hot Shot, Superlink, a bit puzzled

A: If you want to be even more puzzled, find a copy of Energon and notice that Scorponok sounds exactly like Thrust. Since I can't think of why Unicron would build a new Starscream and not put the remains of Starscream's spark in it, the possibility exists that there was a Beast Machines-style personality flip-flop in both dead Destrons. This might also explain why you suddenly became competent. You really did have leadership potential they claimed in Armada, it just didn't manifest until the next series.

Q: Dear Vector Prme,
A question of preferences - specifically, Kickback's: Bombshell or Shrapnel?
The Hot Cricketmobile Babe, plotting Insectislash, staying at Shot Hole's place

A: Kickback has a less volitile relationship with Shrapnel, but spends more time hanging around Bombshell. If you always end up with your best friend or worst enemy, Bombshell fills both criteria.

Q: Aged Elder,
Who mistook HoC Cyclonus for a Minicon, and what happened if they tried to Powerlink?
Bluestreak, G1

A: That would have been Armada Cyclonus. Starscream set him straight before powerlink was attempted.

Q: Autobot! When Tidal Wave arrived on Earth, he was already modified to combine with me, despite my never having met him before. That was creepy enough. Since I reformatted him into Mirage, he has developed an ... open fondness for me.
Did he feel this way about me all along? I feel used!
Am I being stalked by one of my own minions?
Megatron, Worried, In Unicron, Energon

A: Well, at least Tidal Wave can't sneak up on you. The combination modification was likely the doing of Thrust. He was pushing for Tidal Wave's advancement, including talking him up and giving him command duties. Having him able to link with you would make you want to Tidal Wave as one of your inner circle.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Which Autobots cheat at cards?
Swindle, G1

A: Most of them. Smokescreen is the best at it.

Q: Thank you for all your hard work, Vector Prime, Wayward, Kickback and gang, and everyone else who makes this site happen. You always know how to brighten my day.
Okay, on to questions:
1. Can Soundwave read organic minds as well as mechanical minds? Or is his telepathy limited to fellow mechs?
2. Has a Transformer/organic romance ever worked out? I know Powerglide and Astoria had a thing going, but never heard how that panned out. Same with Seaspray/Alanna. (And before you ask, I don't consider Starscream/Alexis a couple. That is not an attempt to brown-nose, but the honest truth.)
3. A lot of artists on DeviantArt have gotten into the "drawing Transformers as humans" craze. What do you think you would look like if you were human? (Personally I think like Liam Neeson, but that's my opinion.)
4. This one's for Classics Megatron -- if you're so dissatisfied with the Decepticons acting like frat boys, why not start a D-con boot camp or something to whip them into shape?
That's it for the harassment this week. Have a good day.

A: 1) Yes. He was shown doing so in Roll For It.

2) It can work, but it's very difficult. Humans have enough problems overcoming mere cultural differences in their relationships, human/Transformer relationships are infinitely more difficult because there are even fewer points of reference between them.

3) I look like an aged knight with hair dye.

4) Megatron says: To start a boot camp would imply that I have anyone of any use as drill sergeants.

Q: I know that Starscream is a coward and it surprised me that he was such a great fighter in the first transformers movie and I always thought that cowards were poor fighters. Thatís why I listed what he did in the movie in that other email; I just forgot to add this part. Sorry about that Sir. My question is how can a coward like Starscream be a great fighter?
A: Wait, what? Cowards can be fantastic fighters. There are several ways to avoid damage in a fight, including stay out of fights, talk your way out of it, run away, or be a better fighter than your opponant.

Q: Vector Prime,
If you don't want me to eat those three minicons, then stop your little arm-gun one from dropping them within reaching distance from me. I am tired of you wasting my time from getting to consume their sparks. And I bet the minicons could do without that team. They got enough air time during Cybertron, it's not like anyone cares about them any more.

A: I will have a talk with Safeguard. Perhaps this time he will listen.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
My fellow Guardians told me that there was a homage to myself in the series Transformers Armarda, so I watched an episode. Which one of the little transformers is the one named after me, or are all of them?
PS: Tell Bugbite to get out of your universe. Cy-Kill has enough problems with the Decepticons without having his troops joining them

A: That's not a homage, just name reuse. Leader-1 in Armada is the little tank that clips to Megatron.

Megatron seems to have the Bugbite situation under control.

Q: Wh3Re JaAm CoPtOr in EnErGoN?
WhY hE nOt MiNe NoW iN cYbErTrOn?
WhY mY ShOuLdErS hUrT?
-HoT sHoT
pS. I LiK JaAm!

A: Good for you. Keep up the good work. Come back after you've had your Energon upgrade.

Q: Vector Prime,
Regarding issue 84, The Fallen predicted that Snape would Kill Dumbledore in the Harry Potter Movie. Do you find it amusing and/or satisfying that the fallen was wrong?

A: Right prediction, one movie too early. The Fallen tries to sound like he's up on current events, but doesn't really pay much attention.

Q: why screamer not try steal u, tidal wave, or armada skywarp mimicons after all dey R all tinee jetzz?
A: Minijets that are already partnered with someone are off-limits. Besides, even he's not crazy enough to try to steal something from Tidal Wave.

Q: Dear Vector Prime:
Where are all the fangirls coming from? Did someone open an accidental portal into Suespace?

A: Amazing how someone who has only been shown to be credulous, rather dim, well-meaning, and possessed of the belief that everyone is actually nice deep down is suddenly a Mary-Sue. That's what you get for being female and anywhere near a Transformer, I suppose. The fangirls fall in randomly like anyone else, though with higher percentages of getting sucked into their televisions.

Q: Now that my relationship with my beloved Blackarachnia has been fully consummated, my thoughts turn to concieving a family of our own (my beloved is rather opposed to the idea, but I'm sure she'll come around. Besides, her gun will run out of charge eventually). But one question plagues me.
What would the children turn into?

A: They will look like whatever their protoforms scan or whatever their shells were designed to be. Unless you're from one of those universes where Transformers are basically organic beings in armour, whereupon you will end up with spider/wolf/eagle fuzor babies.

Q: a few questions:
1. what would you do if you got too many questions?
2. how large are the G1 dinobots in beast form? in their debut episode, they are as large as a regular transformer, but in the movie on Quintessa(or whatever that planet was), they are giant.
3. < /-\ |\| Y 0 |_| R E /-\ |) "|" |-| | $ ?
4. do you have a club penguin?
5. did you konw taht arcocndig to a sdtuy the oedrr of the ltteers in a wrod dsneo't mttaer, olny the frist and lsat lteetrs hvae to be in the rhgit odrer for smoonee to udnsternad waht you are triyng to say?
6. will there ever be a transformer with the alt mode of a slug or snail?
7. don't you think it's time for a new picture?
8. of all the starscreams in the apartment, which one annoys you the most?

A: 1) So far, I have not been so swamped that I have had to cut back on questions.

2) They are G1, therefore as large as they feel like being at any given time.

3) Y 3 5, |3 |_| 7 \/\/ |-| Y \/\/ 0 |_| |_ |) | \/\/ 4 |\| "|" "|" 0 ?

4) We do. His name is Bouncy. He has a problem with alcohol. He can't remember what alcohol isn't, so everything gets him drunk.

5) That's no excuse for poor spelling.

6) A slug might be difficult. The closest to a snail was Dead End, the nautilus from either Beast Wars Second or Neo. I would check, but at time of writing, the Internet connection is down.

7) Hm, yes, that one with Safeguard and myself has been up for a while. I like it, though.

8) The G1 one, but that's mostly because he's the most active.


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