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  September 7th, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

Straight to questions this week:

Q: Most Honorable Vector Prime,
I believe what hot shot was trying to say was "where was jolt in Energon?" and "why isn't he my minicon in Cybertron?" he also asked why his shoulders hurt and I, through my medical expertise, have determined that it is because they are full of tiny missiles.
-Red Alert, Armada
P.S. I have still not yet determined why he likes this concoction he calls "JaAm" so much. I am currently looking in to the matter. Scavenger is also wondering.

A: I know what he meant, I'm just in the habit of deliberately misunderstanding anyone who spells that badly. For those of you who came in late ( say, in 2003 or later ) and don't understand it when an older fan yells, "Hot Shot likes jam!" at you, you can now laugh with.

Q: a few questions:
1. what happened to wheeljack after armada?
2. why does hotshot sometimes use uppercase-lowercase talk and sometimes he talks normal?
3. If you are all-knowing, why do you need the internet to find out which series Dead End is from?
4. will there ever be a transformer with the alt mode of an octopus or squid that has tentacles of the correct proportions to its body?
5. do most of the BW insectformers get annoyed by the insect legs protruding from their limbs?
5. why do almost all the scorponoks' transformations look the same?
6. why does Bonecrusher hate everything?
7. what color are Frenzy's eyes?
8. How can you type with boxing gloves on?

A: Eight is not 'a few'. 1) I'm certain I answered this before. Didn't he become a towel boy at Snowcat and Demolishor's day spa and massage parlour? And if not, why not?

2) It has to do with jam.

3) Primus himself gets Beast Wars Second and Beast Wars Neo mixed up. I supposed I could have picked one randomly. It's not as if anyone could have called me on it.

Dead End was from Beast Wars Neo.

4) If so, not for some time. We're back with vehicles for now with he occasional animal-mode. A cephalopod is unlikely.

5) Only when others use them to hang laundry on.

5) You might ask why so many jets or cars have similar transformations - the designers go with what works. Granted, it didn't work very well with the movie version of Scorponok.

6) Did you see his role in the movie? You'd hate everything, too.

7) Oh, goody. Red versus Blue, updated for 2007. They're blue in the movie and red on the toy. You might as well ask what the tank's real name is.

8) I don't. Shrapnel does the typing because my fingers are too big for the keyboard. I have never seen Shrapnel wear boxing gloves.

Q: Why did the writers decide to only kill Galvatron and not any other Decepticons in Cybertron?
A: Did you see how many Decepticons there were in Cybertron? Killing Galvatron removed twenty percent of their forces. Did they really need to kill the other four?

Q: 1. why is their a powerlinx toy for Cyclonus when he didn't get an upgrade?
2. has a transformer ever been possessed by a galvanic mechamorph?
3. Bombshell became Cyclonus, Who became Scourge?
4. have you encountered the USS Relativity?
5. what happened to Wheeljack after Armada?
6. why does the movie Blackout toy A. look so much like Cyclonus B. have a name homage to Demolishor's Minicon C. have powerlinx points D. have a small partner(scorponok)? It's like an INCARNATION of Armada Decepticons!
7. why does Hoist's head look so much like BW Dinobot?
8. Is Spiral in the apartment?
9. why are they called APARTments when they're all stuck together?
10. Does Shockwave know his name got used by a bunch of Doc Ock Knockoffs?

A: 1) Because repaints make money for Hasbro. Making the moulds to cast the parts is expensive, so of course they want to get as much use out of them as possible.

2) See the FAQ. At least two answers apply to your question. Your task is to guess which those are.

3) Thundercracker. At least people tend to agree on that.

4) No, thank goodness. The only time-travel thing from Star Trek I can tolerate is the Guardian of Time, because he just sits quietly and minds his own business.

5) ... You know, it's bad enough when I get the same question two weeks in a row from the same person, but twice in one week? He opened a peanut-picking plant in southern Iowa.

6a) Because most helicopter Transformers have their tail section hanging down their backs. b) Read the FAQ. c) He likes Minicons. d) He likes scorpions even more than he likes Minicons. If there was a scorpion Minicon, Blackout would buy a thousand of them and swim around in them like Scrooge McDuck.

7) He thinks Dinobot is just that cool.

8) No.

9) And why do they send cargo by ship and shipments by car? And what's with getting ten hot-dogs in a pack, but only eight buns? I'll be here all week, try the veal, don't forget to tip your waitress.

10) He's happily collecting royalties.

Q: Why did the Decepticons help the Autobots with the rocket in Unfinished?
A: They were angry at Galvatron and decided that one way to get back at him was to help the Autobots.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Could you please tell movie Starscream that he has at least one follower? I love that guy!
Sincerely, A Loyal Starscream Fanatic

A: I passed on the message the day I got it. He's still swooned on the couch with little hearts popping above his head. Actors, go figure.

Q: To the illustrious and awesome Vector Prime & Wayward,
To Wayward, what's the name of your cat, and what breed is he/she, and where did you get him/her?
To Vector Prime, part of me wonders if you would be willing to answer me something about what anime or manga you and Wayward might like, but I don't want to at the risk of cheesing off someone who could go back in time and keep me from being born. But I need to know: Have you ever heard of a manga called Hellsing? If so, do you have a favorite character in the series? I personally like Alucard, due to the fact that he is so crazy, he's cool.
PS: What I can't help but wonder is why you are so obsessed with a planet that has open-minded supermodels, but that's just me.

A: My entire exposure to Hellsing is occasionally seeing it mentioned in comic magazines. It is an anime with vampires. After that, I will direct you to the FAQ.

Wayward says: His full name is Animkee-Gauzhuk, but he usually just gets called 'Nim. His breed is 'cat'. He was a wedding present from my brother.

PS: Because open-minded supermodels are the only ones who'll go out with me.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I must know, I have made a handful of original Transformers, and I need to know, would their names be considered too Mary-Sue? They are not paired up with anyone and they all have flaws, as well as strengths that make up for said flaws. I am worried that if I were to ever consider making fanfiction with them, that chances are, I would be chewed out for making alleged Mary Sues. These are their names, including their squadron names. By the way, the leaders of the squads are the first ones in the list.:

Squad Name: Cybertron Angels
Lycanthra(name was chosen by more experienced Transfans)
Roughrider('male' transformer')

Squad Name: Twilight Breakers(may not be the name in the final edit)

I would really appreciate it if you and Wayward could help me
A: Names don't make the 'Sue, it's writing that makes the 'Sue. Names, however, can be overused. Decide whether it's really that important to you to use words like 'night', 'star', 'fire' or 'death'. If they suit the characters, that's fine and keep them. If they're used merely because they sound traditionally cool, find something more appropriate. A Transformer name should ideally be a story in itself, suggesting both function and personality. When you live for millions of years, you want a name that really fits, not just something trendy. Creating dreadfully trendy and 'Sue-sounding names is a great deal of fun, however.

Wayward has found only one place that mentions either angels or Hell in the Transformers mythos - Marvel UK #235, Deathbringer part one. Hell is only mentioned in the cover blurb. During the story, Siren is reading or reciting a Cybertronian myth: "And it is written that he will come from the stars ... Child of the Inferno is he, spawn of the Conflagration! He fears not the Great Void, the Abyss ... For he has stared the Reaper in the face ... and his eyes have seen the glory! The power to create or destroy is his to wield ... Let his name and purpose be forged as one! Say his name! Cry ... DEATHBRINGER! And it is written that he shall come among us like an angel of death ..." If you didn't immediately identify that segment as written by Furman, you need to read more comics.

It should be noted that the Inferno is not synonymous with the human concept of Hell, which seems to be about unending punishment. The Inferno, from a mythological standpoint, is the facility inside Unicron that breaks down bodies and reformats them into chaos-beings. We do not go in for unending punishment afterlives. We think that after ten million years of nonstop warfare, we deserve a break.

For your notes, a Deathbringer isn't a supernatural entity, merely a type of mobile euthenasia machine. It had superpowers during the Deathbringer story only because it was possessed by the Matrix ( that thing causes more trouble ... )

Q: After looking over the headache that is the expanded G1 continuity, and hearing your wishes to possibly just let it implode, a question or two comes to mind:
Why not just ignore the vast majority of the adventures chronicled in the British comic? Wouldn't that cut down drastically on much of the paradox, to the point of things being almost managable?

A: Because Marvel UK was full of good and entertaining stories? Because if I'm forced to keep idiocy like B.O.T. and Ultra Magnus' Birthday safe, I am full well going to defend Target 2006?

Q: IR17;m sorry sir. I had no idea that my questions were bothering you that much. I thought they were just questions not an annoyance. I apologize for annoying you, but I will NOT apologize for my curiosity. After all itís our curiosity that makes humans (and Transformers) who we are. Iím glad you told me. The reason I asks so many, ďRespect,Ē questions is because I got hooked on classic boxing where it was all about respect. Like Haggler vs Herns where after the fight Herns- the loser- went to Hagglerís locker room and said, ďGood fight. We should do it again.Ē And ever since then Iíve been hooked on respect, and I like to think there is respect among those who either donít show it or are just mean to each other even though their pretty evenly matched. The whole Character A,B,C, so on thing is I like to get more than just one opinion or just the tech specs and all my other friends donít really like Transformers, and youíre the smartest person (transformer) I know who would know these things. I knew my questions were bothering you a little but not that much. The reason I kept it up was because Iím young and young people show their love and respect (sorry to use that word again) for their elders by bothering them with stuff like annoying questions. We donít do it to be mean just for a little fun. It our way to show that we love and respect (sorry again) you guys enough not to just ďroll overĒ and just do what you say so youíll work hard to put us in our place and so we can see what you guys are capable of. I bugged you to see how much patience you had and I realize I went too far and Iím sorry for that. Just trying to have a little fun with Grandpa Bot. Just to let you know thatís the nick name Iím going to call you from now on. You can call me one if you like, hereís one, He who asks annoying questions, or HWAAQ for short or you can come up with one of your own. Seriously though sorry to of annoyed you like that. I promise to as best as I can ask only good questions. I really donít think there really is such a thing as a bad question just the way itís asked like my 3 most famous Autobots Decepticons question. Since I think this email will only go through if I ask a question here it is, Will you forgive me for annoying you? Can we start over? Hi Iím a fan. Nice to meet you.
A: All right, who let Bluestreak out?

Q: Are there any places that still sell the old G1 toys?
A: I hear tell of a magical land called eBay ... Which is about the only place, really. If you're looking for a real, physical building with old toys in, you either need to wait for a convention or check every comic shop in your area on the off-chance that they might carry vintage Transformers. If you don't mind reissues, several online stores still sell them for reasonable prices. At the moment, WalMart seems to be doing a line called 'Encore' which is more reissues, though rather expensive.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
So since the Daleks look to be sticking around, does this mean they'll try to combine with an Autobot or Decepticon to upgrade the universe?

A: The Daleks say: DA-LEKS - DO - NOT - UP-GRADE! DA-LEKS - ARE - SU-PREME!

Sorry about them. I put down traps, but they still get in everywhere.


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