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  August 24th, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

Hrm, news this week. The big kerfluffle can be summed up thusly:

- Paramount said they'd only release Transformers 2007 on HD-DVD.
- Also regular DVD. I'd think that would be a given. They just meant HD-DVD would be released instead of Blu Ray.
- Michael Bay didn't like this and said he wouldn't direct Transformers II.
- No, that wouldn't mean that TF:II wouldn't happen, just that it would have a different director.
- Then Bay changed his mind and said he would direct TF:II.
- And I'm pretty sure a Blu Ray version will be released anyway, just at a later date.

Which is the long way of saying that nothing really happened, but everyone including Bay panicked anyway. I guess he really is a Transformers fan now.

Q: Are Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp’s G1 selves more popular than their later selves?
A: Yes. Next!

Q: If Starscream didn’t get rid of the Matrix would he of become both a good guy, and brave?
A: He would have certainly become good. Probably not any braver than he started, just with a compulsion to protect others.

Q: Dear Vector Prime. I have some questions of entirely no importance
1. Are there any Micromasters in the apartment? If so, do any Armarda Transformers or Starscream confuse them with minicons?
2. Who's the largest Transformer in the apartment? Does their size get to their head, or are they able to be defeated by even the smallest minicons?
3. Do Rumble and Frenzy occasionally call each other the other name to mess with people's heads and cause massive debates over which one is which?
4. Does Hot Shot like jAaM?

A: 1) There are three Micromaster teams in the apartment - the Air Strike Patrol, the Destron Sixbuilder set, and the Universe Sixbuilder Constructicons. They've never been mistaken for Minicons, though Heroes of Cybertron Cyclonus was once.

2) That would be a tie between Tidal Wave, Energon Tidal Wave, and Micron Legend Shockwave. They're generally used as goons by Megatron, but sometimes a smaller person will team up with or trick them.

3) We've only got one humanoid Cassetticon. He's blue. We call him 'Fumble'.

4) Yes. Also, his shoulders hurt.

Q: 1) Exactly how tall is Liege Maximo?
2) For how long, how long ago, and why were you a bearer of the Matrix of Leadership?
3) What would happen if a demon was force-fed Nucleon?
This isn't a question, but I would like to inform you that sometime ago I infected Flamewar, Thunderblast, Mirage, Cybertron Sideways, and every Constructicon in the apartment with a magically enhanced computer virus, a Chron virus to be specific. The date set for the virus's activation is August 24th, and it will cause them to do the following things:
Flamewar and Thunderblast will start flirting and making out like crazy, convinced they're a lesbian couple.
Mirage will be unable to transform, or move at all, and will just stand in one place singing.
Cybertron Sideways will TP all the bases in the apartment, and will shout out completely random, nonsensical gibberish.
The Constructicons will use the blueprints that were implanted in their minds with the virus to construct a Bootleg-Minicon powered device that will cause the Unicron cultist, Armada Sideways, and the Fallen to dance until someone deactivates the machine with the code "Megatron is a Nerf gun wanna-be." The Constructicons will then dance.
The virus will cure/delete itself at 6:00 AM on Sunday, August 26th, leaving the infected with hazy memories of what they'd been doing, as well as symptoms similar to a hangover. Being shown pictures will refresh their memories quite quickly

A: 1) The Liege Maximo is a semi-mythical shapechanger and thus can alter his size at will. If he's feeling polite, he might only be three times the size of whoever he's talking to.

2) I received the Matrix during the final battle between the Firstforged and Unicron, which occurred approximately twenty million years ago. Given the mess that caused, there's no way to say how long I had the Matrix for. In subjective time, perhaps a few weeks.

3) It might explode.

You make it sound as if your virus will cause unusual happenings. You just described, nearly verbatim, Snowcat's birthday party last week. He regretted asking the Constructicons to supply an open bar, but only because Megatron made him clean up afterwards.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What would you consider to be the age rating of Insecticomics (G, PG, etc.)?

A: Technically PG, due to a lack of swearing or nudity. Human-type nudity, I mean. We tend to claim PG-13 just to be safe.

Q: Dear Vector Prime (and Wayward),
Have seen the trailer for the new Transformers animated series and am very excited to have something on TV again, but am a little dubious about the new style (It's by the team who did Glen Murakami's Teen Titans, which I like a lot!). What do you think?
(Wayward, I adore your comics, esp Insecticons. What camera do you use?)

A: I think it looks fine. The impressive part is that the designs actually work. The toys are almost perfectly show-accurate.

Wayward says: Thanks! It's a 6.0 megapixel Sony Cyber-shot.

Q: A few more.
1) Classics Megatron always seems so angry, is he just jealous or does his Uni-brow bother him that much?
2) Flamewar seemed pretty mellow after being put through a wall, that's got to aggrivate her somewhat, does she go onto internet forums and vent that way?
3)The Constructi-femmes seem like the perfect fit for Starscream's brigade. Do they harbor the same twisted and warped link with Megatron as the G1 team does, what with the robosmashing by Megatron and then the constructiong of Megatron himself to lead them into a new era.
4) Dion, third wheel to Orion Pax and Aerial aswell as a victem of Decepticon violence. Aerial was constructed into Elita-1, Orion into Optimus Prime but what about Dion? Plenty of theories on this one, I'd like to hear yours.
Thank you again for keeping the snarled webs of Transformer realities from collapsing in on themselves and destroying the thing we all know, love, and pervert.

A: 1) He's angry because the local Decepticons are fairly complacent. He wanted an army and ended up with a pack of frat boys. Lazy frat boys.

2) She accepts it as part of the job. She'd be more upset if Megatron didn't throw her around. Decepticons are strange.

3) No. They have a more straight-forward yet no less weird origin.

4) The theory around here is that Dion became Huffer, based solely on colour and the fact that nobody would accept the theory because nobody likes Huffer.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What is the DEAL with these fangirls??? I make one mistake in my life and suddenly they all decide I'm love-triangle fodder! Granted, I wasn't acting myself in "Auto-Beserk," but all the fanfic I've been seeing showing me sleeping with Starscream, Inferno, or both is getting ridiculous!
G1 Red Alert

A: I don't understand it, either. Why bother with a triangle with a jerk like Starscream when a perfectly good argument could be made for a three-way between yourself, Inferno, and Firestar? I've never seen that, and I've looked.

Q: Dear Vector Prime, sir,
I am within your base of operations, enflicting fatal attacks upon your conscripts.
What are you going to do about it?

A: Stop you, obviously. And then I will scold Safeguard for cheering you on.


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