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  July 20th, 2007  

Vector Prime and Safeguard

I'm certain that exciting things happened this week, but none that were so exciting that I remember them. But there are a lot of questions this week, so I don't need to fill space.

Q: Is G1 Thundercracker stronger than Cybertron Thundercracker?
A: Are 'is Character A stronger than Character B' questions your way of getting around the moritorium on versus questions? They're called 'tech specs'. Many, many sites provide them for your strength comparison pleasure. They say that G1 Thundercracker has a strength rating of seven and Cybertron Thundercracker has a strength rating of eight. Maybe he uses his long arm to cheat at arm-wrestling.

Q: The first Transformers movie showed that when Starscream and Megatron can get along they can be a deadly team. My question is when the Decepticons took over Cybertron in G1 did Starscream and Megatron kill Elita One and the other female Autobots?
A: It's a possibility. Canon never says.

Q: How come Thundercracker never used his power to make sonic booms like Starscream used his Null ray and Skywarp used his teleporting powers in G1?
A: The deep and ultimate answer to this question is thus: the writers never bothered. This is also why Reflector rarely transformed, Frenzy never used his sonic powers, Skids never did anything at all ...

Q: Who was the strongest Decepticon combiner in G1?
A: Your mom.

No, I can't believe I just wrote that, either. Meet It is your friend. And meet Seibertron's Vector Sigma Database. It is also your friend.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Good Day to you Prime. I have several questions so I'll just get to them.
1.) Besides the Movie Decepticons,have any of the Movie Autobots immigrated/plan to immigrate to the Apartment? I ask because Ratchet's medical Expertise (Movie or Repaint in classic colors) would be useful to both sides in the apartment.
2.) How did the Arielbots and other assorted female Bots & Cons react upon learning that Arcee was replaced by Ironhide for more fan recogintion for the movie?
3.) Will a Movie Arcee join the Cybertronians already in the Apartment?
4.) Have any Binaltech/Alternators joined the apartment (Specifically Honda Civic Rumble or Jaguar Ravage?)
5.) How much insanity has Movie Frenzy caused already(or have blamed on the Insecticons)?
6.) Variation on a FAQ, I know the pit in your upper torso armor represents where the Matrix was removed. Does the red orb in the center cover your spark or any other specific senesitive components?
Thank you for your time.

A: I declare your questions to be non-spoiler enough for this site. Anyone who don't may skip to the next question.

1) Bumblebee arrived, as Knave thought that he looked too endearing to leave on the shelf. Arcee barged her way in. We expect Jazz to arrive in a few months, after his repaint, as Wayward found the all-gray look a bit boring. If Real Gears count, Spy Shot is also here.

2) Arcee herself was upset, because now she only gets royalties from toy sales and not from the movie as well, and she lost her big break. Nobody else seemed to mind, as Ironhide was fun. We don't put a great deal of stock in gender pride over here.

3) She did earlier this week, she just hasn't appeared in a comic yet.

4) No.

5) So far, he's spent his time sleeping.

6) No. That would be rather too much like drawing a target on myself.

Q: When did Nemi arrive, and does Wayward actually have any plans for (shudders) a pairing of her and Barricade?
A: Sometime off-screen. There are no long-term plans between her and Barricade, if for no other reason than that Barricade isn't exactly good boyfriend material and Nemi has an attention span of about six seconds.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Have you ever met a blue hedgehog in your travels? Because, y'see, I've been tracking him down relentlessly and I need to know his whereabouts.
Yours sincerely,

A: I'm quite certain I've answered this before and I still don't see what it has to do with Transformers.

Q: Greetings revered space-travelling Guardian of Time,
First let me thank you for restoring and guarding the fabric of time and space. I feel so much safer seeing certain sci-fi shows (Star Trek Voyager and Stargate S-G 1 among others) knowing that you are making sure none of those freaky paradoxes seeps in our universes.
And now my questions.
1. Have you ever considered enlisting other people/creatures who guard time into one great Time Police? While you would get more responsibility, I'm sure there would also be certain bonuses to it.
2. Harking back to the sci-fi shows, have you ever encountered Captain Janeway and her crew, or one of the Stargate teams?
3. What is your own oppinion of Wayward's Other Vengeance fic?
4. Can you tell when there will be a new chapter of Other Vengeance. Or failling that, how? (Rabid fans threatening Wayward at gunpoint, a guest writer, a new contest?)
5. Neo (the Matrix) and Starscream vs John Preston (Equilibrium) and BW Rampage. Who wins?
Thank you for your time.

A: 1) Trying to command a fleet of time travellers is worse than trying to herd cats.

2) No, and in a way. I sometimes encounter planets with Stargates on them, but have thus far avoided the travellers that use them. I do keep a watch on the system, as I have an interest in various methods of instantaneous transportation.

3) It is silly.

4) Soon. Do not take this to mean 'immediately'. It means that Wayward has written twelve pages in the last week and feels optimistic that it might be ready to go to a beta reader in the next few weeks. No, she has no interest in betas who merely want the first look at OV2.0 and have nothing useful to say. However, if you have made a study of North Africa in the Pleistocene epoch ice ages, Wayward would like to hear from you. Wikipedia has nothing she wants.

The chances of a guest writer for Other Vengeance are exceeding tiny, because Wayward doesn't trust anyone else to stick with the underlying theme of aliens adapting in their own alien ways.

5) Chuck Norris.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Is there any place I could go(on earth) to learn how to speak Cybertron?

A: Not at this time, but if there is a Klingon language course, how long will it be before there is a Cybertronian one?

Q: Why did Thundercracker train Starscream and Skywarp in Armada?
A: It was part of his job.

Q: Why is it that Skywarp hasn’t shown up in a American TV series since G1?
A: Would that every character who ever existed got to appear in the cartoons, but that way lies "Why didn't they include the Harpsichord Guy?" and madness.

Q: Who killed Wheeljack, Sideswipe, and Windcharger in the first Transformers movie?
A: Chuck Norris.

You have reduced me to running gags!

Q: If Thunderblast and Override ever got in a oil wrestling match would you record the match and sell it to the other male transformers?
A: Just them? Mightn't our local lesbians be interested as well? I think I would keep such a recording to myself, anyway.

Q: What ever happened to the Shrapnel that Undermine framed in Cybertron?
A: Shrapnel was 'sent packing'.

Q: How did Undermine frame Shrapnel in Cybetron?
A: The only way for you to know about Shrapnel in Cybertron is to have read Undermine's Cyber Key bio. Undermine's Cyber Key bio explains what Undermine did. What more do you need beyond, "Shrapnel was a reliable ‘bot and never once said anything bad about any other Transformer. Well, Undermine took a mini-recording device and faked a message of Shrapnel telling Scourge he was a smoke-ring blowing sissy! Well, when Scourge heard that he was furious!" anyway?

Q: Lately I've accumulated quite an amount of questions, so here they are minus movie-related. The first question would be about BW Megatron. Why did he go through all that trouble to build complex and expensive machine to fake your energy signature, when he had "Tzzae All-Zzzeing Wazzzpinator"?
Next, some guy named Sanger Zonvolt asked if you would like to hafe a practice swordfight with his Dygenguar. He also told me to pass you following - "If those Gutsy Galaxy Guard people ever bother you again, tell them that they might have the whole Zancantou-slapping thingie happen again". Whatever that all means.
Now, some questions to other people:
To vehicon actors:
Being redisigned for the movie, you now have a noticable part of your internal mechanismo expoced in your robot modes. Don't you feel kinda insecure, considering amount of trigger-happy bots around?
To Fallen
So... About this whole Hydra Canon incident... Have the Brigade managed to scar you mentally for the rest of your ethernal life or you've been through worse?
To Chromia - red and white one
If you woulde forced to choose between jumping into pit of hungry sharcticons or ine month without fanfiction at all - reading or wrighting - what would be your choice?

A: 1) It's the Insecticomics. If the characters had any sense of continuity, it would be a different comic.

2) I haven't the faintest idea. I tend to zone out while people talk about animes.

Starscream says: I've got this one. Ahem - the G2 Cybertronians ( scroll down ) had less armour than us and took over more of the galaxy. No, I can't say I'm worried.

The Fallen says: The Brigade are annoyances that I will grind under my foot whenever it pleases me to do so! I just don't feel like doing so now.

Chromia says: Oh, I'd give up fanfic, of course. Hard to read the stuff if you've been eaten by Sharkticons! Besides, you didn't say I couldn't look at fanart! ~_^


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