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  May 25th, 2007 

Vector Prime and Safeguard

The ludicrous merchandising continues apace. My favourite from this week is Transform-A-Snack, based solely on the fact that I have no idea how one is supposed to transform a crisp.

Q: Did Waspinator ever get his old body back after Beast Machines?
A: His old body was likely smelted by Megatron after being put into the Thrust-form. But if he got his hands on some of the technorganic liquid, he could likely reformat his body again into another wasp.

Q: What ever happened to Rumble, Frenzy, and Ratbat after G1?
A: I've heard a theory that Ratbat went on to become Robots in Disguise Megatron. Rumble and Frenzy became towel boys at Cyclonus and Scourge's spa.

Q: Seriously, who became the REAL Cyclonus? Or is the “all knowing” Vector Prime not really “all knowing” like he says he is?
A: Fine. Roger C Carmel.

Armada/Energon Cyclonus is a real Cyclonus. Do you think perhaps that he is a figment of Demolishor's imagination? But, of course, by 'real', you mean 'G1'. I've answered the G1 Cyclonus question before - it's Bombshell. Bombshell, Bombshell, Bombshell. But nobody wants to believe that because he's an icky bug and not a pretty jet, so they keep asking in hopes that I'll get fed up and say something else. I am all-knowing, after all.

Q: What did Lugnut do to get frozen like Thunderblast? And why is she nicer to him than she is to others?
A: Apparently Lugnutz was terrorising the humans, possibly with Beatnik-style poetry.

Q: Did Starscream show up in Beast Wars before he got his body back? I only ask because I remember the at the end of “Ghost in the Machine,” even after Galvatron shot him he still had his body intact.
A: Yes. The episode was called Possession and took place in the first season.

Q: What ever happened to Dinobot 2?
A: Lost half his spark when Rampage died, got belted by Megatron, and went down with the Nemesis at the end of Beast Wars.

Q: Will there ever be another Transformers series with Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker all in it? And who was the strongest of the three of them in G1?
A: It's already happened. Look to Machine Wars, Armada, or Cybertron. Granted, this was in toy line only. As for cartoons, even HasTak can't agree with themselves, which makes the future hazy. In G1, all their tech specs gave a strength rating of seven.

Q: What ever happened to Cyclonus and Scourge after G1?
A: They opened a day spa on Charr. It never gained the popularity of the tiki lounge that Shockwave opened in Tahiti after the 1986 Movie.

Q: If you were redesigned for the movie, how would you feel?
A: That would be good, because then I'd be, if not pulling an enormous paycheque from the movie, royalty cheques from the toy sales.

Q: In Armada, when Starscream got repainted, he said he looks like Thundercracker. Is Cybertron Thundercraker the same one that Armada Starscream mention?
A: No. Different Thundercrackers. The Armada one was rather more serious.

Q: Who did Scourge beat to become the leader of Jungle Planet?
A: No one. Scourge was the one who united the scattered people of Jungle Planet, making him the first person to rule over it.

Q: What happened to the Decepticons after Cybertron? And after they got of the planet that they landed on in the still images?
A: They fell through a wormhole, then went to Charr for spa treatments.

Q: I know that Ransack is a mean guy at times, but in the episode “Darkness,” he seemed to be VERY concerned about Crumplezone, so does that mean that underneath all his bad talking and rather bad personality is Ransack is really a nice guy?
A: A person can be pure evil and still have people that he's fond of. Ransack, while less 'evil' and more 'naughty', is perfectly capable of having friendly feelings towards people. It is the mistaken thought that evil people are incapable of the softer emotions or that love automatically makes people nice that every cross-faction fanfiction ever ends up with both joining the Autobots.

Q: How and why did Thundercracker join the decepticons? And since Thunderblast was frozen for thirty years does that mean that Thundercracker has the most training? I mean he must have SOME training since Megatron took him along with him, AND he did beat Mudflap in a FAIR one on one fight, and Mudflap was trained by Landmine.
A: For all you know, Thunderblast is eight million years old and Thundercracker was built two weeks before the series started. Still, no matter his true age, he was a Decepticon longer than any of the people picked up on the theme planets.

Q: Who trained Thundercracker in Cybertron?
A: Probably Starscream. It's not like there was anyone else around to do it.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
According to Grinlock's backstory in The Other Chosen One, he was in a form based on the Energon Grimlock toy. There is one thing I would like you to clarify. Did that body have all of the abilities of the final toy (combining into a very unstable combined form that was implemented at the last minute), or was it closer to the original plans for the toy (a pair of non-combining toys for the Universe line that were new forms for G1 Grimmy and Swoop)? If it is the former, what happened to Swoop?

A: That's supposed to be his G1 body in the Crayon Adventure. Grimlock isn't a very good artist. Insecticomics Grimlock is mostly cartoon-based with a bit of Furman's Marvel to give him a bit more inclination to wander off and do his own thing.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I have something of a series of complex questions that requires a bit of set-up so I hope you can bear with me. When you "died" in the Cybertron TV series you told the children not to worry because you would always exist outside time and hence could never really pass on for good. From this I interpreted that you have a form of timeline duplication/branching going on. I think it would be easier to explain what I mean with an example: Outside time Vector Prime is monitoring the timelines when he notices oh say a version of G1 Galvatron is up to temporal shenanigans in Universe 437 that could spill over into other realities and decides to intervene. When he enters Universe 437 he splits into two Vector Primes the "original" (For lack of a better term) who stays outside time and the Vector Prime who physically enters that reality. Things go poorly and the second Vector Prime ends up being vaporized but the threat is ultimately dealt with. Later on in Universe FG Tarantulas is about to pull something stupid and universe destroying. So the Vector Prime outside time creates another Temporal Twin to stop him. This Vector Prime is 100% successful but remains in Universe FG for the foreseeable future. So in this example there are three Vector Primes, One intact one outside time who continues to monitor everything. One cloud of monatomic vapor in Universe 437 and One Vector Prime who's chilling with hot Fembots in an oil bar in Universe FG. So...
Have I interpreted how your temporal interventions work correctly?
If so, just how many of you are there?
What's it like watching a version of yourself fall?
Thank You for your time

A: You make me sound like an Exiles team or the Vector Prime Corps out of planet Oa. While I am not a unique entity in the multiverse, there are not that many of me and we cannot be in the same place at the same time. It is possible, but something we avoid because we wind up exchanging Safeguards or otherwise confuse ourselves. I told the children that I would still exist because between being a demigod and the Guardian of Time, I am very hard to end. Even if I experience true death in a universe, chances are I've already been up and down its timeline so often that, if you wait, you might encounter an earlier version of myself at a later time.

But, no, I do not confer with other versions of myself in other universes. Though sometimes I have to end other versions of myself, which is always unpleasant.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
What are your fondest memories regarding the earliest stages of your life?

A: Those times when demons weren't trying to eat me. This means I have rather few fond memories. Though there was that time a few of us got together and tied things to the ends of the Liege Maximo's cables while he was taking a nap.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
As the months close in and the day of the movie's release draws ever closer, what are your opinions regarding how the film will fair? Please exclude all comments regarding the whining of the fandom, we already know that part.

A: Haven't I answered this already? It will be a smash commercial success and leave all involved with so much money they will be able to swim in it like Scrooge McDuck.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
It has been revealed that there is soon to be an Avengers/Transformers crossover comic. Your thoughts?

A: Crossovers don't tend to work, team crossovers are worse, and the artwork is pretty dreadful. It will take a stellar script to surmount these problems.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Why do I get complaints about looking un-feminine, while nobody ever seemed to bother mentioning, oh say, Strika?

A: You hadn't been paying attention, then. In any discussion of female Transformers, there will be at least one wag hauling out the, "Strika is female? I thought she was a man!" chestnut. You know, despite her voice and use of the female pronoun.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Why does anyone ever voluntarily follow Unicron? Is it due to shortsightedness or delusion?

A: Often delusion - they believe, deep in their twisty little sparks, that Unicron will not eat them, but let them rule by his side. The more devoted want to be eaten.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Have the Autobots (G1) ever contemplated simply destroying the Decepticon line permanently rather then simply beating them?

A: Doubtful. Autobots don't think in terms of genocide. That, and as long as Vector Sigma exists, new Decepticons could be created, and I do not see them destroying Vector Sigma. Add in that faction can also be a choice, and they would have to become thought-police as well.

Q: Vector Prime,
I'm bored. Can Safeguard come and play? Not that he would have a real choice in the matter, but I thought I'd try to be polite.

A: You're always bored. Go away or I'll call your parents.

Q: Vecotr Prime,
If anyone asks, it wasn't me...

A: Sigh.

I've decided to go on vacation for the next three weeks. Address your missives to Blinky.


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