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  May 18th, 2007 


I think we all know what the big news this week was.


I'll answer questions after you've changed your pants. Go on. I'll wait.

Q: How did Ransack and Crumplezone meet?
A: I like to think that Crumplezone ran Ransack over and things went from there.

Q: How did you and Blinky meet?
A: Blinky was already living at the apartment by the time I arrived. There was a high-pitched squeeing noise, and I found myself with a pillbug strapped to my arm.

Q: Why do Thundercracker, Ransack, and Crumplezone let Thunderblast push them around? The three of them could make her stop if they wanted too, couldn’t they?
A: Thunderblast, while hardly a master manipulator, has more than enough skill in that area to set her teammates against one another, then deal with whoever is left standing. Certainly the Decepticon rank and file could overpower and stuff her in a closet easily, but they don't seem to have the attention span for it.

Q: I got the Thundercracker/Thunderblast pair because I really think that they would make a good couple. Thundercracker the nice guy with Thunderblast the “slightly,” homicidal one they would so balance each other out. If they built a kid do you think they would name it Skywarp, or Arcee depending on the gender they choose? I know I’m annoying you, but you did say where I got the pair from, so now you know. Sorry to annoy you sir.
A: Balance is all well and good, but you're failing to take Thunderblast's primary psychological trait into account - she's a tyrannophile. She's only interested in leaders and winners, and Thundercracker is a follower at the bottom of the pile. Thundercracker might find Thunderblast appealling - he seems to appreciate a strong hand - but that would be exactly what would turn Thunderblast off, because she's looking for someone stronger than she is.

Also, we do not name or gender our spawn. We build their bodies, we use one of several ways to give them sparks ... and the offspring are born adult and decide for themselves how they want to be identified. It's why the first thing we say to them is, "State your name and function." Certainly there is initial programming, and if you use your own sparks the new one will take on traits of the parent(s), but in the end the new spark will ultimately decide its own identity.


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