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  May 11th, 2007 

Vector Prime

I don't remember anything being exciting this week. Here's your questions:

Q: What I ment was Will Ransack and Override start dating in one relationship and Thundercracker and Thunderblast in another? Sorry to confuse you guys.
A: Well, I understood. Blinky isn't very smart. The answer to both is: Not in this lifetime. At least I can see where you're getting Ransack/Override from - it was in Ransack's secret bio that he had a crush on her. I haven't the faintest idea where you're getting Thunderblast/Thundercracker from.

Q: Will G1 Starscream ever get his revenge?
A: On who? Currently, he seems to be taking his revenge on the fangirls with his 2007 Movie design. Those of us who don't believe, deep in our hearts, that we will one day marry Starscream find the whole thing hilarious.

Q: Who became the real Cyclonus? Bombshell or Skywarp?
A: Don Brown.

Q: Did Optimus Prime cure Galvatron’s insanity when he opened the matrix in The Return of Optimus Prime?
A: Temporarily, at least.

Q: Does Thunderblast feel bad about the humans that she killed when before she got frozen? And do any of the other Transformers know that she did that back then?
A: Thunderblast is proud of herself. Yes, the others know - it was why she was locked up in the Ice Cave, after all.

Q: Who is Waspinator’s ancestor?
A: A factory.

Q: Does G1 Starscream have any descendants?
A: Ha.


Oh, you mean in canon. If you really stretch things, perhaps Rampage. Or Sunstorm, depending on how you see clones. In fanfiction, he's everybody's daddy.

Q: Who is Terrorsaur’s ancestor?
A: A factory.

Q: Dear Vector Prime
Recently, my reality's version of Cybertron was devastated by Unicron. Now, we have destroyed Unicron and are rebuilbing Cybertorn. Even with all of the Maximal and Decepticons working together, we still need as much help as we can get. Therefore, I request that you return my soldier, the Judo expert Powerhug. (I believe that he is now known as Blinky.)
Lio Convoy/ Leo Prime (Beast Wars II)

A: I'm not sure how useful Blinky would be to you. Do you need hugs?


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