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  April 6th, 2007 

Vector Prime

Classics Devastator is out. Except for a few Titaniums, this means no new toys until June. TransformersCon is at the end of April. Thank goodness for eBay, else Wayward would be insufferable throughout May with no new toys to look for. She claims she can quit at any time.

Q: Ahhhhh, vector prime. My dark lord unicorn wishes that I destroy you. Is next Thursday alright for you? Also, blinky shall not bother you anymore, I how shalI say it? I have put him off the hugs for a couple of days at least. Thanks for the tip of licking him.
The fallen

A: You have a face mask. How did ... never mind.

I'm busy next Thursday. I know, because I'm precognitive.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
Just to let you know, I am the one who sent in the best search string of April ('in space no one can hear starscream pimp my geezer'). What do you think of my sense of humor now?
P.S. I entered the silly search string on purpose.

A: I have no way of knowing that's true. Anyway, it's Kickback who likes looking for weird search strings. Me, I don't want Starscream anywhere near me for either definition of 'pimping'.

Q: Dear Vector Prime,
I dabble around in drawings of Transformers. Recently, I got bored and drew a human version of TF Forever Megatron wearing a catsuit. Would you like me to send it to you?
Do you find Transformers: Forever Megatron attractive? Have you ever visited the TF Forever continuity?
P.S. Here are the reactions I think the TF:Forever characters would have if forced to take on animal alt modes.
Megatron: she would be okay with it as long as the animal mode doesn't make sleep
Shrapnel: he would think that the new form was exiting and exotic
Dreadmoon: he would go into shock and then denial, but come to terms with his new mode very, very slowly
Thunderclash: he wouldn't mind his animal mode
Optimus: he would get nervous, but a bit curious as to his new functions as well
Magnus: she would think her new form was cool
Den Alpha: she would brood a bit
Whisper: he would run around screaming his head off until he remembers to accept himself no matter what he is like

A: Send it if you wish. I personally don't find humans physically interesting. As to Megatron, she lacks of wheels. And I haven't been to that continuity because I haven't needed to. As to your predictions, I disagree with three of them:

Shrapnel - Might find it exciting and exotic, might find it unbearbly ugly and spend the rest of the day complaining.
Dreadmoon - Would not come to accept it. You give him too much credit. If it's merely an animal alt like the Insecticons, he would tolerate it but refuse to transform. If it is technorganic, first he would need to be slapped out of a phobia-induced catatonia, and then he would devote his tme to getting a fully robotic body again.
Whisper - Being a coward is not the same as being a spaz-case. Whisper wouldn't like it, but he would give a fatalistic shug and get on with his day.


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